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#212244 by scooby101 Mon Jul 28, 2014 8:06 am


About me: From Manhattan, Missouri. I divorce last year January because of my wife infidelity. I'm looking for serious relationship. If your a cheater of liar, please don't stop-by at my page
Profession: government agent

Hey, permit me to say that your beautiful. I'm James, new on this site. Can we be friends? Waiting for your reply. Cheers.

Happy to see your reply, I'm an American soldier from Jefferson. I'm presently on deployment here in Nigeria for an intelligence work in rescuring the girls abducted by boko haram terrorist. I divorced 2 years ago, I have a boy Larry he's 8 years old. I'm not always here. Let's talk better on yahoo messenger? mine is [email protected] waiting for you. Cheers.

#213039 by scooby101 Sat Aug 02, 2014 4:41 am
jameslinn49: Hello
jameslinn49: How are you?
jameslinn49: Happy to meet you
jameslinn49: I'm cool
jameslinn49: I'm James from Missouri
jameslinn49: That's nice
jameslinn49: I've been willing to talk you from the day I saw you on mingle
jameslinn49: I'm an American soldier
jameslinn49: I'm currently in Tripoli, Lybia
jameslinn49: We left Nigeria on thursday
jameslinn49: Very dangerous
jameslinn49: But I'm a soldier
jameslinn49: Tell me about yourself
jameslinn49: Your so beautiful
jameslinn49: That's nice
jameslinn49: I have a boy
jameslinn49: He's 8 years old
jameslinn49: I'm 43
jameslinn49: He's with my her mom
jameslinn49: I'm divorced
jameslinn49: Yes, your right. Thanks
jameslinn49: I'm the only child of my parent
jameslinn49: Yeah
jameslinn49: Always lonely
jameslinn49: How about you?
jameslinn49: Yeah
jameslinn49: So nice
jameslinn49: I met you after two days that I joined the site
jameslinn49: And you?
jameslinn49: Are you long on the site?
jameslinn49: Oh
jameslinn49: That's nice
jameslinn49: That means we are destined to meet each other
jameslinn49: Yes
jameslinn49: Tell me how you spend your childhood
jameslinn49: Awwww
jameslinn49: Mine was also a happy one
jameslinn49: My parent showed me love
jameslinn49: It was fun
jameslinn49: Yes
jameslinn49: I'm so happy to meet you
jameslinn49: Is it only on Saturday that you do have time to come online?
jameslinn49: Ditto to you
jameslinn49: You also seem to be a very nice woman
jameslinn49: You also pretty
jameslinn49: Ok
jameslinn49: That's nice to hear
jameslinn49: Because I'll like to get closer to you
jameslinn49: So, have you been out of XXXXXX before?
jameslinn49: Ok
jameslinn49: I've been to countries in Europe
jameslinn49: But haven't been to XXXXXX
jameslinn49: I guess so
jameslinn49: Maybe because of you
jameslinn49: Ok
jameslinn49: We'll soon go for patrol
jameslinn49: I'll be back online later
jameslinn49: When will you be back online?
jameslinn49: I will
jameslinn49: You should take a very good care of yourself
jameslinn49: Kisses
jameslinn49: Ttyl
jameslinn49: Same here
jameslinn49: Bye
#213136 by scooby101 Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:00 am
jameslinn49: You there baby?
jameslinn49: Good morning
jameslinn49: How was your night?
jameslinn49: Good
jameslinn49: I waited for you last night
jameslinn49: I was thinking about you all night long
jameslinn49: You've really captured my heart
jameslinn49: Happy to hear that
jameslinn49: You've captured my heart
jameslinn49: I can't think of anything else rather than you
jameslinn49: Your also sweet
jameslinn49: Don't be shy honey
jameslinn49: Your such a sweet queen
jameslinn49: Your such a nice woman
jameslinn49: I wish to spend the rest of my life with you
jameslinn49: Awwww
jameslinn49: But your the one that I want
jameslinn49: Your the woman of my dream
jameslinn49: What are you up to today honey?
jameslinn49: Same here baby
jameslinn49: You also make me happy
jameslinn49: Your a queen
jameslinn49: Are you busy honey?
jameslinn49: That nice
jameslinn49: Yummy
jameslinn49: Wish I'm there to feed you
jameslinn49: Yeah
jameslinn49: So nice
jameslinn49: What are you up to for today honey?
jameslinn49: I will take a nap and prepare for patrol pretty soon
jameslinn49: Wish I'm there with you
jameslinn49: Its dangerous but I'll be ok
jameslinn49: I'm a soldier
jameslinn49: Yeah
jameslinn49: I'll be ok for you
jameslinn49: Just pray for me
jameslinn49: Thanks baby
jameslinn49: Your such a great woman
jameslinn49: Your the woman of my dream
jameslinn49: Same here baby
jameslinn49: Your the woman of my dreamn
jameslinn49: Ok honey
jameslinn49: Take care my baby
jameslinn49: I'm gonna miss you
jameslinn49: And pray for me
jameslinn49: When will you be back online?
jameslinn49: Ok
jameslinn49: Take care
jameslinn49: I'll take a nap
jameslinn49: I will baby
jameslinn49: And you too
jameslinn49: Kisses
jameslinn49: Mwah
jameslinn49: Ttyl
jameslinn49: Mwah
#213254 by scooby101 Mon Aug 04, 2014 3:57 am
jameslinn49: Baby, I am just writing you to let you know how much I love you. I know we have many miles separating us but I know we'll make it through. Baby, you mean the world to me and no one can ever compare to you. I think about you all the time, like I said, I wake up to thoughts of you and go to sleep with thoughts of you. Your name repeats over and over in my mind. Each day my love grows stronger for you and I know for a fact that my love will never fade. These miles between us won't fade away but I know that our love will keep us together. It's so weird for us to be so far away from each other but yet so close. I love you, Baby.
#213588 by scooby101 Wed Aug 06, 2014 8:33 am
jameslinn49: How are you my baby
jameslinn49: Where have you been?
jameslinn49: I've missed you so much
jameslinn49: I'm good
jameslinn49: I missed you so much
jameslinn49: Oh ok
jameslinn49: I've been busy too
jameslinn49: I think of you every seconds
jameslinn49: Did you see my off line messages?
jameslinn49: Ok
jameslinn49: How's work?
jameslinn49: Oh I understand baby
jameslinn49: I've been busy too
jameslinn49: But your always on my mind
jameslinn49: Patrolling
jameslinn49: With my troop
jameslinn49: Yeah
jameslinn49: I'm a soldier
jameslinn49: Lol
jameslinn49: Thanks my baby
jameslinn49: I almost cry all night before I sleep
jameslinn49: No problem
jameslinn49: You've captured my heart my queen
jameslinn49: Wish I could kiss your lips
jameslinn49: Same here my queen
jameslinn49: Your the woman of my dream
jameslinn49: So good my queen
jameslinn49: I'm so happy my queen
jameslinn49: Just came back from patrol
jameslinn49: Can I visit you in Holland honey?
jameslinn49: Ok my queen
jameslinn49: You'll have to apply for my leave
jameslinn49: So can't wait to kiss your lips my queen
jameslinn49: I want to meet you too my queen
jameslinn49: I can't wait to hold your hand my queen
jameslinn49: Meeting you will be the happiest thing that ever happen to me
jameslinn49: I hope so too my baby
jameslinn49: Can't wait to kiss your lips
jameslinn49: You'll have to send email to the welfare department to make a request
jameslinn49: Yeah
jameslinn49: Hold on let me get the email address
jameslinn49: I'm back honey
jameslinn49: Its [email protected]
jameslinn49: You'll apply for sergeant James linn leave request
jameslinn49: I do honey
jameslinn49: Its you that will mail the not me
jameslinn49: Ok honey
jameslinn49: I'll send an email to you with the address
jameslinn49: And tell you how to write it
jameslinn49: Ok honey
jameslinn49: I'll send it to you
jameslinn49: Take care at work my queen
jameslinn49: Ok my love
jameslinn49: Take care at work
jameslinn49: Love you
jameslinn49: Mwah
jameslinn49: Bye
jameslinn49: When will you be back online honey?
jameslinn49: Ok honey
jameslinn49: I'll come for you
jameslinn49: Mwah
#213717 by scooby101 Thu Aug 07, 2014 4:15 am
Hello my love the email is ([email protected]) you'll tell them that you want seagent James Linn to visit you in your country. Its as simple as that. Reply back when you send it. Waiting for you. Kisses. wrote:IP Address Quick Report
IP Address:
Organization: Opera Mini Proxies
City: n/a
Country of Origin: Europe
* For a complete report on this IP address goto ipTRACKERonline
#214170 by scooby101 Mon Aug 11, 2014 4:14 am
Ok my sweatheart, can't think of anything rather than you. I can't wait to kiss your lips and show you how much I care. Love you. Kisses.
#215852 by scooby101 Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:54 am
Hello XXXXX,
We are still waiting to here from you in respect of sergeant James Linn leave request.
Get back to us with information required ASAP. Yours in service.
Major John Morgan
#216144 by scooby101 Mon Aug 25, 2014 4:19 am
Hello XXXXX,

You are to Send the information listed below...

(1) Your full name
(2) Your country
(3) Your state
(4) Your phone number
(5) Your mother maiden name
(5) Your home address

Get back to us with ASAP. Yours in service.
Major John Morgan
#216471 by scooby101 Wed Aug 27, 2014 6:24 am
Happyy to see your reply honey, I've been alerted that you requested for my leave and they said you didn't turn up. I'm now feeling better my love. I missed you so much and I think of you every seconds, your always on my dream baby and your all I have my baby. You need to respomd to the welfare department honey so my leave can be fast. I can't wait to hear back from you. Love you with all my heart. Muah.

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