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#201703 by scooby101 Fri May 16, 2014 7:49 am


About Me:

I immensely value friendship; I hate conflict; I�??m sincere and detest hypocrisy; I�??m open minded; I respect other�??s ideas and listen to them (so I expect to be listened to, because I wait for my turn to speak); I�??m witty and have a great sense of humor; I think our destiny is something we discover every day, according to how we face it, what we do and what we don�??t and I doubt there�??s a second chance for a first good impression. Appealing, cerebral and of average size, my best qualities are loyalty, passion and creativity.

I am a man of great integrity, my quiet serene demeanor accords me an air of mystery and diffidence as I go my way as a serene, wise observer of human society. I have a penchant for remaining above the fray and for maintaining my individuality. I am always well groomed and handsome eyeglasses frame my eyes.

Wow! You are as beautiful as your profile. Though what matters is the internal beauty but I would still like us to be close friends, I hope I get a Yes...:) Please kindly reply me on my email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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IP Address:
Organization: Telkom Internet
City: Pretoria
Country of Origin: South Africa
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I'm so excited to read from you so soon. Please confirm you receive
this message so I could send more about me. I am looking for my second
half, a woman to spend the remaining seconds of my life with.

Waiting to here from you,

#201953 by scooby101 Sun May 18, 2014 6:26 am
I am so happy to read from you and most importantly, to know we are both looking for the same thing in life. Where do I start from? Really, it is disturbing to go on that dating site to see how much
people appreciate love, but yet, we have to go the extra mile to get this great status. I have a beautiful home in my heart and seeks a beautiful angel, both inward and outward.

Forgive my manners, my name is John Adams, an Oil Analyst/Contractor. I deal basically in oil platforms and rig constructions also other general contructions. Trust me, I can add to
your beauty (lol). But I am really thinking of hanging the hat this year. Been through many ups and downs in life, yet, I am blessed in some other ways. I mean after getting to the top of success, I have
come to realize that we are nothing without a partner. I mean someone who would stand by me no matter the situation. A woman who I can say, she alone has the right to be womanly irritating to me (lol). A witch
who would protect me like a lioness would do her cub (lol).

And I can promise to protect her beyond all vices. A woman who tells me, honey, you can do it, no matter what I want to do. I have really worked hard in the past 12 yrs to get to this height.

I have seen faces of women on that site, many of whom have been taken for granted, many of whom are not being reciprocated, but I have come with a good news and a bad news. The good news is, I am here to pick
my woman to make happy, my second half, my best friend, my co-pilot, but the bad news is, I have only one woman to do this for (lol).

I saw something in your face, something that made my heart pause to read you, something that tickles in the heart, could that be love at first sight? Maybe we could find that out (lol). I'm talking about
faith here cos when feelings are so powerful, it's as if some forces beyond your control are guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams. I hope we can now have a direct
communication via email cos I do not want to go on a dating site ever again.

#202073 by scooby101 Mon May 19, 2014 2:52 am

I got your email and I am glad you did wrote. Your email said so much and that means a lot to me. It shows how real and passionate you are.I hate to communicate with more than one woman at a time. I rather focus on us and hope this be the last chapter of our love life. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful kid. My story is a different one.

I must tell you this secret, I have a wonderful heart, when I am in a state to choose among many, I let my heart do it and it has never been wrong. There are millions of women on the dating site, I joined and I was so hopeful that despite the number of women, I will certainly go for my own destined woman. My heart never go wrong and when it pushes me to you, I knew I was going the right path. So glad you are one of my kind, we are both
open minded and ready to fall in love in the hand of that wonderful partner.
I guess you should truly know who I am. I don't really know how this works but here is an exclusive. If at my age I do not know what I want and when to say it, then what would I be? When a wise man sees he has probably spent about half of his time in life already, he begins to assess his main goals in life. What could be more important than a happy ending? A man needs to live his life full of joy and happiness,no matter his achievements, he is reduced to nothing if he has no crown to complete him and that is a woman to call his own wife and best friend. A woman who knows that even while arguing they still need to hold hands. A woman whom I can call a partner in crime (lol). A woman whom you can tell anything and everything. How could you think anything can make you happier in life than finding a love that knows no bound. To make you know more about me, I will break this down into segments and it would be like a case study. If you ever had a French kiss,
I bet you would be happy to know I have a French background; English is my second language so I have an accent. All my life, I have a story of only one woman to tell. And if I were told I would be on a dating site someday, I will never believe it. Sometimes in 2002, I lived happily with Mary, a wonderful angel; a woman any man would pray for and one son that stood as my shinning glory. I live now with my son alone.

When I'm less busy, I enjoy taking a long walk; going to the beach, fishing, playing pool, sport and I like anything that has to do with the enjoyment of water or listening to the waves of the beach along side with a cool music.

My favorite colors are Green, Blue and Purple and my favorite meal are sea foods, Chinese and Mexican. My Type of music varies from blues to R&b to country music to rock. My woman can have personal time for herself, no stress about that but I would like for us to share each moment of our life together. No matter how independent my woman is, I would still love to give her every thing and any thing; like taking her shopping every weekend. TV programs are good and I would love to sit close to my woman watching a lovely program. I hope this has giving you an insight about who I am. If there is any thing still missing that you need to know, I am an open book and will honestly answer any question. I hope to hear from you again.

Take care

Much Smiles!
#202195 by scooby101 Tue May 20, 2014 2:16 am
Hello Wonderful XXXXXX,

I really appreciate this consistent communication and I would say it is a sign of WILL. And I tell you, wherever there is a WILL, there is a WIN. I appreciate every word in your response and I'm glad we both know exactly what we are looking for in life. I would say life is full of miseries and ironies. The most important thing is our willingness to stand to our challenges and wanting to move on with life once again. As it is said that winners never quit and quitters never win; I know we are winners.

I believe we both know that Love is not a destination but a journey and this is a journey that takes two to walk. I mean two souls who understand ahead that they aren't in for a kid walk, and what they have ahead is the most important mission in life; a place meant for true people. It is a place called joy and happiness paradise. Sweet Apple, I would also be stupid not to be a man of a woman like you.Really, I just see in your face that I can live with this woman, not the beauty part alone, but the depth of your soul. I am not in a hurry or rush, but just trying not to hide my feelings. We are still friends :)

As I could remember, as a kid, I was a very cute one (lol). One whom many bullies would target, but only to realize there is a tough side of me. I could make a sober person dance; I could affect one with my smile. I grew up having more older friends. Many would confide in me. To tell you, I am a type that doesn't judge. No matter how dirty you may be, just come to me, and I will give my support.

There is no Mr Right until we make him right and there is no Mrs Right until we make her right. A relationship or friendship is never about how much at the beginning but how much we could make it grow into. My old friend who is a pastor would tell me, if you aren't ready to fall or look stupid, then don't fall in love (lol). But sincerely that is the bitter truth! When I left my ex , I feared love until I recalled that if it touched a heart, it would make the darkness fade into an endless sunny days. Can you prove that right?

I have come to realize that, let a man write a better book, let him preach a better sermon, let him sing the best of songs, let him gain wealth beyond dreams, he is reduced to nothing except he has a woman to call, my wife, my best friend and co-pilot also best friend.

My usual saying, and I am known for it, is that, 'life is simple for those who take it simple'. I don't like to complicate things, there is joy in every situation if you know the right angle to look it from.

My Grand mother is very old now and at almost 91, she can still sing. Now she cant wait to have me come visit her in Paris with my second half, and I cant wait to have a happy home too. I want to spend the remaining seconds of my life with my woman, this is my wish this day.

If have a house in the States,I have one in Dubai, but if life turns around and I have no home any more, would you stand by me to build one? Would you smile at me when I look tense? I don't need a super model, I rather need a very good friend who knows when I am tensed just by looking into my eyes and a super woman. The whole world may be mad at me, but if you are smiling at me, I would care less.

Who says we cant pick rags and turn to riches? Who says we cant design our own paradise together. It is workable just walk by my side, please send me more pictures of your beautiful self. Here is a song
( specially for you, please listen to it with your heart, body and soul. Every word in it is a dedication to you. Looking forward to your email.

Still smiling!
#202344 by scooby101 Wed May 21, 2014 3:38 am
Hi Beloved XXXXXX,

I am so happy we are both matured enough to understand what we need in life. Please do not blame my feelings! I don't want to lie to you nor to myself so I urge you to be happy that you have a man who expresses himself just the way he feels rather than pretend or lie. The truth is, a journey of a thousand years start with a single step. The best we can do is what we are doing now and once I get to you, we can get the chemistry without any regrets. If you cannot know me now and love me for me, believe me, you will not love me when we are together. Love knows no bound and distance makes us know if truly we are in love or not. One can not wait till one meets a man or a woman before one decides to love one another cos if that is the only way it works, there won't be dating sites. Let me make an illustration here perhaps it will help you hit the right point.

When you meet a man who is handsome and you too look sexy and you both meet at a cafe or mall, without knowing any thing about each other, your minds jump and most of your decisions would be controlled by what your are seeing, I mean the handsome in him and your sexy look will make most of the decisions for both of you and before you even get to know one another, you are already making love and having sex and before long, you begin to know the person and in the end, he might never be the right man for you and you may not be the right woman for him. Then, it is already late to make some corrections, but all you can do is to say farewell to each other. That hurts I bet! But if you both meet in writing just like the real dating works, both of you have not seen each other apart from the pictures and if you can express yourselves and fall in love under such condition, then I promise that when you both meet, the main chemistry is already there and such
relationship would last forever and ever. This is the reason I joined the dating site; to look for my own woman, my best friend, my own wife, my own love, my sweetheart, my co-pilot, my angel, my all and every thing, someone that will love me for me no matter the condition and she is sure to get more of equal love. I am so happy my heart is in for you and wants you for the rest of my days. I urge you not to lie to yourself as well. You had joined the dating site as a matured woman knowing fully well that a serious relationship has to be built first through writing and then you meet for the main chemistry. I really can't wait to hold my woman's hand,
stand in front in her front and make unbreakable vows to her. I want to have a proper relationship with you.

I think we should really take this to another level. let me hear the voice of an angel. Be warned I have been told I have an unsorted accent, but sexy (lol). You can always kiss me on +44 (708) 769-0105 lol Please write me first thing when you get my message, I'm waiting. I want you to tell me all you think I should know about you and if you still think there is something I haven't told you, keep asking and I'll always answer.

With much love,

#203343 by scooby101 Wed May 28, 2014 7:34 am
johnadamsoil: How are you
johnadamsoil: but now am okay and happy
johnadamsoil: At least I have heard your voice
johnadamsoil: How are you doing today?
johnadamsoil: Yes...I trust you
johnadamsoil: When I read your email, I was over excited
johnadamsoil: Really am happy I met you
johnadamsoil: Everything seems, happening fast, but I know it's all true
johnadamsoil: You are nice and lovely XXXXXX
johnadamsoil: I never thought I would find such a sincere woman like you
johnadamsoil: You are welcome dearie
johnadamsoil: So how many minutes left for your lunch break
johnadamsoil: Oh okay
johnadamsoil: So tell me more about yourself
johnadamsoil: So tell me, how many men have you dated online before
johnadamsoil: Or have you had any relationship online before
johnadamsoil: Why never a success?
johnadamsoil: What was your experience with them
johnadamsoil: Have you dated any from another country before
johnadamsoil: Or am the first from another country?
johnadamsoil: Oh...what happened between you both?
johnadamsoil: he never follow up with you
johnadamsoil: Not at all..Rather lots of women contact me
johnadamsoil: But they are just after sex and sex...nothing serious
johnadamsoil: I am not looking for just looking for a woman to make
love to
johnadamsoil: I don't want to have sex, but I want to make love to the woman
I love
johnadamsoil: I am not in for any One night matured enought to
know what am looking for
johnadamsoil: No, it's not the first thing..
johnadamsoil: I want a woman of my own, a woman that can stand by me
johnadamsoil: and I will stand by her
johnadamsoil: Yes...Matured Man and Woman who know what is good for them,
Make Love
johnadamsoil: They don't have sex
johnadamsoil: Yes dear
johnadamsoil: I know my age and you know your age, so we are both matured...
johnadamsoil: So it's better we do what matured people are met to do
johnadamsoil: Which we are already doing...
johnadamsoil: Which is having good feelings for each other
johnadamsoil: I value you XXXXX
johnadamsoil: I don't know what is connecting both of us together, but I
believe it's a good thing...and am happy I met you XXXXX, because you are
sweet and lovely..
johnadamsoil: My past relationship with the mother of my son was not the
johnadamsoil: Yes, I the best way to fall in love is have feelings from
afar. Because when you have feelings for someone afar, and love the person
from afar. it makes it easier and strong, when both couple lives together
johnadamsoil: Me too...
But, there is something I must tell you XXXXX
johnadamsoil: Can I?
johnadamsoil: In my past relationship, My Ex that I loved so much, was
cheating on me with my own best friend, for 2years, I never knew, I caught
her with text messages and phone calls, 3 good times, and I forgave her, but
it was unbearable when I came home unexpected from work and caught my best
friend and my ex on my own bed, naked.
johnadamsoil: This was a friend, that I helped out from the pit and made him
somebody in life
johnadamsoil: But, he betrayed me
johnadamsoil: And after that inccident, my EX ran out and never came back,
johnadamsoil: I have to cut off from all friends
So, what am trying to say is that, As we are going into this Relationship, I
would advise and suggests that we keep friends out of our relationship
johnadamsoil: Because I allowed my best friend to be closed to my ex
johnadamsoil: then all that happened
johnadamsoil: Please, I don't want any intruder
johnadamsoil: Oh...Okay baby
johnadamsoil: When are you going home
johnadamsoil: Okay...hope we can talk more when you get home
johnadamsoil: Be safe Please
johnadamsoil: Take care
johnadamsoil: Bye my Queen

#203491 by scooby101 Thu May 29, 2014 5:33 am
Good morning wonderful one! How are you today? To be honest with you, my night was full of the thought about our life to begin. So please tell me, who are you? A woman being a goddess? Or a goddess pretending to be a woman? Whichever you are, you are doing something special to me (lol). I mean after all these years, I would have thought I might not have the possibilities again of having my dream woman, my partner, my best friend and co-pilot.

I wouldn't be scared anyway, because truly, love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end. The inevitable truth is, if it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other regardless of the distance apart. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one, forever and ever.

Absolutely I have come to know that we spend most of our life seeking for the secondary needs, while our primary needs are left unseen. We have worked so hard and attained some wealth right? But for what purpose? To be realistic, except if you just want to be known as a rich person, wealth means nothing if you have no best friend to share it with. All the millions are useless indeed. How much do we need to eat? How much do we need for shelter? How much do we need for daily fun? Excess and excess leads us to vanity. But for few of us who value the simplicity, we sure would do well in finding happiness. As I
always say, money can buy a good bed, but never will money buy sleep; It can buy the best diamond watch, but can never buy time; it can buy piles of books, but cant buy knowledge; it can buy food, but not satisfaction; MONEY can buy sex, but can NEVER buy love. That is why I refuse to follow the crowd. So as my own man, I would give up all that can be bought for that which cant be bought. I want true joy and happiness. I want my woman to have power over my moods.

I am being true to my feelings, as my old friend would say, never question if you are in love or not, because if you were, you wouldn't need to ask. So the best of men would accept what they feel without questions, because truly, Love and death cant be escaped, no one can tell when, how, or where. It is never too early or too late.

What is more important to one is the love we share, the memories we have or the feelings within. Give love a chance to swallow you up. Don't just think it will happen in an instant, it will surprise you before you know it, but it will be the most rewarding experience you will ever have. If you are as open minded and simple as me, I can promise you that the sky would be the beginning.

Now, lets talk about True Love:
In my own word, true love is a natural phenomenon... its from God himself... one can not build true love like trust... love built by humans soon collapse... true love is so powerful, so strong, so uncontrollable and that is why you hear some say it is blind... true love can capture any body at any time and make even the saddest man a fool for love... true love is unconditional, it doesn't ask why?...true love understands, it tolerates and endures... true love never dies, it never fades, it gets stronger with every morning sun shine and every night moon... true love does not warn ahead... many have fallen in love the very first day they met and get married and yet live happily for the rest of their lives... and many have dated for many years thinking they can build true love like trust and in the end, they brake up seconds after wedding... so true love is god's will and comes to those who believe in it... true love is all about how well and never how
far... no matter the distance there-is between two lovers, the love yet grow stronger... true love is joy and happiness, a certain kind of sharing that holds two hearts
together in tenderness and caring... true love is the love that lives even after death... the love for our dead is another type of true love and that is why we remember all the time and pray for them... even though some dead are gone for thousand years, their living families remember them like they left yesterday... but despite all the wonderful nature of true love, it has a bitter side that makes the world feel it does not exist any longer... true love is often not reciprocal... that we love someone does not always mean they love us back... that is such a painful nature of true love... yet true love can reciprocate... when true love is reciprocal, such lovers live together and never let go... those are kind of few marriages that survive in our universe today... the kind of marriage I want with you.

Could you tell me your ideology about true love and life? Looking forward to your sweet self.

#203609 by scooby101 Thu May 29, 2014 3:44 pm
johnadamsoil: How are you
johnadamsoil: Are you on your break now?
johnadamsoil: How long is your lunch break
johnadamsoil: Wow..
johnadamsoil: I have a conference call in few minutes
johnadamsoil: hold on please
johnadamsoil: Are you there
johnadamsoil: Still eating
johnadamsoil: Have you finish eating
johnadamsoil: I was waiting for your email before you started eating
johnadamsoil: I know you must be hungry
johnadamsoil: Wish am there to feed you
johnadamsoil: It's okay
johnadamsoil: Are you done with your lunch?
johnadamsoil: Oh that's good
johnadamsoil: So what do you want to ask me
johnadamsoil: Am not working now
johnadamsoil: You know my job right?
johnadamsoil: Am a petroleum engineer
johnadamsoil: I work basically on contracts with oil companies
johnadamsoil: But for the past 6months I have been at home
johnadamsoil: I travel when ever I have contract
johnadamsoil: Am into Oil Rig and crude oil refining
johnadamsoil: Do you understand me at all
johnadamsoil: Yes, its a big job
johnadamsoil: Just that I have been praying for a contract to be approved
out of all the applications I have submitted
johnadamsoil: Because after this contract am thinking retiring
johnadamsoil: I want to setup a Gas Station
johnadamsoil: Am tired of travelling to the sea
johnadamsoil: Yes hun
johnadamsoil: So just help me keep praying that am approved for one of the
johnadamsoil: The least amounts of these contracts is about $2.8M
johnadamsoil: That's the least
johnadamsoil: I need you and me to pray and I trust you are by myside
johnadamsoil: Yes, the highest of the contracts is about $6.5M
johnadamsoil: I know you are
johnadamsoil: Please I want us to keep up a good communication
johnadamsoil: I want us to chat even after you are back from work..if you
don't mind
johnadamsoil: I understand
johnadamsoil: Oh okay
johnadamsoil: Do you have my number?
johnadamsoil: Or you don't like calling?
johnadamsoil: Ohh okay I understand
johnadamsoil: Okay dearie
johnadamsoil: So ask me any question you want to ask me
johnadamsoil: Okay my Queen
johnadamsoil: Please charge ur phone
johnadamsoil: I will call you later in the evening for u to come online
johnadamsoil: Okay
johnadamsoil: Get back to me
johnadamsoil: Much care
johnadamsoil: Missing you already
johnadamsoil: Bye honey
johnadamsoil: Kisses & Hugs

#203786 by scooby101 Sat May 31, 2014 3:38 am
Hello my sunshine (LOL)! You must wonder why I call you sunshine. Can't get the picture of you off my mind. I feel like giving a hug (lol). Just as the sun lights up the earth, you light up my life. The only one I have met, with a heart so bright. Just seems like yesterday, you came around my way, you changed my whole scene right away, with your outstanding personalty.

The only reason this was possible is because you must have portrayed yourself well and you have been yourself. That is good, because if I ever fall in love with you for beauty, I wouldn't walk more than miles to see more beauty; if I love you for wealth, I wouldn't walk more miles to see more; if I love you for smiles, I would see more on comedy shows (lol). But the only thing I can fall in love with is you, that can't be gotten by anyone else because its being YOU! That is absolutely what no one can ever be.
Just dropping by to say Good Morning,
#204035 by scooby101 Mon Jun 02, 2014 3:01 am

May 24

Baby, it takes a life time to try knowing the reason why you feel the way you do with some people. The answers are never there. Trust me, the day relationships starts falling is the day people can figure out the exact reason they have loved each other.

Life is boring if perfect. Life is worse when there is nothing to change about anything. The balance in life is based on the facts that, there must be thieves and criminals for the police to remain employed. The medical practitioners would run out of business if we are all hale and heathy. The legal practitioners would die of boredom if there aren't offenders. If everyone are vegetarians, Oh my! Guess how many
people would not earn a living.

White gained from black, blacks earn from white. If everyone is rich, wealth would be meaningless. Who would do the laundry? Who would drive the car? who would guard who? who would keep whose money? lol. The essence for this short word is that, if you can read the meaning in this, you are my woman for sure. The moral of the speech is that, we were all created for each other. There is much fun in helping. We can all be better if we accept the fact that we cant live without each other.

The world would be a better place if we can start accepting things we cant change. Because , the only constant thing in life is, CHANGE! Siting here thinking about you, brings out a part of me that loves everything (lol). I have a proposal for you this wonderful day. Because I know you at least care about me, after all you wake up to check on my email and know if I am still alive (lol). That is something, so I want your help today.

There is this woman whom I just met, and I could be scared about how she has gotten my attention, but I would be stupid to submit to fears. I noticed that she already has a place that can not be replaced in my heart. Who could ever think of hurting such a woman who only wants happiness? I want you to help me find her and tell her, I am not known for fears. I know a journey of a thousand years start with a single step. A man who wants to fly must at least learn to stand on his feet! Tell her if she is willing, I would love to take her hands. I am a man who gives nothing but everything. Once I have her hand, I can promise
her forever. Tell her I know this is not going to be a kid walk. Tell her I know there are times we would argue in future. But tell her I would teach her to know that even while we argue we would still be holding hands for there are many sides to a coin. Tell her life is short, but we can make paradise out of it. Tell her her worries have become mine, because I do not really know how she has done it. Tell her, that coming across her was by chance, communicating with her was by choice, but then falling in love with her is beyond my control.

You know where to find her my dear, just go to your dressing mirror and you would find her staring back at you (lol). Please look into her eyes and speak this to her for me , "John loves you!'.


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