Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
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online female - 36 years, Bells Corners, Canada

I am a nurse with the Royal Mounted police in Canada I was scammed by some con men on the internet and i lost so much, My late husband died from a heart attack and it left me in debt but some Officers helped me get my money back I lost 100000. if you have been scammed or you think you are been scammed please let me know i will be happy to help.

Hello thanks for accepting me I am a nurse here in canada i was scammed by some con men here on the internet and in the process i lost my husband from a heart attack but with the help of some officers I was able to get my money back. it was a terrible ordeal that time and i went through a lot of pain and even now, I got my money back but It can never replace my late husband if you have been scammed before or you think you are been scammed please let me know as i have some officers that can help you .


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From: Jessica Selca <[email protected]>
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Hello..............good day and thanks for adding me. Like you read in my profile, i have been a scam victim, my hubby and I. We lost our home to scammers and at a time, i have to pay rent. My hubby got heart attack when he found out we were being scammed which eventually lead to his death. So i know the feeling of how hurt someone can be when he/she is being scammed. I am here to enlighten women and prevent them from going through what i went through. We were so hurt and i was not myself for a couple of days before my hubby finally gave up. I am a single parent of one boy. Chris My son Chris will be 2 years in April. I work as a special nurse with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Well feel free to relate your experience with men here to me. Women open up more to fellow women, so dont be shy to talk to me about scammers. Dont think you are stupid as these scammers are usually very smart. I have been that way and know the feelings. We can be best of friends if you wish and who knows, we can visit each other some day. Let me know if you have been scammed as i know some officers from the interpol that can help you get back your lost money. Also let me know if someone you dating online is asking you for money as they can help you check him out as well. Hope to hear from you soon. Jessica.

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This gal is in with Micheal Hobbs or could even be the same person! has Micheal Hobbs picture on Jessica Selcaj profile! Jessica no longer has a profile on Netlog but Micheal Hobbs picture is still there! FYI!

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