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#216556 by GorditaBBW Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:02 pm
I met this person in like 2 months ago. He told me his name is Glenn Michael, that he lives in Michigan, that he owns a house 4 cars, he has a 4 year old kid and that his half Mexican and half White. Everything was fine, chatting fine, sending E-Mails fine until one day, just recently like 3 weeks ago he told me he needed to go to Nigeria to sell his father's house, whom he told me his father is Mexican, ever since that day I got suspecious about him, cause if his father is Mexican, why his father apperently have a house in Nigeria, that makes no sense at all. So like 3 days ago, he send me a text message to my Google Voice account asking me for my full name, my home address so he could tell his private assistance or something like that, whom works at a bank so he can send his money to my bank account and that way i could send him the money to him to Nigeria. I asked him: what happen to the house you were selling, he came up with the lamest excuse, that he wasted all of his money making up an ad so that people can see the house and they could buy the house. I told him I was not going to send him my private info. I don't share my info with closest friends, you think I'm gonna share it with a scammer, then he started saying he wasn't no scammer, that he got money, but he was asking me for $2,500 so he could come back to the states, so I ask him, if you got money, then why you asking me for money for? then he got all dramatic and started to tell me that I've been talking to the wrong people. So he goes by the name of Glenn Michael in and his E-Mail is [email protected]. Here is the picture he keeps telling me that's him, but I think he stole that picture from somebody.


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