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#215392 by scooby101 Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:31 am


About Me

Well....i am a soldier who is natural simple and believes in simplicity.....this is all i can say about myself ,if there is anything more thing you wanna know about me, just ask and i will be glad to tell you anything, absolutely anything.

How are you doing today.......i still wanna talk to you and get to know you more.
Sgt Dave

#215393 by scooby101 Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:34 am
Hi, i am very happy to hear from you ....i am doing good and you,please i will like us to talk more and get to know each other more.....please i wanna know you better this,perhaps be your friends.
Hope to hear from you

Okay, i am Sgt Dave, a united state marine soldier, i am single and free, i love playing and hanging out with the kids and i also love to get involve with old but youthful in heart woman like you.
I never had any children before, i love dancing,singing,listening to music,playing basket ball,cooking,swimming,in and our doors games,cinema,staying home cuddling and writing love poems.
I was raised and brought up by my grandma, and she has taught me how wonderful and special women are most especially the old and the single mother...and that has taught me and increased my interest for the old woman or single mother.
As a soldier i have been dedicated to my work and i have served my country perfectly well, and i have also had several relationships with the young ladies in the pasts but they all broke my heart and always end up cheating on me with another dudes...because they can not wait for me to come back home.
i am currently looking for a real, matured,sincere,understanding,patient,family oriented,single mother,old but youthful in heart and a one man woman for a real and serious relationship.
Hope to hear from you soon.

I am very sorry for not getting back at you sooner than this, i have been very busy and right now i am currently on classified deploy mission, for this reasons we are not really allow to come online that much, i only come online whenever i am free and alone in a corner.
I want you to know that i really like all what you have said about yourself and i will like us to communicate well and establish a good and serious relationship on here ,because you seems to have all that i am looking for in a woman.....i would like to see more of your pictures.
I also like to travel,being a soldier,i have travel alot and been to different countries.
I will be very glad if things work out fine between us and maybe i can be your man for ever and you can also be my woman for ever.....but let me warn you please if you know that your looking for something serious please do not waste my time,but if what your looking for is a real and long lasting relationship....i bet you,you will have enough of love,caring,romantic and a memorable one from me .

I really want you to know that i am beginning to feel loved and relaxed now that i have meet you on here,because your seems to me like a woman that i have been long looking for something real serious i must tell you,you have me already because all i have been looking all these while is in you.
I will like us to take this relationship to another level, that is i would want us to stop talking on here and maybe we can start talking to each other via our private email i will like you to write me back to [email protected]
Hope to hear from you soon.
#215848 by scooby101 Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:45 am
Hi how are you doing today...well i hope your doing just fine,i am beginning to miss you on here already.....why have you not email me....i ahve been checking my yahoo inbox on and on hope to read from you...but i have not seen any.
I still hope to hear from you soon
#218008 by scooby101 Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:03 am
I am very sorry about your illness, i hope your getting better now....babe i missed you so much here more than you can ever imagine....anyway honey i want you to know that i am just tired of our communication on here i mean on DH, so i will like you to reply back via my private email address :[email protected] , by this we will have a more good and better private communication over there.
I really want you to know that i cant really wait to be in your arms...for real.

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