Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
#6908 by Chris Martins Mon Jan 19, 2009 5:18 pm
This is typical of a scam letter that is often sent to former victims in an effort to bleed more money from them. They can also be sent randomly in the hopes of catching former victims, or attracting people who think they may be able to fake it and collect some cash. Needless to say, the only people who will collect cash on this one are the scammers who send it.

The FBI/Interpol Coalition on Fraud Investigations
35 Portman Square
United Kingdom.


We recently arrested a group of West African / Ghana, Benin and
Nigerian Internet scam Artists in London and we have reasons to believe
you have been one of their numerous victims. A thorugh search of the
computers arrested with the individuals and their confessions during
interrogation has revealed to us that you paid certain sums of money to
these fraudsters via Western Union and or bank transfer. These
individuals have been wrongfully informing alot of people via email on
the internet that they have huge sums of money to be transferred from a
foreign bank account. Also, they have confessed to loan scams and the
Uk National Lottery scam and have been demanding money from innocent
people for purported claims of the said money. They operated with a
fake Bank and courier and alot of people have fallen victims to them in
the past 3 years.

They were arrested 6 months ago when they attempted to defraud an
American citizen of $1.2m USD by the FBI/ British Intelligence Unit and
the Interpol working together to break the scam ring.

Our Investigation revealed that you paid out some money to these
individuals over a period of time. We are happy to inform you that you
can now claim back your money as well as your compensation.

We have already initiated proceedings on your behalf with the West
African / Nigerian Government to ensure that as a genuine scam victim,
you will not only recover your lost money but also you will be
compensated for the financial and emotional stress you and your family
went through because of the scam.

Our Internal Audit Bureau has estimated that you are eligible to claim
a total of $400,000.00 USD from the Fraud Compensation Committee set up
by the
West African / Nigerian Government to ensure that properly identified
scam victims are paid and adequately compensated from the $3bn
allocated compensation loan from the World Bank.

This Fund is directly under the watchful eye of both the FBI/Interpol
to avoid misappropriation or embezzlement of fund.

The known assets of the Fraudsters has since be confiscated and their
Bank Accounts frozen. At the conclusion of our investigations, their
assets will be used to pay back for the cost of compensation to their
victims to the Fraud Compensation Committee.

Please contact the Officer below to ensure that your details are
confirmed as being eligible to receive your compensation as soon as

The FBI/Interpol Coalition on Fraud Investigations
35 Portman Square
United Kingdom.
Email: [email protected]
Officer Name:Mr Kelly Mcalister

All compensation request are attended to strictly on a first-come first-
serve basis.

Carol Holton
Public Relations Office

I believe is a free email domain.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -Edmund Burke

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