Information on romance scams and scammers.
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He poses as a romance scammer as well as an import/export company.

I am very laid back and do not respond to big stuff unless, the time requires it, I work hard and play harder. I am not materialistic,because I think its what you have inside that shines through the outside that makes me stand out. I don't smoke, however I take care of myself and my son and daughter very well and they are 12 and 5 Paul and Sherri. I love to laugh and make others laugh as well, and I love being around children of all ages, they are a true blessing from God and a joy to be around. My full names are Boris Lens am a business man i deal in raw materials..i own a small company..i buy and a widower for 4 year now i lost my wife during childbirth. so am a single dad... paul attends school (St Timothy Parish School)for now Sherri stay with grand mom i don't like remembering my wife death well she was in our private hospital before she died here in Miami

after some time emailing...

oh baby its so bad that i was call on my way back from the airport, they checked my documents and they found out that i don't have the Taxs clarance certificate which i do not know about and am asked to pay for it, i don't know what to do .i don't have the complete money they are asking and they said if i don't pay up i will lost my goods. i try using my credit card and its say's Erorr in ip location i called my bank and they said its because am not a citizen here that's why, that i should come back but i can't because i can't leave my goods and go over and get the am so confused

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