Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
#5071 by benjamin Sat Sep 27, 2008 3:01 pm
This is a very official and realistic sounding email, intended to gain your trust, but the only thing you can trust about it is that it is a scam.
The email addresses are free ones from - the United Nations do not use free email addresses, they have their own email 'domain'.
Here are some others used with this scam - all email addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
And of course, there is the fee.
Agreement Fee of $678.50

Any email offering any compensation is a scam. Similar to "if you didn't buy a ticket, you didn't win the lottery" - If you didn't contact the United Nations via their real web site, then you won't receive an email from them.

From: "United Nations & Ecowas" <[email protected]>
Subject: (name) , don't send money to anyone again!

Wire Transfer/Audit Unit.
Ref: unwbap/hkr/cip/wt022/08

Attention: (name),


This to confirm the receipt of your mail on xx September, 2008. Your mail has been deliberated on and that is the reason for this program. Following the numerous petition received over time by all affected foreign beneficiaries in some West African countries especially Benin Republic,Togo, Ghana, Cote d' Ivoire, Nigeria and many other Ecowas communities, over non payment syndrome, the United Nations in collaboration with World bank and Ecowas have entered into a bilateral agreement with the presidencies of some of these countries, to pave out most strategic means of payment of all their outstanding debts without frustrating beneficiaries by constant demand for fees/levies.
To manage this situation which has become an epidemic in some of these countries fund transfer administration; we have jointly agreed that all outstanding beneficiaries should apply for Waiver Grant through a new constituted panel (International Debt Reconciliation Committee) via the desk of Rev.Steven Long. This will empower his office to process the transfer to your nominated bank account.

Upon, the receipt ofb your response, we will send you an application Letter for Waiver Grant with filling of an Agreement Form/Agreement Fee of $678.50 (Six Hundred And Seventy Eight United States Dollars, Fifty cents) only to bind your Awareness/Authorization for deduction of all fees accrued to your outstanding fund. Hence, you are required to stop your previous communication with the fraudster in the name of Dr.,Barrister, Bank Manager,Diplomats and fake Western Union and other offices as they lack the credit to pay you for the foreign exchange allocation allotted to them for payment has been recalled by the Ministry of Finance of all the countries involved in this race as a result of the new agreement signed with our Government. Contact Rev.Steven Long for further directives via: [email protected]

Moreso, you should assist us by sending us the following information for investigation:
A. The total amount due to you. (Your inherited amount)
B.An estimate of the money you paid/spent so far in pursuit of your money.
C.All the documents sent to you by any of the offices/persons involved.
D.The names, phone numbers and email addresses of all the people involved in the course of the transation.

Note that we are not here to extort money from you but to recover your lost/spent money therefore, As soon as we receive the above requested information, we will send the agreement form to you to fill and sign, and upon it's submission we will send all the information that will enable you to check/monitor your money through your own bank.. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation and be warned that all correspodence should be kept confidential to avoid interception of classified information regarding this recovery programme by fraudsters/corrupt officials.

Your's sincerely,
Mrs.Ajele Mamboaq.

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