Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
#4642 by Crispy Duck Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:36 pm
This is the latest abysmal attempt to scare people into sending money. The real Interpol do not use as a contact address, neither do they use a 'redirect anywhere' phone number.

On the surface, because it has all the logos, headings etc from Interpol, it can appear legitimitate. But - the very poor English, the implied threats (NO Police service will send threats by email) and the demand for money - all show it to be fake.

From: International Criminal Police Organisationp-interpol
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008
Watching The World.


It has come to our notice that you were involved in the act of money laundering. It was revealed that you attempted to claim an ATM card valued $5,300.000.00 USD belonging to some other beneficiary. That is a criminal offense, and punishable according to international laws. We will not hesitate to visit the full weight of the law upon you if you fail to comply with our directives while the investigation is going on. We are right now investigating the crime. And so far, you have been found wanting and against the law for attempting to receive what was not rightfully yours.

Be informed that we have all the datas of the various transaction you made with the bank in Nigeria and the UPS courier company. All the fees you have paid and about to pay in the bid to perpetrate this criminal act is on record. That will be tendered as EXBIT against you in the international court of justice, in Netherlands. We have all your contact information handy, and will track you down if you fail to comply with the FINE option that will be given to you by Mr. Bruno Weka of the Anti Fraud Department, EFCC, Nigeria. They are our affilaite organisation. It might interest you to know that they work under cover to uncover all such shady deal. The Federal Bureau Of Investigation, {FBI} in your country have been duly notified about this. They will get at you if you fail to pay the FINE option.

The only option you have now is to have the fees {$3,750.00 USD} paid as soon as possible to avert the arrest. That is how mercifull we can be. Therefore, contact Mr. Bruno Weka, he will give you further information on where to send the charges. Here is his email address: [email protected] Keep us posted.

Do not be on the wrong side of the law again.

Yours in service,

Hugo Briggs.
International Criminal Police Organisation {ICPO}
United Kingdom, HeadQuarters.

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