Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
#415651 by Derek Trotter Tue Aug 18, 2020 10:22 am
From: Mr. Fred - [email protected]
Telephone: +17605895244
Date: 18 Aug 2020, 12:41
Subject: Hi dear

Dear Beneficiary

The United Nations and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has chosen to pay out a compensation funds to 150 Beneficiaries from U.S.A, Europe, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South America, Australia and Asia and Africa Continent to help in these period of global crisis cost by the Coronavirus disease Covid 19,

this will go to unknown beneficiary picked up from online email dictionary, luckly you are among the choosing one, and this payment is through Royal-bank to you via

ATM Visa Card as this is a global payments technology that enables consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments to use digital currency instead of Cash and Cheques.

We have arranged your payment to be paid to you through ATM Visa Card and this will be issued on your Name and shall be posted directly to your address via DHL or any courier services available in your country. Upon your contact with us, the sum of US$50,000.00 will be credited into the ATM Visa Card and this will enable you to withdraw your funds in any ATM Machines in your country with a minimum withdrawal of US$5000.00 per day. Your limit can be increase to any amount upon your request.

In this regards, you are to contact and furnish the requested information to the Directorate of International Payment and Transfer with the followings;

1. Your Name:
2. Country :
3. Age and Sex:
4. Occupation :
5. Mobile Telephone:
6. Delivery Address:
7. Id Card Identification:

Endeavour to furnish the above information to the officers below for the issuance and delivery of your ATM Visa Card;
MR. Fred
Director of International Payment
E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]
Telephone and whatsApp +17605895244

We required your urgent response to this email as directed to avoid
further delay.

Yours faithfully,
Public Information Officer

Any and all messages posted, are the messages of criminals. Do not reply to them using any real life details and do not tell them they are listed here, because they can easily change their details and vanish.

#417924 by FishyMails Wed Sep 30, 2020 10:57 pm
Reply-to: "Mr. Fred." <[email protected]>
From: "Mr. Fred." <[email protected]>
Other e-mails: [email protected]
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2020 22:48:31 +0300
Subject: cc

Dear good day,

I trust this message finds you doing well?

I know this may come to you as a surprise due to the amount of scam emails we all receive on daily bases, but it is with a sincere and humble heart that I am making this contact for our mutual benefit.

My name is Mr. Fred a Senior Customer Relationship Officer (Acting Management) At Royal Bank.

This is a personal email directed to you and I request that it could be treated as such. I got your email from an online directory, It concerns a deposit by a late customer of my bank(Royal-Bank) who passed declaring no beneficiary, who shares similar surnames with you.

We can get rich by working together, Respond if interested, so I can give more details on the subject,

Email : [email protected]

Important: Any email messages I have posted here are scams. Don't reply to these messages or click on any links. Please do not tell these criminals that their messages are posted here.

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