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#215494 by MaryMary24 Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:13 pm
Hi - thanks to reading stuff posted here I now know I have definitely been in touch with a scammer.I was first contacted on Facebook by a guy saying he was in the US Military serving in Kabul. I did think he wasn't who he said he was and did think that English might not have been his first language as his photos came up in a google search as available from the US Army official site or on itunes but I wasn't 100% sure and so just chatted to him occasionally. As time went on we talked more and the doubts were still there - like he talked about his gun being an AK47 which the Americans don't have and avoided too many conversations about stuff he had mentioned in the past but we had fun chatting and talking and I never got asked for anything so just went with the flow. He was coming to the end of his deployment and was going to come see me in the UK when he finished and so this week he gets told he's going home but has too much stuff to bring on the flight to the UK so his friend is going to ship it to me - I did question why he would send it here and not back to the States but this question got ignored.So today I get the email to say it has been shipped in Malaysia and I need to log on to the shipping company website and send them a copy of my ID. Well I may have been slightly myopic up to now but why would a soldier going back to the US be taking his friend's shipping boxes to Malaysia and what shipping company ever wants to see ID from the recipient so much as I have enjoyed chatting with my friend I have now had to block him on FBook and Google Chat and probably have to change my GMail email as he is still coming through on that. Obviously I'm sad as had built up a connection with someone who didn't exist but so far I've not lost anything financially.
So just in case anyone else is being contacted by Steven Jones who goes by Mike or his buddy Kent Meyers here are the email addresses and the email about the shipping.
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and his friend's email given to me in the shipping email is [email protected].

Kent Meyers <[email protected]>
Dear xxxxxx,
This is Capt. Kent Meyers, your boxes arrived Malaysia yesterday and should
be in the states tomorrow .The boxes sent by Captain Jones Stephen registered in your name xxxxxxxxxx
Please contact logistic(courier) company at [email protected]
Please contact them with your CONTRACT REG NUMBER (RJHGF786MIL), REFERENCE NUMBER (3255G), AND
less than 24hours, so do ensure you contact them with all the details I have given to you.
below is your boxes tracking details

Please go to Information

removed info that may be traceable to victim - dotti

#217923 by lmorgan68 Sat Sep 06, 2014 10:52 am
I also received a friend request on Facebook from a soldier in Afghanistan and began chatting. He was a real sweet talker and said stuff to me that no other man had ever said. I started trusting him and he wanted to send me a couple of packages so when he came home he wouldn't have to bring so much. I was at a vulnerable stage and I received the email from Capt. Kent Meyers. Then the port director, Michelle Aizat, sent me an email stating that I needed to have a clearance tag in order to deliver the packages. The fee was $985. Reluctantly, I sent the money. It was picked up by Diane Hall in Yreka, CA. Then she another email stating that I needed to get a military van to deliver the packages which would cost $2,530. I kept asking if this was a scam and Henry told me that he would pay me back because the money was in one of the packages. Again, I reluctantly sent the money. this time it went to a Diannia William in Cyril, OK. I still continued to chat with Henry until I got another email from Michelle stating that now I needed a Gold Declaration Certificate since one of the packages was not to be scanned. This time it was going to cost me $8,150. I accused both of them again of this being a scam. I haven't heard another word from Michelle and Henry only sends me messages when I am at work and unable to respond. I allowed myself to be scammed and I hope this information will help someone else not to become a victim. Here are the names and emails associated with the scam:

SFC Henry Hutchins [email protected]
Capt. Kent Meyers [email protected]
Port Director Michelle Aizat [email protected]

Please don't become a victim like I did. Always do a google search when you have any doubts.

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