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#188657 by AlanJones Fri Jan 24, 2014 12:16 pm
This scammer claims to be a US soldier Commander Ryan Stanley and picks up his victims on using the username "Stanley, 50". He then chats to them on Yahoo chat using the name [email protected].

He asks his victims to write a letter requesting Military Leave to get married and send to [email protected]. Who reply asking for a large payment to be sent through Western Union or Moneygram.

The scammer uses the following stolen photographs


Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

#218900 by Tracie Parker Sat Sep 13, 2014 2:58 pm
[He is now using the name Alex Ritney Carter he scammed me out of $2500.00 recently. He is using [email protected] He also used [email protected]. He used phone number 800642767638 though we never talked on the phone. he says his birthday is 5/2/61, and that he has a 11 yrs daughter named Kelly who stays with his mum in Los Angeles,
Here are some recent IM's on yahoo messanger...
11:55:33 AM alex_ritney: What does he do baby ?11:56:19 AM tracie9965: He owns an auto parts store and he owns an appliance store11:56:48 AM alex_ritney: Ooooh that is good for him baby11:58:07 AM tracie9965: And in his spare time he builds racecars and races11:58:43 AM tracie9965: <ding>11:59:33 AM alex_ritney: Your new plave looks cool baby11:59:38 AM alex_ritney: Place11:59:45 AM alex_ritney: That is lovely of him love12:00:09 PM tracie9965: Im living in a motorhome12:01:22 PM tracie9965: Do you want to see the latest two pictures I drew12:01:24 PM alex_ritney: Its okay baby12:01:43 PM alex_ritney: yes baby12:03:53 PM alex_ritney: Baby did you drew this ?12:04:20 PM tracie9965: Yes I drew both of them12:04:55 PM tracie9965: <ding>12:05:04 PM alex_ritney: Really12:05:13 PM alex_ritney: This is so lovely my love12:05:17 PM tracie9965: Yes really12:05:22 PM alex_ritney: I never knew you are this talented12:05:52 PM tracie9965: Yeah I can draw pretty damn good12:06:28 PM tracie9965: :))12:06:59 PM tracie9965: I only draw tattoo artwork really12:07:32 PM alex_ritney: Oooooh12:07:38 PM tracie9965: I can pretty much duplicate any picture in a tattoo magazine12:07:38 PM alex_ritney: That is lovely12:07:55 PM alex_ritney: WOooooooow12:08:28 PM alex_ritney: I'm so proud of you my love12:09:10 PM tracie9965: ;))12:09:28 PM alex_ritney: Love you more baby12:09:46 PM tracie9965: Awwwwww if you say so
IM Sep 9, 2014 12:17:53 PM12:09:48 PM alex_ritney: Hope you gonna draw a portrait of me when I get home love ?12:10:28 PM tracie9965: Well that's the problem I don't draw portraits baby12:10:48 PM alex_ritney: I think you should12:10:53 PM alex_ritney: You gat the talent baby12:12:25 PM tracie9965: Honey I've tried to draw portraits from a picture and I'm never happy with the results. So it always ends up in the trash12:13:36 PM alex_ritney: Oooooh12:13:51 PM tracie9965: So I stick to what I like to draw, you know what I mean babe12:13:57 PM alex_ritney: Well maybe there is still something your not getting right12:14:06 PM alex_ritney: Yes baby that is it12:14:21 PM alex_ritney: You like tattoos but not portrait12:14:27 PM alex_ritney: Well its cool baby12:14:37 PM alex_ritney: Just keep the good work going12:14:40 PM tracie9965: Yeah I can never get the face proportioned right12:14:40 PM alex_ritney: I love it12:15:07 PM tracie9965: Good I'm glad12:15:14 PM alex_ritney: Oooooh12:15:19 PM alex_ritney: Its okay baby12:15:26 PM tracie9965: Ok12:15:30 PM alex_ritney: I love the one you have done12:15:35 PM alex_ritney: Its really cool12:15:44 PM alex_ritney: Hope Melissa is good ?12:15:49 PM tracie9965: Thank you12:15:58 PM tracie9965: Yeah she's ok12:16:09 PM alex_ritney: That is lovely12:16:20 PM alex_ritney: Baby please can I ask you a favor ?12:16:34 PM tracie9965: What honey12:17:01 PM tracie9965: <ding>12:17:24 PM alex_ritney: Can you please make it a must to talk to me first when ever your online12:17:47 PM alex_ritney: sometimes If I don't talk for days you won't even border to talk12:17:53 PM alex_ritney: It really hurts me baby
IM Sep 9, 2014 12:23:25 PM12:18:10 PM alex_ritney: Its show s you don't really care or miss me12:18:32 PM tracie9965: I'm always logged in but I don't always have my phone in my hand12:19:21 PM tracie9965: It doesn't mean that. Your just taking it to that extreme12:19:52 PM tracie9965: Your letting your mind run away with itself12:19:56 PM alex_ritney: And when you did can you please talk to me when you can ?12:20:07 PM alex_ritney: :))12:20:10 PM tracie9965: Yes baby12:20:20 PM alex_ritney: Baby I love you so much you just don't know it12:20:34 PM tracie9965: Yes I do baby12:21:08 PM alex_ritney: Well12:21:12 PM alex_ritney: I hope so12:21:43 PM alex_ritney: Gat to go now baby12:21:53 PM alex_ritney: Gat some assignment to attend to12:21:57 PM alex_ritney: Miss you so much12:22:06 PM alex_ritney: Talk to you as soon as I can baby12:22:14 PM tracie9965: I do know how you feel. You just don't trust me enough to know I feel the same way about you12:22:35 PM tracie9965: OK baby later then!!!12:22:52 PM alex_ritney: Yes baby12:23:06 PM alex_ritney: I do trust you my love12:23:13 PM alex_ritney: I will be back soon baby12:23:25 PM alex_ritney: I'm not gonna leave you lonely today I promise12:23:25 PM tracie9965: Ok
IM Sep 10, 2014 12:44:16 PM12:23:26 PM alex_ritney: Baby I miss you so much12:23:34 PM alex_ritney: Hope you are good my love12:26:06 PM tracie9965: Hi baby I'm just getting ready for s drs appt12:28:52 PM alex_ritney: Okay my love12:29:03 PM alex_ritney: Please take good care of your self okay12:29:22 PM tracie9965: Sorry honey. I will baby12:43:11 PM tracie9965: Look I have makeup on lol12:43:20 PM tracie9965: <ding>12:43:59 PM tracie9965: <ding>12:44:16 PM tracie9965: <ding>
IM Sep 10, 2014 1:06:42 PM12:55:16 PM alex_ritney: Oooooh baby12:55:16 PM alex_ritney: <ding>12:55:17 PM alex_ritney: Can you send the pic again ?12:55:36 PM alex_ritney: <ding>12:55:55 PM tracie9965: Yeah baby12:56:43 PM tracie9965: <ding>12:57:01 PM tracie9965: <ding>12:58:00 PM alex_ritney: AwwwwWwwww12:58:11 PM alex_ritney: You looks so lovely my angel12:58:13 PM tracie9965: Your sweet12:58:15 PM alex_ritney: Muahhh12:58:33 PM tracie9965: Hugs and kisses to you12:58:45 PM alex_ritney: Thanks love12:58:58 PM tracie9965: Ur welcome12:58:58 PM alex_ritney: Did you eat ?12:59:22 PM tracie9965: Yes a ham and cheese hot pocket12:59:52 PM alex_ritney: That's cool baby1:00:01 PM tracie9965: Yeah1:00:10 PM alex_ritney: When are you doing for the Dr appt ?1:00:39 PM tracie9965: After my drs appt I'm going to Subway for a sandwich1:01:17 PM tracie9965: I leave at 1:30pm the appt is at 2:30pm1:01:19 PM alex_ritney: Ooooh1:02:00 PM tracie9965: Its 1:01pm here now1:02:25 PM alex_ritney: I know baby1:02:38 PM tracie9965: Oooooh ok1:02:42 PM alex_ritney: 12:02am in here1:02:49 PM alex_ritney: Feeling so sleepy1:03:09 PM tracie9965: Go to sleep baby1:04:07 PM tracie9965: Good night, pleasant dreams angel1:06:42 PM alex_ritney: Thanks love
IM Sep 10, 2014 1:06:42 PM1:06:42 PM alex_ritney: Talk to you soon my love
IM Sep 11, 2014 1:27:40 AM1:27:40 AM alex_ritney: I was rushed to the clinic last night
IM Sep 11, 2014 4:19:24 AM4:19:24 AM tracie9965: Why baby
IM Sep 12, 2014 9:28:34 AM9:28:05 AM alex_ritney: Baby9:28:34 AM alex_ritney: Did you got the last message I sent you ?
IM Sep 12, 2014 5:52:04 PM
5:51:35 PM tracie9965: thar 5:51:54 PM tracie9965: that you went to the clinic?5:52:04 PM tracie9965: <ding>
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#218902 by Bryon Williams Sat Sep 13, 2014 3:09 pm
^^ Sorry to hear that you are a victim of this scammer.

Can you please post all the email addresses and phone numbers he used?

Also post a couple of emails he sent you. Please remove any of your personal information from them.

By posting the information you will help others avoid him if they search for the email address and parts of his email scripts.

I also want you to know the scammer may contact you again using a different name and pictures. He may attempt a recovery scam with you. This is where he pretends to Government Agent, Investigator, Lawyer and etc. He will tell you that he can recover your money. This is also a scam. You will never get your money back. He will have you pay fees for the pretend recovery.

Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Please remember the fallen.

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