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Ethnicity: Native American
Education: Master's


Me Easy going , passionate , romantic , tallented , spiritual , loving caring , I can adapt to new environments with eeeezzzze. ... I love going to the beach , running , working out , hiking , I drink a lil bit , but I must admit ( I am a light weight ). hahaa... I am very affectionate , so if your not , sorry forya...! I don't like fake people , and I offer no games , I am straight forward about everything . I am very big on keeping myself clean and smelling good , ( always ). My urine even smells good. ( lol ).. I luv to laugh .. , no criminal record thank god. I'm outgoing , but I'm shy a lot of the time too. yeah I know its weird. ... well if you wanna know anymore than that gotttdammmnnniit ! You need to just call me cuz I type hella slow..... hahahahahhaha...

#215724 by Grunt Fri Aug 22, 2014 5:19 am
Hello xxx, Good to hear from you there.It feels good to hear from you.I am just getting up from bed .I started my day with your message.I got home late last night and went straight to bed.It was a hectic day.Thank God i am alive this morning.I feel very grateful to be alive.Just had my morning prayers.I read through your message and i got this feel of relief that came through my heart knowing i have found the woman i have always wanted .I am sorry to hear about your late husband and son.I lost my wife after a short battle with illness.She died of multiple sclerosis.I got on the site not long ago.After i lost my wife 6 years ago i have been single till date.It took me time to get over her loss.She was my best friend all my life and you know how it feels.I have a son whom is married.I retired from my job and decided to invest with what i have made so far all my years of working.I would stop here for now and answer your questions.
Yes i am a christian and practice it till date.

Yes i have been married before.
Yes i have a son.
yes i dance a lot.
Yes i do read the bible everyday.I have read the bible this morning.
I am glad that i found someone whom is a christian just like me.
I am a sprt loving person.I love soccer a lot.
I would stop here for now and await your response.Hope this message finds you well.
Yours Always,
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