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Augusto M
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Member Since: August 6, 2014
Location: Genève, Switzerland
Age: 50
Relationship Status: Divorced
Interested In: Serious Relationship
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Religion: Catholic
Orientation: Straight


Hello how are you I am augusto and you? I viewed your profile and I want to better your knowledge if you do not mind I will leave my e_mail address so that we can keep in touch because I do not come on this site always [email protected] kisses and good day

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his messages

Good evening how you going? I'm fine me and I was very happy to read you I'd rather talk to youabout me and I want better send you some pictures, but I think that his will be better that we talk onSkype and see you because I have a cam but if you want that I speak here I would with pleasure kissesand waiting to read you and tell me where is what you are? Kisses

Hello xxx I would like that you take the time to read to the end this very long post because youwill find all the information about me the pen is the interpreter of the soul, what one thinks, the other expresses it! Here is a very long email from presentation.In which I write with sincerity, honesty andfrankness! Can you, in your turn, touch my heart and vibrate my soul?I'll tell you a bit about me (even if it is really hard)...! I am original Italian divorced for 4 years. I am doing 1 m 78cm for 72 kg - I don'tdrink and I don't smoke... I am also tolerant, worker, honest, right, generous, attentive, passionate, sensual, romantic, soft, very sturdy, quiet respectful of differences. I love the Beach the sea mountainsreading music lovers ballads trips hiking in the Woods I hate hypocrites, lies and above all, the infidelsand I am looking for a woman (with whom I'd be willing to share everything in life):
-very good good open-mindedness
-very good morality Chaste and virtue
-sincerity in any place and in any circumstance
-constant fidelity here is just the man I am. But tell how you? I hope that very well. For my part I amvery moved and the pleasure will always talk.At the beginning we need to be more closer circle offriends to share the views so who knows? and for that I offer you a most courteous affinity link insofaras us can share any conversations; What do you say? ultimately, I'll be more than happy to have somepictures of you because this will allow me to place the image in the dial. I leave you my Skype followingsend me an invitation augustomalerve. I want a simple woman, who is really responsible, a woman whohas true feelings and also an as faithful and serious woman, a woman who will be present in the goodand bad time because that is what is true love between two beings who love, a sympathetic woman, awoman who has many of the patient because these as very important in a relationship that is willing totake, a woman who really knows why she wants a man has these sides, a woman who knows how tobuild a home on a good strong and also well cemented Foundation
agusto malerve <[email protected]>
sent this photo, looks like a different man

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