Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
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Attn: Dear Friend,

I am Dr.Gabriel Ekeh,Head Payment Probe Verification Panel,International Treasury Department,Wire Transfer Unit,of Federal Ministry of Finance Nigeria.
I decided to email you now after several thoughts to prevent you from further exploitation,if you can listen to me and give proper attention to this mail for your own goodness.

I was appointed the Chairman Payment Probe Verification Panel by the New Government of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to review all the outstanding fund litigations with the Nigeria Government and to ensure all contracts satisfactorily done are paid off.

I am writing to you based on the instruction I received from the Senate Committee on Contract payments/Foreign Debts to submit the list of third Quarter payment of the Year 2013 and list of payment reports expenditures and audited reports of revenues.

During the official statistics of my panel last week,we dictated your name as one of the people who has been a victim of the fraudulent activities going on here by civilians in the Government offices and our further review on your file proved that you are claiming a fund that did not actually belong to you, but your Nigeria partners has used your name to deceive the Government authorities to claim the fund by presenting you as the beneficiary.

I am contacting you now out of sympathy considering your wasted time and financial input in trying to receive the funds from banks and other agencies which has not been unsuccessful till date due to some abnormalities that has to be cleared in the record which none of your partners or the bank can do without me.

It is true that your partners contacted you to put claims on this huge funds since the Civil Servants,law does not allow them to run any overseas accounts,But why they have not succeeded in getting the funds transferred to you is a SECRET YOU DON'T KNOW,best known to me,which I will reveal to you when I hear from you.As a matter of fact,without my recommendation as the chairman Payment Probe Verification Panel,all you are doing to receive the fund is waste of time,as I must write a favorable report and put up a final report and recommend the payment legitimately in your favor before the fund can be released to you.

However,for the fact that the fund is still floating unclaimed here,I will not claim to be a saint to allow the fund go back to the Government treasury.So if you really want your money,you must agree to work with me in truth and sincerity,I am given you conditions as stated below so that you will take a decision immediately if we can work together to achieve your over long dreams which I will rap up for you in just 5 working days.

(1) I will convince my committee members to approve the fund in your name if you can forfeit 40% of the fund to me and my committee members and 60% will be for you.And I will need your assurance and a promissory note, that those Colleagues
of yours or any Government Officials will be totally kept out of this transaction since none of them is aware of this new development.

(2) That you will keep the arrangement 100% secret until the fund gets to your bank account and you pay us our own 40%.
I will be looking forward to hear from you to enable me communicate to my committee members for Legalization and immediate approval of the fund in your favor.I will Make your dream a reality within five working days for our mutual benefit.

Your quick response is needed urgently.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Regards

Dr.Gabriel Ekeh
Email: [email protected]

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