Information on romance scams and scammers.
#215010 by superk9 Sun Aug 17, 2014 2:16 pm
Scammer details:
Name: Kim Jagst
Age: 28
Date of birth: Septerber 29
Occupation: Nurse at Seton Medical Center Austin
okcupid username: jagkimmy
Possible address (probably fake): 2354 E 12th st Austin tx 78702
Associates: Michelle Brown
Budda, 512-665-3373
IP address: N/A [UK IP]
Image ... t=3&page=1

Summary: I contacted this attractive 28-year old girl, Kim Jagst on and we started chatting.
The chat was going great and I really thought I was talking to a young, attractive nurse.
After a while we switched to facebook.
Her profile was:
but apparently she also has other profiles (which I found later on):

So we are chatting on facebook and everything is going great, but then she says she has
been in a car accident and also got robbed. She is desperate, feels awful and her landlord is about to evict her.
So she needs 400$ to pay the rent and buy groceries. She can't use her credit cards or bank accounts since
they have been blocked/frozen by the bank. She asked me to send the money via moneygram to her
cousin, Michelle Brown. I asked her to give me the police report number (for the robbery) so I could check her story but she wouldn't give it to me. At that point I realized it's a scam. From that point on, I just tried to obtain more information on her such as phone number and the address. I almost fell for the scam but my
common sense saved me. Here's the detailed log of our complete conversation from start to finish. Enjoy!
I only hope one day the cops will catch this scammer! I decided to make this post to let everyone know
about this dating scam and hopefully prevent people from falling for it and sending their hard-earned money to this con artist. I also realize, that Kim Jagst might be actually innocent and just a victim of identity fraud that this scammer has done. Maybe the scammer just pretends to be "Kim Jagst". In any case, this has to be reported and somebody has to put an end to this. Share this post and spread the word!


----------------------okcupid chat-------------------------------------

Sent on Jul 14
hey there :) how's it going?

Sent on Jul 14
An image of jagkimmy
Hi, going great :) how do you do?

Sent on Jul 16

doing well! it must really cool to work as a nurse. you see all these people and their stories. and I bet it does make one wonder about architectures behind life. have you figured it out yet? :) i had a trip to ER myself recently. had to get some stitches. could have been worse. and I think I have been awaken to the fact that life can change in split second. so how long have you lived in Austin?

Sent on Jul 16
hey :) how are things? are you excited for the weekend?

Sent on Jul 18
An image of jagkimmy
Good morning, Yes you are totally right with that and life could change in a split of second there are positive and negative energy in our everyday life it's left to us to use more of the positive, I do yoga which helps a lot, I've lived in for as long as I can remember but I'm originally I'm from Mcallen Tx but my family has another house in austin 7bedroom which I now stay in alone ever since I lost both parent to plane crash 2011 oct 15 that's was a very hard tome in my life which I've learn to accept and live with only to cherrish the memorries spent together, Things are looking good and my weekend is looking good how about you?

Sent on Jul 19
hey! I am so sorry about your parents. i think any tragic even like this makes one more humble and more appreciative of how precious life really is. i forget that sometimes as I get caught up in work and life events. but I think, once in a while, it's really important to slow down, contemplate about life and its mechanisms, be thankful for you have and not take things for granted. what's your favorite thing about being a nurse? do you work like crazy hours and stuff? I'm Charles :)

Sent on Jul 19
An image of jagkimmy
Hi Charles yes I work a lot, Life is presious and we should treat each day like a gift that it is, maybe you can look for me on fb Kim Jagst so we could better chat often i have the app on my phone, How is your day going?

Sent on Jul 22
it was a good day. my sister and I were looking at some houses today. actually we have been shopping around for a few months. yeah I'll add ya on fb :)

Sent on Jul 22
An image of jagkimmy
What's your name on fb?

Sent on Jul 23
An image of jagkimmy
I got your request

----------------------facebook chat-------------------------------------
July 23rd, 3:47am

Good Morning
July 23rd, 9:29pm
hey Kim! how's your week coming along? I don't really use fb that often. you have some cool tattoos. they make you look bad-ass! are you? what's the most bad-ass thing you have done?

July 24th, 8:33am

Good morning Charles, My has been good so far how about your? Thanks for the comment about my tattoos, Do you have any? I've done some pretty bad as things I'll show you some pictures, I don't use fb much too but it would be good for us to chat here privately xox

July 24th, 4:31pm
hey Kim, I agree. it's been a busy day at work. the day just flew by! I don't have any tats. all the tattoos I have are the memories in my head... maybe one day I'll get a real one I'd love to see more of your pics. hey, which part of austin do you live at? I live and work uptown. any cool plans for the weekend?

July 26th, 4:23pm
hey! if you are not too busy this weekend, I'd love to hang out with ya. my friends are having an album release party at 8pm tonight and I thought it'll be cool if you stopped by we'll be dt afterwards. here's my cell: XXX-XXX-XXXX if you want to sync up

July 30th, 4:40am

I'm really sorry i couldn't make it to the party, Honestly i work alot being an rn, I love what i do but It's been challenging and fulfilling at the same time, I studied associate's degree of Applied Science Nursing then started working as Clinical assistant adolescent psychiatric

I'm really sorry i couldn't make it to the party, Honestly i work alot being an rn, I love what i do but It's been challenging and fulfilling at the same time, I studied associate's degree of Applied Science Nursing then started working as Clinical assistant adolescent psychiatric

Wednesday 5:35pm

Wednesday 7:02pm
no worries. great pic! if all nurses looked like that I'd be in the hospital all day! that's cool that you really enjoy what you do. it's important. so how long have you lived in austin? do you like it better than mcallen? i heard everyone speaks spanish down there. i have been to south parde a few times but never to mcallen. i am still trying to find a good surf spot in texas. it's ever so elusive

Thursday 12:23pm

Thanks Charles I really appreciate that you understood why I couldn't make it, I've lived in austin all my life and now I live alone in our house it's 7bed room so you can imagine lol, sadly I lost my parent to a plane crash 2011 oct 15 and ever since then I've been living all alone in our house but right now I'm presently in Ennis texas on a travel nurse project and I stay with my cousin michelle here she is the only and closest to family I have, Mcallen is great I was born there but grew up pretty much in austin, I have interest in surfing so maybe you can teach me, I do yoga now and it's been wonderful "I'm not a bad ass at yoga" How is your day going ?

Thursday 8:18pm
my day is going great! my team just won the championship game in our work league! it's beginner league lol. i play v-ball just for fun. my two main sports are tennis and hockey. i'll teach ya surfing, we just gotta find some good waves. i know nothing about yoga but i always wanted to try it. is it hard? i am sorry about your parent, I bet it was pretty depressing living in that house all by yourself. so are there any fun things to do in Ennis, TX? when are you coming back to austin? i lived here 2 years now and i think this city pretty well, but i bet you know some cool spots I have never been to

Saturday 9:10am

Nothing is hard in Yoga you just have to understand yourself and find peace with the world, I haven't been in Ennis for long but you can find fun things to do here too , my current travel nurse project is going good and I have less than two weeks before I return back to austin permanently

Sunday 2:10pm
Awesome! I am really looking forward to meeting you once you are back! and good luck with your travel nurse project! finish strong

Sunday 2:13pm
Charles can you get on yahoo I'm chat?

Sunday 4:31pm
yeah i can do that. what's your yahoo id?

Monday 10:44pm
or we can also just text I had a long-ass day today... how was your day?

Tuesday 2:28am
I just had an accident and got robbed it's really bad i can't find my bag and it has my phone and bank cards and id cards in it

The car was totally wrecked and i was safe by the seat belt if you look at the picture the abrasion was from my seat belt i am glad i was wearing my seat belt that is for sure

got all account and card canceled so the lady at chase told me that they will suspend the account for security reasons and they would issue out a new card for me in a week and by then i should be able to use my account again, I'm in so much shock right now

Tuesday 4:18pm

You there
18 hours ago

whoa! that's nuts! I am glad you are OK. let's me know if there's anything I can do to help out.
when i was in new york this year, my buddy got robbed and they managed to pull about $2k from his credit card but he only canceled the card 6 hours later. timing is of the essence in these cases. cops never caught the thieves. although they did get the security camera footage from the store where they used the card. i'm sorry about your car but the important thing here is that you are safe and sound! car can be replaced. let me know if you need anything

10 hours ago

Good morning Charles

Thanks for caring I'm still in a bit of pain I had to take some meds and I'm very tired I woke up to an eviction because I was suppose to make a payment on my rent, I'll try to call you from a phone booth

6 hours ago
you sure have an exciting life! call me anytime. i have some meetings during the day but i am generally available. someone called me this morning from unknown number but i wasn't sure if it was you

It's me Charles it's a pay phone I'm so sad
My life isn't so great right now because the incident that happen ruin all the things I had scheduled and I don't know what to do right now
the apartment manager here in ennis says I must pay up the rent or be evicted giving he knows that I got into an accident and was robbed "that's just cruel"
You there?

hey! here. yeah it's not ideal. the manager is dick. show him police report or smth

I did and he can even see the bruises clearly even though it's fading and healing perfect
that sucks! i can check with my lawyer to see if he can legally evict you. he gave u a written notice?

You know I own my own ranch house back in austin I'm only here in ennis for my travel nurse project and this room is more like a hotel he rents it out short term and collects weekly payment so it's not an illegal eviction

I just tried calling you, I'm at pay phone
i see. do you have a number i can call. i'm at YYY right now and connection here is quite spotty
i am in a meeting right now.i ll free up in 30min. can u call me at noon?

I had my phone in my purse and they stole it, I really need your help if it wouldn't be a bother I'd be glad if you can borrow me some few bucks to papy the rent and get some groceries I'll have it back first thing when my account is open in a week

yeah, if you know me i'd be the last person to send money over the internet to someone i don't really know but you seem like a good person and as i said i ll be happy to help. i a bit low on cash since i dumped bunch of it in my new jet ski but how much do you need?

Thank you and I'm good for it I'll have it back first thing when my account open 400 maybe

can you call me?

I tried you didn't answer it
2 hours ago

sry i was busy. can i call you on your cell that you use for fb? also send the police report numbers from your accident and the robery. i have a friend and her dad is big shot cop and he might speed things up with the investigation.

I have no number open now my cell phone was stolen and my account didn't lose money but they tried and my bank stopped it and closed my account which is why I I'm waiting a week before my account is back on with a new account # and routing and card number do you understand

do you have a police report number for the robbery? how do you want me to send the money?

Nope I don't it's with the cops, can you wire it through money gram
what ID do you have to get the money? also I want to speak with your landlord that's trying to evict you. can I call him?

please please I don't want embarrassment because his not a gentleman and he did ask me out but I refused so that's out of the question, I had all my id in my purse so you'll have to send it to my cousin who also work at the seton here in ennis, here details you'll need is Michelle Brown Ennis Texas that's all and she is with a government issued id

i won't tell him your name. i just want to verify a few things. which police department did you go to, to file the police report?

It's the one here in Ennis what are you worried about
I don't just don't want you calling him if you have the heart to help me out and you're happy to help me out then do so without making it hard for me please I'm still in some pains right now

kim, i wanna help you out but i some more info from you first since i have never met you before. when did you get robbed? my friends dad can give the ennis cops a call to check it out and hey he might even get more people on your case

I told you they didn't steal anything they tired and that made my bank lock my account to protect me I don't have a case, I'll appreciate it if you help me out and take me at face value because I'm good for it

but i thought you said you have a police report number but it's with the cops:"Nope I don't it's with the cops, " kim I want to help you but this shit doesn't add up. i asked for simple things like a phone number of your landlord to verify your story but you don't want to give it to me and now lied about the police report id. I want to help you, so go to the cops in ennis, file the report on stolen cell phone and bank cards, send that to me so I can check it out and then i'll send you the money. you can do that in the next hour or so. Where are you at right now? I'll ask the cops to pick you up, so you don't have to drive there

I will not go do that when they did it already, maybe I'll just give you the apartment manager number, is that okay?
if they did that please call them to get the report number for me. i am waiting for it

I don't have a phone or the number to the person that did it that is why I said I will get you the landlords number to call him is that okay or I shouldn't bother if you don't want to help just say so and not make my situation worse

sure give me the number
what's your date of birth?

Sept 29 I'm 28 years so you know when that is

what's the manager's number?


what;s the address of your apartment in Ennis?

1759 FM Road 85 Ennis Texas 75119

cool and what's your address in Austin so you can pay me back once you return?

I'm getting pissed off about this if you will help me then do it if not then okay just tell me

kim, if you can't tell me your address in austin so that I can meet you there once you return then it's a no go. please understand that i want to help you anyhow i can.

Okay okay, 2354 E 12th st Austin tx 78702

I'm sorry you lied to me. it's a no go.


I never lied I think you're just being paranoid

your story doesn't check out. I'm sorry.

How ??

where are you at right now? I traced your cell's IP through chat.
what's the location/addess where you are right now?

I'm using a wifi with uk ip it's the only chance I had to get online but never mind because it seems like you don't trust me
At this point I realized it's a dating scam/fraud and I cut off all communication and Blocked "Kim Jagst" on facebook. I also reported her profile to facebook and FBI's

Also, here's the pictures that this scammer sent me:

#215016 by vonpaso xlura Sun Aug 17, 2014 5:14 pm
Thanks for posting! It is hard to tell because of the chatspeak, but some of the sentences have grammar which suggests a West African. The UK IP address is probably a proxy (though there are West African scammers in the UK). Good on you for being suspicious.

... ni los estafadores heredarán el reino de Dios. 1 Cor. 6:10
#215022 by Grunt Sun Aug 17, 2014 6:34 pm
vonpaso xlura wrote:
sentences have grammar which suggests a West African
right you are :=)
photo already posted
Kim Jagst
29, Female
Lagos, Nigeria :laugh-s:
#215923 by jagstkim Sat Aug 23, 2014 7:37 pm
Mod Note: This post was made by the scammer himself. He is upset that Grunt has posted his scamming details. Grunt's post is making this scammer lose victims. I will leave the post here to show the lengths a scammer will go.

The user named grunt is an opposed pervert
#215924 by Bryon Williams Sat Aug 23, 2014 7:46 pm
The above post was made by the scammer. He is located in Nigeria.

Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Please remember the fallen.
#405532 by Kimberly Jagst Thu Feb 27, 2020 6:37 pm
I wish ya'll would take this down, because I am not a scammer. Years ago I had a facebook page, and someone stole my photos and created a different facebook and reported my real facebook as fraudulent. Facebook shut my facebook down and allowed someone else to act as a catfish. This catfish messed with a bunch of people, even my family. I got phone calls from the police at my place of work and it was like a never ending nightmare. I am currently going to school to become a nurse practitioner. When I look for jobs, I don't want them finding this article if they google my name. Is there anyway to delete this, so it all can just go away?
#405537 by AlanJones Thu Feb 27, 2020 11:14 pm
The post is factually correct and we will not be removing it.

Locking this as no further discussion is needed.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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