Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
#416675 by Derek Trotter Sat Sep 05, 2020 7:27 pm
From: Terry Mike • [email protected]
Date: 5 Sep 2020, 11:00


Welcome to the Regional Command Headquarters of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) This is Agent Justice Terry Mike, your Investigating Police Officer. I was contacted by the Chairperson of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC to lunch full scaled/intensive investigation on syndicates that have impersonated some office to swindle you. the scam artist which we are trying to catch all these while, Prior to a 100% investigation lunched,I started with Cotonou, Benin Republic because some of the culprits confessed to have been operating from Benin Republic, so after arresting the ones we could over there, I got some information on their link in Nigeria , Kindly take a look at the picture below, you will see some of them as my boys got them red handed.

Further to wiretapping out scammers from this region, we have had some bottle-neck in the fight against scammers as most of them have gone nuclear.

The ones that we arrested in Nigeria, were taken to court for first hearing, however the case was adjourn for next week.

However we need your absolute co-operation right now because, your value funds US$6.5 Million is right now in our custody. we have also agreed with the presidency that we will handle this payment ourselves to avoid the hopeless situation created by the officials of the fake and wicked Officials here, now everything depend on your beyond choice if you prefer to receive your value fund worth US$6.5 Million through bank wire transfer or ATM master card or by cashier check quickly get back to us now. We have obtained an irrevocable payment guarantee on your payment from the presidency we are happy to inform you that based on our recommendation,your entire Inheritance/Contract fund has been credited in your favor through ATM MASTER CARD.

In view of this development, you are requested to re-confirm, furnish us with your full names, postage address and telephone numbers to enable us deliver your ATM MASTER CARD to your door step in America by INTERNATIONAL POLICE FORCE IMMUNITY .We have 186 member Countries. Created in 1923, it facilitates cross-border Police co-operation, and supports and assists all organizations, authorities and services whose mission is to prevent or combat International Crime.

Interpol aims to facilitate International Police Force co-operation even where diplomatic relations do not exist between particular Countries.Action is taken within 72hours the limits of existing laws in different Countries and in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Interpol s constitution prohibits any intervention or activities of a political, military, religious or racial character. Interpol as Leadership The President of Interpol Police Force and the Secretary General work closely together in providing strong leadership and direction to the Organization.

Interpol Police Force, in partnership with the Stars Initiative, is working towards the recovery and return of stolen assets. This project allows Interpol to actively engage national law enforcement bodies in co-ordinates efforts to trace,seize, confiscate and return public funds to victim countries .

Meanwhile,the postal charges fee your ATM MASTER CARD required to get to your door step is $128 USD only. And I am advising you to be fast in all your action to avoid demur-rages. Be rest assured that upon receipt of the above information with the fee of $128.dollar ,we will proceed in delivering your ATM CARD which will be accompanied by our delegate.For security reasons .

Below is the name where you should send the money by Ria money transfer.

Receiver,s Name: Alan Ude
Country./ Benin Republic/City/No:67 Sebeya Cotonou
Test Question.: Now
Text Answer.: Yes
Mtcn. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Amount. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Sender Name. . . . . . . . . . .

Any and all messages posted, are the messages of criminals. Do not reply to them using any real life details and do not tell them they are listed here, because they can easily change their details and vanish.

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