Information on romance scams and scammers.
#216764 by Lola30 Fri Aug 29, 2014 4:19 am
Hi, first sorry for my english, my native language is spanish, Im from a latin country and for that I thougth I cant be a target of a scammer

I met a us soldier on the last weekend he told me he is in Syria but he has vacations for christmas and he wants to come to my country. He is half mexican and half american with british accent

He doesnt ask me money yet, but 2 days ago he asked me when was the last time I eat chocolate, I answered it was on the last weekend and he told me he ate it 1 month ago and he did everything for chocolate. I told him if I sent it , it will be old and melted, because Im very far.

He told me that I can send it by fedex and he told me his brand favorite. He said he will give me the postmaster in nigeria, because the postmaster in syria was destroyed. I said I have to buy it in united states and ask to my brother send it there and he said forget it because my brother will ask me many questions

I was thinking all night about nigeria and I was searching in internet about how send a package to a us soldier in syria. The information I got is about scammers and I started to read about how to know if I chat with a scammer.

I chatted with him that night I asked him a proof he is a real person. He was very angry and he told me I was ask him that because he mentioned nigeria. He sent me his email, usser skype, whatsapp (with a us number) and facebook

I saw scammers doesnt have many pictures, but he has a lot. But only 2 in his page in facebook and he doesnt have information there, only 16 friend and no post. He told me he didnt use his facebook. I decide to blocked him in my facebook because I didnt feel safe.

I added him to my whatsapp but I didnt give him my number and I saw his status was 3 months ago home sick. If he is Syria, he cant be sick at home?

I added him in skype and today he wrote there. I asked see him on skype and he said he cant because it's not permitted and he doesnt risk the mission

I saw in a post us soldiers can use video chat, if they cant use it they cant chat neither. I asked more pictures and he sent me one when he was in paris. I asked a real time picture and hes said he cant for safety. but tomorrow he will sent more

I guess he was talking with other person too because he wrote he doesnt have access to his money because the goverment has his account blocked. I asked why he told me that and he told me it was because if he doesnt get money he cant come in vacations.

I saw information that us doesnt block soldiers bank accounts and give the ticket for come to their home, but I didnt him about the information I have. I asked him if he feel comfortable if I pay the ticket.

He answered he is an independent man and he asked the money a friend by email and he is waiting the answer.

Later he said he wanted sleep and closed skype, but he wrote in the app we met us and I asked about if he has a us number and he said he has a google number and he gave me his humber and his friend number too. He asked if I can call him now and I said no but Ill let him know when I do. I can make calls but I dont want he knows my number

Later I told him I have many problems if your friend cant send the money I cant neither for my situation. But he still talking to me. What can I do?

#216768 by AlanJones Fri Aug 29, 2014 4:50 am
He is a definite scammer and will continue talking to you for as long as you are replying to him - as he will see you as a potential victim.

Please post all his email addresses, Skype and Whatsapp ids and samples of the emails he is sending and then delete his emails, block him on Skype, Whatsapp, etc and do not respond to any more mails he sends.

Real soldiers on deployment do not have time to spend chatting to strangers on the Internet (they are to busy working) , do not have to beg strangers to send them money or food (they are well looked after by the military) and would not choose to spend their limited leave time with a stranger.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#216772 by Lola30 Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:32 am
Kik Fred Zamora zamora_nation
Skype Frednation1
Facebook Fred Zamora [email protected]
Whatsapp 646 389 4866
He says he lives in Latham New York, but his skype he is from Colorado. When I met him, he told me he is from alma Michigan. He was born in Mexico but he moved with his mother to england. After, his mother died when he was 15 and moved with his father to united states. His father died and he moved to new york. He doesnt have close family and sisters an brothers neither. He has a grandmother in Mexico, but she is blind an the goverment cares about her.

He has a degree in criminology, He wants to do his master after he finishes his mission in Syria. He told me he speaks spanish, but I saw when he is chatting in spanish he translates the conversation to spanish (I speak spanish and I know when someone uses a translation)

The name of his friend is Hattaway and his number is 315 760 5324
#216813 by ratt84 Fri Aug 29, 2014 12:45 pm
profile and pics on FB

Fred Zamora
Works at U.S Army
Studied Criminology at CUNY (The City University of New York)
Lives in Latham, New York
From Alma, Michigan

Image Image
#216823 by Ginger Lee Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:25 pm
These other facebook profiles are set up by the same scammer:
Bullet Hattaway: (scammer used Michel Cintron at some point)

Stern Kuling:

Scammer used
315 760 5324 and 646 389 4866

(315) 760-5324

(646) 389-4866
^for google search

Please DO NOT tell the scammer he is posted here.
#216857 by Smith Jones Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:58 pm
Hi lola30, thank you for posting your details here. It is very hard when you are contacted by a romance scammer because they prey on your sense of feeling like a soldier is a hero and if you can provide comfort and a loving hand to hold, isn't that a good thing? It will always end with him trying to keep you involved with him solely to get money from you, no matter what he says. This is why we always tell people to stop all contact. It is hard after feeling close to this liar but it will not become anything more than an intent to further scamming you.
You were smart to check out the details, even if your heart was hurting over seeing it. It is hard when you see the reality but it can only get better from here. You will be wiser and more able to make smart choices while on online dating sites.
#216906 by Lola30 Sat Aug 30, 2014 4:23 am
This is what he wrote in skype:

well i am thinking of that too, but i dont want them to think i am running away from the army

i want to do my masters..

but i have a problem..
if i request for my leave now i would cover the expenses myself cos general leave is till 2016..
but if i request for one now i would have to be responsible for my tickets and the paper works..
1st thing my paper muct be converted for to a civilian paper so i can travel through the other side of the border at the nearest country, cos the airport is closed here
yes i can come for vacation for christmas and if i really want a vacation i have to start the processing now
cos its on a 1st come 1st serve issue..
and my commandant would be traveling next month to Jordan..
the situation here is tough cos as it is.. i dont have access to my account ... soldiers dont have access to accounts once we are on deployment cos they try to prevent us from been attacked on our way to the bank
or they try prevent our accounts from been hacked
i am telling you this cos its gonna affect my vacation.. cos i wont be able to cover the expenses personally
yea except if someone pays for my flight ticket only and my paper work
I don't want you to go through stress for me.. this is not what i want from you.. i appreciate it..... i don't want put my burden on you

i am a very independent man.. i want to talk to a friend if he can help me out

its a google number i set up so i can call and text easily cos we can only call from the radio station and we get limited time to talk only..
i can also use my colleague's google number

ok.. +16463894866

that is my number...

but my colleague's number is +1 315-760-5324

his name is Hattaway.. anytime u call tell him you want to talk to Fred..
#216911 by Lola30 Sat Aug 30, 2014 4:41 am
This is KIK conversation. I deleted the part when I met him and he told me about his life

Well yes i can. Still give a trial. Cos if i don't how do i get one. Not every body has the same character. Besides nobody knows tomorrow.

i would like to meet u. Then sit and talk more. Face to face.

Yes i have skyp. But currently i cant do videos cos.we were recently banned from videos reasons

I can risk anything for you. But if i get caught would be worse.

When was the last time you had some chocolate

Its been 2 months i ate some last. Im really craving for some right now

Well i dont think so cos it would be sent through FedEX

To the post master across the border. Then he drives or use the helicopter to bring it in here

Well you have to send it through the army postmaster.

He used to be in the town here in Damascus but the warehouse was destroyed so he was transferred to the south west border with few soldiers

The border is about 8 hours drive here. The place is calles Nigeria. Its the safest border

It has to be sent to the post masters warehouse address in nigeria then he brings it into the camp here

No Nigeria.. You send it in his name to nigeria but u put my sergeant code on the package

So the post master identifies me from my code

Then dont worry about it. He's gonna ask you questions and all that. Asides that alot of people dont believe in internet conversations..

I am not a man that brags. I am not an un realistic person that would come up here n give stories for sex talks or what ever.

Maybe cos i talked about chocolate. Alot of people don't like to hear about things sent to Nigeria but i cant hide the fact that im in the military. Yes

I dont take people for granted.

I have read about a lot of military scams bla bla bla. But its either u choose to trust me or not. Everybody has a trust problem.

Hablo español. ¿Dudas de mi existencia o capacidad

I am an intelligence officer and i know how to interogate n spy. Tell me if your not comfortable with the convo any more or if u still dont trust me i would go off n let you be.

Su estado realmente dificil aqui, pero yo estoy manejando

Well i plan that too. But it starts from getting my leave. For 4 months then i can putin for my masters program which will take 18 months to complete the program

Sí yo estaba con mi ex. Lo sentimos i voy a dormir ahora. Tengo un deber de la mañana................

But i emailed him already. So i hope to get his reply tomorrow or let him call..

That was me on a spy mission in paris. The lady behindd i dont know her. She was just passing by

I wanted showing cam on skype but they had already blocked it . They debugged all the cams on the computers.
#216912 by Lola30 Sat Aug 30, 2014 4:43 am
Someone knows how I can block a person in KIk? I dont know how and he still talk to me there. Today he asked if everything is ok because I dont answer him anymore
#216913 by Lola30 Sat Aug 30, 2014 5:06 am
hello, Smith Jones

Thank you. I'll be fine, I just talked to him a few days and I didnt get to feel something for him

When I began to suspect this person, I decided to search the internet. I knew of this problem before. I received many emails from lottery, someone who has died with my same last name and left a lot of money, fantastic jobs ... and just I deleted the emails

But I did not know about romance scammers. I read some stories. I put myself in the place of these people because I know what it feels to be single. You need affection of someone and you would do anything for this.

it's hard to recognize when this happens. But I decided to make it public because I would not like that another innocent person was deceived by these people

I receive many emails from scammers, I'll try to post them here

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