Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
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Peter Vandermeulen
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From: Mariam Cook <[email protected]>
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Subject: Compliment of the seasson friend
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I am Ms Mariam Cook an American citizen, my address is 9820 Metcalf
Ave., Suite 110 Overland Park, KS 66212 1-800-228-0007, USA. I was a
victim to African fraud scammers, who told me to become next of kin to
a deceased person and claim his fund in their bank, I took part, after
then I met another group, who introduced a cancer old woman, who
wanted to give out her fund, to establish charity home, they told me
to use the fund, I took part and, and the worst person was the one I
got through face book chart, who cheated me, later another fraudsters
told me that the have succeeded and compensated me, and told me to
contact the secretary for compensation of some money, to pay the DHL
courier service fees, which I paid, I spent lots of dollars. And they
refused to pay me or transfer the fund which they introduced me to;
after all as the owner of the fund, I paid thousands of dollars in
different reasons including documentation, offshore diplomats etc,
while I was in the United States, trying to get the fund all to no
avail. Then I was told that all is scam, Later I got an information
that Africa has signed document agreement with European Union to pay
any body who has documented evidence as defrauded by any state from
Africa, I was introduced to the man who is elected by European union
to handle African cases of fraud,
So I decided to contact him:
I contacted him through his email address and he agreed that he and
his group will travel down to Africa to represent me and make the
claim, to regain all the money I spent and the funds I was introduced
to; I contacted the man and sent to him, all documents given to me by
the fraudsters, he is Rev. Peter Vandermeulen the director of African
anti-fraud, who is the member of EUROPEAN UNION COMMITTEE working with
the help of UNITED NATIONS, and I contacted him and he replied and
explained many things to me. He said to me "whoever that is contacting
us through emails for compensation or to claim as next of kin to
deceased person is fake, or telling us to receive fund for charity
organizations or trying to collect money of courier service is fake.

**** He contacted the United Nations in Africa, and its central bank
for the claim of my expenses and the funds, since I had the evidence
of documented approval as the next of kin, The United Nation in Africa
invited them to Nigeria, they traveled and appealed for my payment
through ECOWAS under the power and authority of United Nations. Right
now I am the happiest woman on earth because I have received the funds
plus my past expenses; though I spent small money but it was United
Nations official fees not like that of the scammer’s fees.

Moreover Rev. Peter Vandermeulen showed me the full information of
those that are reported defrauded according to their investigation
report, who are yet to come for recovery of their defrauded money and
scammed claims, because they are not aware of this newly formed
organization, that recovers defrauded funds, and I saw your name that
is why I decided to send the email to you, to stop dealing with those
people, they are not with your fund, they are only making money out of
you. Directing you from one country to the other. I will advise you to
contact Rev. Peter Vandermeulen. He will help and he hates African
They will help to recover your expenses and the fund in question. From
all parts of Africa. Just write a mail to him, telling him that you
were cheated by African scam people, that you want him to help you to
recover the scam money you can meet him in person and discuss with him
first. You have to contact him directly on this information below.
Name; Rev. Peter Vandermeulen
E-mail: [email protected]

If you're here because you received the same email as what I posted and you're wondering if it's a scam...YES, it's a scam

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