Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
#175212 by Dutch1957 Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:32 am
At end April 2013 i did get text message at my cell phone by number +2348162444818. Man did tell me he did found my number at phone from man that he did arrest at Nigeria and would know more details from me.
I did tell him I did have contact with somebody at Nigeria that receive money from me.
Man did tell me i was victim from criminals and that i must send more details to [email protected]

I did send details and later (26 April) i did receive from Anwankwo Uduak ([email protected]) message back:

The FBI is organized into five functional branches and the Office of the Director, which contains most administrative offices. An Executive Assistant Director manages each Branch. Each Branch is then divided into Offices and Divisions, each headed by an Assistant Director. The various Divisions are further divided into sub Branches, led by Deputy Assisant Directors. Within these sub Branches there are various Sections headed by Section Chiefs. Section Chiefs are ranked analogous to Special Agents in Charge.

Three of the Branches report to the Deputy Director while two report to the Associate Director. The five functions Branches of the FBI are:
FBI National Security Branch
FBI Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch
FBI Science and Technology Branch
FBI Information and Technology Branch
FBI Human Resources Branch

we have step into this matter now and the case has been transfer to the USA now.we know Nigeria are fraudsters and they have a bad image.we will step in all what you need to do is this i will give you an email and you will mail some agents that will handle the case.i want the best for you that is why i went ahead to seek this help for you.this is the name of the agents deborah moody phone number (205) 352-9561 email [email protected] agent 2 Shaun wheldon 935 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20535, United States +1 202-324-3000.send an email to that email and they will work hand in hand to help you.they are fbi in usa.i really wanna you to have good impression about Nigeria cause they will be caught and you will get back your money.i can give you that assurance. hope to read from you soon.

I did contact Shaun Wheldon and he did ask me to send 150 euro to registrated case with FBI.

This message I did receive from Shaun Wheldon:

thanks i have seen all the documents..and am so ready to help you to get root of the matter and soon you will have all your money.i can see you are in debt so much.i have seen all the document you have sent to me and this will help us to trace them to the bank the money was is very good you kept all this documents and this will help so much.but here is what you will do now. you will send 150 euros to my boss she will be the one to register your cause with the fbi here is her address
Name:Charlotte Murray Address: 205 Park Ave Apt3. City:Anamosa State: Iowa Zip Code:52205 Country: United State

has soon has your case is register a form will be sent to you fill it given us go ahead to arrest will surely get your money and the american government will help you too.they will compensate you.scam is a bad name here and we will surely get to the root of this.let me know what you think??

I did tell Shaun Wheldon that I did have troubles with send or receive money by Western Union/Moneygram, because all that was happens at Nigeria before and ask other way to pay.

Some weeks later Shaun did send me details from bank account where I could send that 150 euro.

SEB bank, BIC - UNLALV2X, IBAN - LV64UNLA0050017674360 SEB finanšu centrs, Valdlau?i, Meistaru iela 1, ?ekavas pagasts, ?ekavas novads, LV-1076

I did send 150 euro to that bank account at start June 2013.

At end July I did receive 'good' news from Shaun Wheldon. Shaun did tell me that he did need my bank account so governement could pay me.

Yes firstly your case has a breake tru and the fedral goverment has sign a check for you.they said you should be paid the sum 60 thousand euros first has your first payment.I have given them your bank details and very think they need.I will let you know when the transfer will be done.

At 29 July 2013 I receive again message from Shaun about payement. Only now I have first to pay 600 euro again.

Yes I have seen all ur details but there is a little problem the money will be issue in a bank of america and it will be issue in your name but you have to pay bank of america the sum 600 euros for your check book and it will sent to your bank and your bank will deposit it for you.if things are done quick you will have the sum of 60;000 euros this week or next week then after the case is finish you will have more money that is how american fbi works.I wish you good luck.if you want me to scan your check to you I can but it would be after you pay bank of america.

That amount I did never send again, because I do not believe this story again.

At 28 August 2013 I did receive this message from Shaun:

See God knows I only tryto help....go ahead and report...I did not scamm you..what you saw on the. Web. Was a mistake.not my it only me bearing shaun.I did. My best. For. have been scam until I met you...just try to help you..I have something I can do for you..but. you have to trust me.

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