Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
#368768 by Ghanageria Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:14 pm
from: TRUTH IS THE ONLY ANSWER <[email protected]>
reply-to: [email protected]
date: Fri, Jun 1, 2018 at 3:43 PM
subject: Urgently comply with the directives

(United nation and IMF) has finalize some of the necessary arrangement
and your compensation the sum of US$10,700,000.00 has been approve by
the board of directors UNITED NATION,Contact Office of release order
through their information below for the transfer of your Compensation

Note, your payment files will be returned back to the UNITED NATION And IMF
within 72 hours if they did not hear from you,

Full Name: ==
Country: ====
Phone: =====
City: =======
Address: ====
Age: =======
Sex: ======
Copy of your identity

Announcement Officer

The above email is a scam using a false identity with intent to defraud.

The scammer will try to convince one to send money in advance. In exchange the scammer will promise even more money or assets will be sent in return. It is all a complete lie.

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