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#218780 by sphinx49 Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:38 pm
I was scammed (Ghana Romance Scammer)

She said name and data is FALSE, only picture is TRUE

Name: Yolanda Adiza
BONE: 26 JUL 1980
phone:+233 235699789
mail: [email protected]

(FAKE passport she send me)

She said she is from Virginia beach, and she is in Ghana to learn accounting at some collage, and she lost parent when she was 15 and she has a little sister and a aunt.

I met her at a dating web site, and soon we could be a good couple.
but one day she asked me to send money to her for her medicine, so I send $300 to her through Western union.
A month passed she got to say she want to make her own family with me, soon she would graduate her school and she said she wanted to come to my country, so she asked money to update passport VISA , also asked money for PDA phone.
Next is for Trip ticket , at the point, totally I sent her almost 6,000$ and she said she was ready to go to my country.
but just a day before leaving, she said she was informed about BTA and said need $2,500 so she asked me to send the money, and finally I got to this is scam, and looked for everywhere and I said her that was scam , but she didn't listen my word. finally she stopped to communicate with me.

Yes, from the beginning, I had been cheated by the woman.
But several times, we chatted through web camera and exactly same women as picture, so I didn't think I was cheated.

Finally she admit things and sent me such mail.

>Sweetie Tomo,frankly I had great passion what studying in the Health sector than in Business oriented sector to achieve my goals.There came a defer in course and school in general. This is all happened due to my ex-'s infidelity and dishonesty.I was so much madly in-love with him and he took advantage of me. I was in the States with him for few months and I gave myself to be used. In occurrence,he changed my name and identity and made my pictures as a source of income and tarnish my image. Apart from everything, my ex boyfriend had gang of people trying to put unnecessary stuffs which they put on the internet always making other thought it was Yolanda but those you read or see about are all fabricated stories about me by my ex.I'd still want to know if you want me or still would have genuine love for me???
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#218868 by Dotti Sat Sep 13, 2014 9:41 am
I am very sorry that you were scammed.

Unfortunately, even the photos weren't real. It appears the photos were stolen a couple of years ago. The real woman is Bulgarian. The writing in the email you posted shows the typical mistakes of an African writer, NOT a Bulgarian writer.

The scammers found video of the woman (or one very similar to her) and used that video (and possibly others) to create fake webcam. This is becoming more and more common. As more people learn not to trust people who won't appear on webcam, the scammers get better at faking that webcam in order to keep potential victims on the line.

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#218875 by sphinx49 Sat Sep 13, 2014 10:52 am
I'm okay.
Though I was cheated, at last, I felt the woman is really CRAZY and stupid.
And finally, I thought to be together with such crazy women will reduce my savings more and more , in addition to it, I thought I might do domestic violence to the woman if married.

Then though I lost much money, I got to think those are all divorce cost.

Now, I feel I was good not to be together with such CRAZY miserable woman.
#218888 by sphinx49 Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:07 pm
But for other people, I will add more info.

She asked me to send money to her Friends , the name
Addr: P.o.Box 01629 Osu Accra
PhoneNo: +233 244745929

Dennis Welch

Sadly so many scammers in Ghana. And they don't think Its scam but selling "LOVE" and getting money for "LOVE".

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