Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
#199360 by Ginger Lee Tue Apr 29, 2014 12:10 pm
from: Compensation Desk <[email protected]>
to: XXX

From the desk of Mr. Howard Phil
International remittance department

Attention: XXX,

Good day and i hope this mail is getting to you in a good state of health.

I am Mr. Howard Phil, the new remittance department officer to the USA SCAM VICTIM COMPNESATION SCHEME on debt settlement. I was appointed to four see the payment of all outstanding debts owed to foreigners and also the good citizen of AMERICA to the government of my country USA, and inheritance fund beneficiaries, Lost to the country or lost to an individual in a means of business or intimate affairs.

I earned this good will due to my hard work and service to God and humanity. So I have contacted you because your name is included in the list of people that are yet to receive their payment but surprisingly somebody has applied for the release of the fund to him claiming that you sent him for that. So it is based on that I sent to you an email asking you if you have received your payment that was taken away from you with the ideal of a black African from west African who lives in the Scotland and claims to be an America citizen to women on the internet using that means to defraud the good hearted ladies.

But the question you have just answered me and the information you sent about yourself shows that you are yet to receive your own fund payment, but please confirm to me first if you have ever sent anybody to receive your fund payment on your behalf. The name of the person is Edward Hingins and XXX who claim to be your lover and also claims you have kids for them so at this point XXX please take note of all what is going on around you.

But in a situation whereby you have not sent anybody for such thing, please without much waste of time also get back to me for immediate confirmation of the information needed below and also do not get bothered about Mr. XXX the imposter military personnel he will be apprehended and send to jail for fraud act of various women he made promise of getting married to them.

Your information is needed as follows to enable me start working on your fund payment.

Your full name:

Your contact address:

Your occupation:

Your telephone number:

Your date of birth:

I will appreciate it if you can do this as soon as possible. Because my office is sending down your case to the Scotland yard police where every situation will be taking care by the police and invite you over to see the real man behind the military profile and in a case whereby you cannot make it you will have to get a lawyer who will stand on your behalf and sign all the necessary documents with the Scotland yard police to enable us pay you the sum of ($950,000-Nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars only) as your compensation money please do not lick this secret to anyone because we need to get hold of the imposters’ and I advice that you also keep playing along with them we are strongly working on this.

God bless you.


Mr. Howard Phil
Tell: +1 (646) 535 7993

Hello and GOOD day please below is the information we got from the Scottish police desk sent across by you.

<content removed>

Note: We have contacted the Scottish police on what you are required to do please read below(We hop you did received same mail from the Scottish police):

This office has made preparation of highly intelligent Men, who will be handling the arrest of Mr. XXX. This mission shall commence by the end of the week so you are advice to comply with the Lawyer and also provide him with all needed information. The name of the Lawyer is Mr. Richmond Kent and his contact email: [email protected].

So keep us updated with all you do with the Lawyer and we are please to inform you we are working with the Scottish police.

God bless you.


Mr. Howard Phil
Tell: +1 (646) 535 7993

from: Scotland Police <[email protected]>
to: XXX
subject: ABOUTH MR XXX !!!
From the office of the Scottish yard police we advice that you follow every arrangement from the compensation office of barrack Obama and also comply with them and no other person because all we are about to do now is for you to provide down to my office with the original details of Mr. XXX and also Mr. Edward and also his phone number and is country base address in the military. And you are to provide us your fullName,PhoneNumber,Country and home address and also the details use in sending money to Edward and XXX and also provide their various emails address. But you are to take note of this actions never to let them know what is going on because we are working as an undercover and will surely get hold of this men no matter how far they might be and you are to be very grateful for such help because we caught his details while he ask another lady for the sum of $120,000 GBP claiming he needs to use this for what we cannot say for now but it was so of fortunate he never got the money, This are all we have to say Madam and please get ready to acquire a lawyer that will stand on this case and fight for you till you can see the compensation from the office of Barack Obama in the USA of the sum of $950,000 USD. We shall let you know how much it will cost you to get the lawyer and also provide you with the details for you to contact via email.

I await your swift response and i must say congratulation for this breakthrough.

Mr. Barrete

Scottish police complainant desk.

Please DO NOT tell the scammer he is posted here.

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