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#213288 by scooby101 Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:44 am
terry rogers: sweetie am fine
terry rogers: sweetie are you there
terry rogers: am oline now
terry rogers: am fine
terry rogers: and you sweetheart
terry rogers: thank you sweetie
terry rogers: nice to see you too
terry rogers: of course sweetie we always missed each other but today we have best time to no each other
terry rogers: sweetie am always with you
terry rogers: how is work
terry rogers: okay baby what do you do again ?
terry rogers: okay good and what did you people produce ?
terry rogers: okay that is a good job you have baby ....
terry rogers: so how is your day going and how is our son doing ?
terry rogers: His good baby and i told him about you
terry rogers: so tell me how many people have you talk to on here and whats your experience so far?
terry rogers: okay baby well you know am new on here and i don't really know about it and am here seeking for a long time relationship that will lead to marriage which i can feel it in you
terry rogers: okay baby so tell more about you
terry rogers: baby are you there
terry rogers: okay baby
terry rogers: well am not here to cheat or play games ever since my wife left my with my kids i have been a single man looking for the right woman to spend the rest of my life with
terry rogers: i like you too baby that is why i want u in my life ....
terry rogers: baby you are really special to me too baby
terry rogers: so baby tell me how long have you been alone
terry rogers: thank you baby
terry rogers: baby now that i find you
terry rogers: i well make you the happyies woman in the hole world
terry rogers: baby i promise never to let you down
terry rogers: baby believe you have made my day
baby i wish i am there with you right now
terry rogers: so baby when
terry rogers: are you coming back online
terry rogers: so baby tell what time
terry rogers: Love kisses
terry rogers: take care baby
terry rogers: love you
terry rogers: love baby

#214168 by scooby101 Mon Aug 11, 2014 4:02 am
terry rogers: Hi baby how are you doing
terry rogers: Sweetheart am good and how is work hope is not stressing you much sweetheart am sorry will did talk for some days now sweetheart work was so stressful I missed you sweetheart please don't be angry with me sweetheart love you
terry rogers: Sweetheart what time will you be online so will can talk I have been discussing with my client. Sweetheart say me well to XXXXX love sweetheart terry
terry rogers: Hi sweetheart how was your night
#214473 by scooby101 Wed Aug 13, 2014 4:02 am
terry rogers: hi baby how are you doing
terry rogers: baby am online now
terry rogers: hi sweetheart and how is XXXXX doing right away
terry rogers: sweetheart are you there
terry rogers: hi sweetheart
terry rogers: were are you
terry rogers: okay you are angry with me you don't want to chat with me
terry rogers: have i done wrong
terry rogers: sweetheart tell me
terry rogers: why are you avoing me
terry rogers: or is there some thing you are not telling me
terry rogers: talk to me sweetie
terry rogers: sweetheart are you there
terry rogers: Hi XXXXXX how are you doing
terry rogers: are you there and how is work sweetheart talk to me
terry rogers: or are you angry with me sweetheart
#216633 by scooby101 Thu Aug 28, 2014 8:15 am
Hi sweetheart it's me Terry from fishmeetfish....Baby how was your night and how are you doing? baby hope all it's well sweetie i did not hear from you again after our chat yesterday sweetie you told me you would come on-line so will talk better and get to know more about our i don't know if you can come on-line same time we chatted yesterday so will can talk more
#217761 by scooby101 Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:59 am
Sweetheart i really miss you more than the way you and XXXXXX do Anita and Mary miss you too I just hope will be together for ever nobody can separate us till death do us apart....sweetheart tell me when you always free for work your beak time what do you always do lets me baby i really need to meet with you please tell me can do without you sweetheart

kiss kiss hugs you for ever love you
#218548 by scooby101 Wed Sep 10, 2014 3:10 pm
Wow sweetheart thanks a millions for making all my days, my life a happy one say me well to XXXXX sweetheart how was the holiday? I miss you so much more than you think and it really good to hear from you as well

Sweetheart it's my biggest wish to see you and I leave together as one till death do us apart sweetheart wish to spend the rest of my live with you. baby speaking with you right now i will be travelling tomorrow to Ireland to me with my business client sweetheart what time do you normally come on line in messenger so we can talk and feel each other i love you sweetheart just can do without you......






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