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#216341 by scooby101 Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:50 am
My darling

I am telling you this because of the trust and honest I have in you..This is my secrete dear I have a contract I do with Ghana gold company PMMC before I left to the peacekeeping mission,now that we are one and we believe in one thing and since I am going to relocate to your country I want you to help me and receive the gold 100 Kg of gold that as soon my mission end in the next 2 month I will fly immediately and meet so we will put head together and invest it in your country...Please you are the only one I tell about this ...tell me what you that I will give you the information how to contact them ok.I am waiting to for your Advice


#216669 by scooby101 Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:18 pm
Hello my dear.

With my sincere heart I am giving you this information...Because I always known that since the day I met you,it is the Lords doing that makes us come across each other..Dear I want you to assure me that with my just in you everything will go well..I really wanna let you know that you will never regrate this...Here is the information the manager name is ( Nyame Owusu ) email address ( [email protected] ) phone number ( +233 249 403 963 ) My dear remember you are my partner as my wife my woman..because I sign the day of deposit my next of kin will be my you will contact as my wife or my woman see how much trust I have in you..write to him that you come for your husband gold that he should let you know how the gold will be delivered to XXXXX..Dear I trust you be honest with with me to update me in every information from the manager ok..I am signing the letter of my quitting in 2 month time...Dear as soon you receive the gold I will join you immediately and you take me around town to see how we gonna sell our gold and invest our money in a good business...Because I love you for real


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