Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
#425919 by Basil Brush Mon Jun 07, 2021 6:31 pm
From: Mr. Nasser Hassan <[email protected]>
Tel: +971526791183
Sent: 07 June 2021 8:10 AM
Subject: Re: Attn: Beneficiary,

Attn: Beneficiary,

Be informed due to Vision 2020 in United Arab Emirates launched by
H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime
Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, at the closing of a Cabinet
meeting in 2019. The Vision aims to make the UAE among the best
countries in the world by the Golden Jubilee of the Union; The UAE has
officially proposed that the World Expo 2020 Dubai be moved to start
on October 1, 2021, in light of the ongoing issues caused by the
coronavirus pandemic.

Following discussions with the BIE, participating countries and key
stakeholders, the UAE government has proposed that the event starts on
October 1, 2021 and runs through to March 31, 2022. You can also read
online as postponement of Expo 2020 Dubai new update: ... nouncement

Meanwhile after revising of the meeting yesterday, Central Bank of the
United Arab Emirates (UAE) in collaboration with the World Bank
creditors, announced to compensate scam victims all over the country
as to become best country in the world. All fund held by some
government/countries, beneficiary should proceed to the mandated bank
(Dubai Islamic Bank) for immediate release of fund without applying
government legal costs hence beneficiary is advice to fill and return
attached bank form for instant processing/transfer into your nominated
bank account.

We hereby notify you that your transaction with the Dubai Islamic bank
(DlB) has been officially confirmed in our internal swift and ready
for final remittance of the sum of USD$25.500,000.00 (TWENTY-FIVE
the form filled.

Your advice as a matter of fact call or WhatsApp the person in charge
of payment on +971526791183 immediately you receive this message to
enable us facilitates transfer as per instructed by the government.


Yours faithfully

Mr. Nasser Hassan
Department of Accountant
Dubai Islamic Bank
Tel: +971526791183
Official Email: ????

Every message posted belongs to a criminal. Do not reply to these criminals using any real life details and do not tell them they are posted here; if you do, it will take them seconds to change their details so that any new victims will never find them.

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