Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
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We don't know much (yet) about John Fubert - but we know one thing for sure. He is not a fraud investigator or security official.

This one can be very damaging because our scammer is spreading mostly correct information about 419 fraud. Why would a scammer PROMOTE awareness about 419? That's what he's hoping you'll think.


Name(2): John Fubert / Martins Michael

Known E-mail(s): [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

Telephone: + 234-80-5704-8039 / + 234-80-5027-9003.


"John" has dabbled in a few various areas of 419 fraud - having claimed to be a real estate agent, police inspector, and the expected bank official. While we are still looking for evidence of his first "scripts" - here is an e-mail that could certainly sound familiar:


(he begins with short information personalizing the letter to the victim)

...They have tried to defraud other people's credit card to wire funds into your own credit card your credit card bank company noticed it and put a stop to your credit card bank account they have sent you fraud checks which you know what you have sufferd.

Madam, we know you are an old woman so you need guide and advise from the Nigeria Police Financial Crime Preventive Survilance department{NPFCPSD} We are making secreat investigation so you need to help us so to also help yourself. Below is the premitive measure you need to adhere to:

1. You will stop telling them we do call you has we are doing a secreat investigation. that does not stop you playing along with them commuicate with them as usuall BUT DONT PAY OUT ANY MONEY TO ANY ONE PLEASE ENQUIRE FROM US BEFORE YOU DO ANY SUCH.

2.We want to know what exactly and why you are being asked to pay all this fee's and charges?

3. We need to know the names,tel number of all the people that you have paid money to in nigeria and africa.

4.We need western union payment evidence or any payment you made through bank wire transfer, certainly you must have deleted some from your inbox send us the one's you have.

5. XXXXXXXX, you are advised to remain calm do not discuss or disclose to any one that the NPFCPSD are investigating their crime financial activities........pls stop telling them that the NPFCPSD call or send an email to you.our activities and dealings with you should be 100% confidential have that at the back of your mind.

Please kindly take to my advise and our warning do not fall victim of what nigeria referd to as "419" Internationally know'n as advance fee fraud. Lastly if there is any bank holding down to any unclaim fund of your's please send us the name of the bank,contact person,tel number,email lets assist you find out if it's legit and legal or not.

Do not take this message for granted read carefully find out from your bankers the word "ADVANCE FEE FRAUD"

We do work hand in hand with the u.s homeland security,fbi,interpol and the british police we have assisted in recovery millions dollars,euros and pounds for victims we assist also to get your funds held down anywhere all we need from you is coporation. (this may be the most damaging part ~Peanut)

Inspector John Furbert
Nigeria Police Financial Crime Preventive Survilance department {NPFCPSD}
Tel No: + 234-80-5704-8039

Be especially wary if you are selling or advertising property on Craigslist!

Dear Sir/Ma.

A client of mine works here with the shell oil company saw your property c/l advert he wants to buy a property can you please tell me the requirements we are property and real estate agents.

John Furbert.
Mobile No: + 234-80-5027-9003.

N.B. And if you don't have any property of your's can you get one for my clients he wants it badly.


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can you please upload those pictures to an non private side?
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