Information on romance scams and scammers.
#203104 by ariesgirl Mon May 26, 2014 5:29 pm
Definitely a scammer. He approached me on okcupid Saturday using the name mr_goodmanforu. That account is already gone. He claims to be stationed in Kabul will be retiring in 2 months. Claims he is a widow with a 15 year old son, named James, in military school. States that his home is in Michigan but that he would relocate anywhere for his soulmate. I did mention to him twice that I had been in the military but he seemed to not understand what that meant. Basically the picture he sent me was of a British chaplain.Image The photo of his "son" was a young man in a typical British school uniform. None of the pictures he sent me of himself were the same person. Honestly one of them looked like Brian Wilson playing drums. The chaplain's picture is the only one I could get uploaded sorry. Anyways he is very crafty and his English is very good. Any mistakes he made could have been attributed to the devise he was using. I just knew my military reality, and that U.S. private schools use different uniforms. If anyone wants to try and get him I did not let on what mistakes he made. Just told him that a friend stated that there was no John Knight stationed in Kabul and not to contact me again.

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