Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
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From:Rebecca Owens • [email protected]
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Date:May 27, 2020, 16:50

My name is Mrs.Rebecca Owens a British citizen and I work with the World bank In Geneva,Switzerland.I was posted to Africa due to the outcome of the meeting held with the World bank in-conjunction with African union late last year about scammed victims from the western world by mostly Africans.

A conjunction was reached by both parties and the resolution to pay a compensation fee of $1 million each to 25 scam .victims

You happen to be among these chosen scam victims,please do not communicate or duplicate this message to any one because we cannot afford to pay more than 25 scam victims for now

The payments are to be paid through Federal Reserve Account Unit.

I was actually posted here to see that all the selected scam victims get this compensation fee without any itch and I have been given just I month to complete this assignment before we go for another set of scam victims.

However, due to the the inefficient and corrupt banking system here we have resolved to a cash delivery option for you to receive this fund.But however,if you feel you want the wire transfer method let me know as we will device a way of monitoring and supervising the transfer.

To this regard,you are to state where and the address you would want this delivery to be made to you.

I look forward to your quick response for me to expedite action.


Rebecca Owens

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