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#202423 by Grunt Wed May 21, 2014 4:44 pm
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Looking for a date or a relationship with anyone aged 35‑60, in Germany.


okay....thanks for your email address is [email protected]

#202994 by Grunt Sun May 25, 2014 8:27 pm
Good morning to you my new friend and thank you for your mail. i will quickly introduce myself then we try if the relationship can continue. I will love to be in constant communication with you and tell you everything you need to know about me. I am really interested in you.
i don't really know how to start telling you my story now, but i will start somewhere. I'm a Half German and a Half Swedish, but my dad died 2 years after my birth. So my single mother have to take me back to her hometown (Sweden) so from there i went to school and got married (19 years ago). My Mother Died when i was still in college, but i still manage to make up in life, i am divorced since three years ago. I had to continue with my life because i wanted to be happy again with my daughter. I want a happy life again and settle down with someone who will always make me happy

I'm presently an independent contractor here in Berlin. I deal on heavy duty manchine like crane, tanks and the spare parts. I am an independent man who loves working and planning and in search of a lovely woman who will forever remain my life partner as well as growing older together. I don't smoke, but sometime take Social drinks. I must tell you that i really appreciate your responds to me, all i ask you is just for you to give me this opportunity to prove it to you..

All i want now is someone who can be comfortable at an important public function but has no problem getting sand between her toes at the beach heard this 100 times before, lol ]! Sure enough of herself to open herself to loving and caring about that special man in her life, Intelligent, funny, honest and responsible. A woman who can communicate what she desires and has the ability to listen. Someone who is positive and believes that every day holds something amazing.

The ability to share her heart and her mind .I want to share my life with someone, and it won't be as a playmate. You need to be ready to make a commitment if the relationship matures. I am a very passionate man, and I need a passionate woman to be my partner. Someone who is romantic, and thoughtful. I like touching and being touched,Caressing and being held or just holding hands while watching a movie or sitting on the sofa. she should see sex as something to be enjoyed by both of us. And hopefully not play games with that part of the relationship. I am not into any masochistic games. I am a person who is ambitious, optimistic, playful, hard working, devoted, intelligent, trusting, genuine, honest, sincere, witty and easy going.
I'm very passionate in all areas of my life. I am very responsible and try to eat right, workout and live a healthy life. I stay active and have a good time doing it. I believe in a healthy relationship, I value honesty and trust. That's what I'm all about and if you don't have them, you don't have anything.
I think it's important to understand and accept each others strengths and weaknesses. It is important to have passion, romance, physical attraction, a playful attitude, with lots of laughter i strongly believe all that.
I have strong family values and morals and i love my daughter who is 17yrs now. She is the most precious and only family i have now, if by any means we have a relationship and you ever have the opportunity to meet her she will steal your heart away, before I can.
I am Also using this opportunity to tell you that if there is any question you have to ask me, do not hesitate to ask me and i will be free to answer you because i have seen that you are a nice woman.
No woman had ever captured my attention so fully. And also to let you know that the distance and language can never come in as a barrier cos all that matters is understanding, as i am ready to travel miles just to spend the rest of my life time with the woman i love.Hope you find this mail understanding.With Much Love
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