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#203582 by AlanJones Thu May 29, 2014 12:32 pm
Baby i dont have a mobile number for you call now,the insurance company will activate a line for me in June...roland spoke with the company on behalf of me mylove,he wants us to be close...this is my email address [email protected]

Baby mylove i think you have to trust me now, and tell me why you are taking the kids to swizterland?baby i want to you to send the to the orphans in Ghana before you go, and it will take sometime for me to get you a copy of my id card,and as well as the id to the man you send the 1000 i will work on it after you send the money...he will get the money from western union,and i will tell him to do for you as you wish mylove......and baby theres western union in every bank,all you have to do is go to the bank,ask of western union money transfer,and you send the money to this person,he is a careter for the house...Benjamin Clottey,Accra Ghana, sure they will give you a receipt and write me everything on the receipt,i will send that to Ghana,the man.....

The man Will go to western union for the 1000 euros, mylove i know is simple to say to you to send money to orphans it hard to do,you are the only person i trust will help this orphans in Ghana,they are young kids like brandon..i love you,i have your back baby....and i will keep you fro falling..i trust you..honey i love you....

Gustavo Jacob


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