Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
#187487 by Faizan Docherty Thu Jan 16, 2014 2:34 am
From: Mrs Promise Daniel <[email protected]>
Date: 2014/1/3
Subject: This is to inform you that the Government's Fund Recovery Agency,
To: <snipped>

Hello My Good Friend,

This is to inform you that the Government's Fund Recovery Agency, Ministry
of Finance Benin Republic has recovered some seized funds from the Banks,
Western Union Office and Courier Services Companies. It has been
discovered and verified that your name and information is among the
beneficiaries who could not conclude their transactions and did not
receive their fund.

I am very sorry for all that have happened in the past time in the cause
of your fund transfer transaction which is now converted to be paid
through International Certified Visa ATM CARD. Please note all is well
arranged and planned that you will have no problem in receiving the funds
through the ATM VISA CARD network transaction. The visa card will be sent
to you through DHL courier delivery.

Please let me know and have your full names and address which you will
want to use in receiving your funds in form of VISA ATM CARD. Please note
all the arrangement is concluded and visa card is on my desk as for today.
All arrangement is completed that you will receive your fund through
International Certified Visa ATM CARD and fund will be withdraw able from
any ATM MACHINE cash withdrawal point in part of the World without any
further procedures because of all the delays you have encountered. All the
official charges have be paid by the Benin Republic Government on the
condition that once you receive this ATM CARD and start cashing, you will
refund the Government the fees that they paid.

Please contact me on phone and only on this my email address..

[email protected]

so that we know your receiving address to send the VISA CARD
to you asap. The visa card will be attached to you in the nextmail.

I am waiting to hear from you.

Mrs. Promise Daniel
Fund Recovery Agency,

00229 98 31 25 39

Please DO NOT tell a scammer that he has been posted here!

If you wish you can email me at
faizandocherty @ scamwarners [dot] com

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