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#207705 by CH_Woska Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:42 am
I have been contacted by a new "romance scammers", which was referred by another scammers - they also practice networking.... and he wrote a long mail (my guess is copy/paste) with his introduction. I also got 2 pictures which I tested on the net, so far they have not been used but I trace the email source back to Accra, Ghana, where the other scammer was also originated and their IP address ( is the same.
The new scammer is called : David Carlitse, his email address is [email protected].
The pathetic part of this is the text in the subject field :
Hello there...We had a chat on meetic or dating direct..

His mail was the following :
This on line dating stuff appears all new to me as i was introduced to it by a friend who had a successful married on and that inspired me to do all this.. after the introduction by my friend, i sat and thought much of it and decided to give it a try if it will work for me to find my soul mate and a wonderful wife as well ... I am compassionate, faithful and very committed in a relationship. I really do have interest in listening to music,playing football,having a walk,i am also a good listener,i have a good sense of humor. i like to share jokes as well, love going to party and like going out. Although i love work but i still have a life.. Do you have pet's because i do have a DOG. i have a house and live in the UK for quite a long time.

... tell me about your favorite food and if you like to cook.... lol... tell me much about you because i would not like to offend you in any way as i get to know you so i need them most... a woman like you very understanding deserve to be treated like a queen ... tell me about your past experience with love . ... Because Love comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith but nothing can be compared to your beauty i saw that made me message you on the dating site.

My favorite part of the morning is when I am able to think about my future partner… if I made plans with them I look forward to seeing them … The highlight of my day is to reflect on what the woman in my life and I will be doing romantically that evening, week, or what we look forward to doing for our weekend excursion we will decide, confirmed, and arranged to do together.

I live in Kent but was raised in Cuba. When i was a child i lost both parents, so I had to go and live with my uncle, (tell me about your parents too?) . I moved to the Kent in 1979, just after high school by the help of scholarship from my school. I am a graduate university of alabama medical centre so i have lived in the united states for a while as well. I also have a property in Florida and i intend relocating there sometime when i've retired. it depends.

I later enrolled after completion into the Kent Hospital Warwick. I later joined the army due to the influence of my uncle since he is an ex military man. So i fix the service men when they come back from war torn areas and are hurt. I'm specialized in orthopedic surgery.

I enjoy tender touches… getting and giving great massages… cuddling… I make every effort to become close in my relationships, to be supportive, loving, and passionate… but also be free to be apart and still be okay.... I love what i do and am so proud of myself.. I've always wished to die with good name than dying with riches..

I hope to hear from you soon so we see how it goes.

David xxx

It appears he could be targetting females on but I was not personally contacted by him. I will of course, not respond to this one, and anybody who wishes to receive his pictures is welcome to contact me. Watch out for their networking activities !

#207751 by Dotti Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:46 pm
I'm glad you recognized this scammer before you wasted a lot of time or money on him.

Just one small point: Some scammers do work in gangs, and addresses and information may be shared with the other members of the same gang. On occasion, scammers will sell victim information as well--but most scammers won't just share information unless they are going to profit from it.

If your original scammer was in Ghana, and this scammer is also from Ghana, it is very likely your original scammer, trying again with a new script and identity. It is not unusual for a scammer to have several different identities and photo sets at any point in time, and to try again with a victim, using the information they got in the first scam to help them be more successful the next time around.

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#215682 by mamabear47 Thu Aug 21, 2014 11:57 pm
I have been "scam-baiting" this "David Carlitse" for over two months now and just this week, we finally got to the money part. The reason I chose to bait him is that he is SO VERY GOOD at what he does... as was the scammer who took all my money last year. His English is very good, he is intelligent (or has easy access to all the facts he needs) and smooth as glass. I see scammers all the time on badoo, Facebook, and Connecting Singles which is where I met "David". Most are really bad at what they do and can be spotted within a few sentences... I have actually made up a list of things they inherently do and say. But, as I said, this guy is particularly good at what he does. Obviously has good English skills and since he told me he works for the UN in Afghanistan as a doctor, keeps up to date on what is going on over there on a day-to-day basis and can report to me things that I can then check on line for validity. He is very good. I will not tell you what his scam is yet, but the end is near for Mr. Carlite and I. But it involves very expensive paintings he was "given" by an Afghani high lord to take out of the country. Yeah, right! And I am to take delivery of them this week and next week he is "coming to me to start our new life". Hahahahah :laugh-s: Oh, yeah... he and his daughter are coming to the US to live with me. She is in some boarding school in Switzerland or something. :wink: These guys are if nothing else great story tellers. :=) I have given him false information about me all along the way. And I truly don't care if he sends screaming emails to a false account. :!: The scammer last year not only took all my money, but my heart and my pride (for a while). My goal is to waste as much of their precious time as I can... cause that is all they have. And, if he gets demoted or sent to Timbuktu for his failure to get money from me...too bad. His "gang" bosses are going to be very upset. :lol: If I can save one other woman from this cretin monkey... I will be happy.

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