Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
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From STANLEY IKEM Sat Jun 28 05:46:25 2014
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Subject: The truth surrounding the payment of your USD 20.5 million
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Good day,

I write to confess what you are presently going through with my Boss.
My name is Dr. Stanley Ikem, I hail from Abia State of Nigeria. I was
a member and staff of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and I have
also work with the United Nation. My office overseas and regulates all
financial transactions both Local and International. I resigned my
official duty when I discovered the activities of my colleagues during
a private investigation I carried out. I suspected some kind of foul
play in their act which they would never inform me because they know I
would never be a party to such as a Christian.

I discovered that my Boss was conniving with some top officials of the
World Bank, EFCC and some staffs of Central Bank of Nigeria to divert
funds approved to settle Lottery winners, contractors and Inheritance
claims. The World Bank has already given approval for the payment of
your fund while they are deliberately delaying your payment (USD 20.5
MILLION). They continue to issue one fee or the other from different
quarters to deceive you and extort money from you because they have no
fear of God in them. Your transaction honestly does not require all
the protocols you went through with series of documentation. It was
those officials that pushed you into obtaining series of documents
making your transaction to seem difficult for you as if it is much of

They did all that to extort money from you. But I wonder why you
haven't noticed this all this while. I can assure you this will keep
happening if you don't stay away from those crooks that pretend to be
real. I hope you understand me, because if you don't, your fund is
gone. Your overdue payment was long ago approved by the World Bank
with a Key Tested Reference/CLAIMS CODE Number, which was supposed to
have been issued to you, but the crooks have decided to divert your
attention by telling you that they have something to do with one
committee or the other especially in UK and Africa.- FALSE!Honestly
the mapped out fund for Debt Settlements was deposited into the
"Federal Suspense Account" with Standard Charted Bank of Nigeria Plc.
,through the office of the Accountant General of the Federation as the
Federal Government of Nigeria ,have instructed that all payments
should be made through wire transfer to the beneficiaries.

This is because the Central Bank Of Nigeria as an APEX BANK (Mother of
all banks in Nigeria) cannot make any direct transfer to any Bank
Abroad or issue an ATM card to any Beneficiary both local and
International. All payment with the Federal Government Of Nigeria that
involved Huge amount of such magnitude are been made to the
beneficiary only the above mentioned means) payable only through
Standard Charted bank of Nigeria as authorized by the Federal
Government, so do not allow yourself to be deceived by anyone who may
be contacting you from CBN promising to pay you through Wire transfer
or Western Union, it is impossible and can never happen.The reason why
I am giving you this information is because of the fact that I was
aware of what you have gone through regarding this payment and my
doctrine does not permit me to withhold such information.

What annoyed me most is that most of you beneficiaries prefer short
cut instead of the crucibles. I wonder how you upon your Academic
Intelligence believe that a whole President of a country ,His Vice or
Senate President or Minister of Finance or Central Bank Governor will
come down so low to call a beneficiary on phone, to talk about
contract/Inheritance payment or even going to an extent of giving a
beneficiary his hot-line number. Is that not funny??? This is
ridiculous and embarrassing; can the PRESIDENT of your country do
that?? Can the Central Bank Governor of your country do it?? Please
think about that, I know many people do not like the truth but I
believe truth is life. What you need to receive your fund is just the
actual link to the Director Foreign Remittance Department of Standard
Charted Bank Plc. and nothing else because he is the only person in
charge of your payment. Should you still be interested in receiving
your fund and require my help, Do not hesitate to contact me
immediately with this number +234 909 482 5585 ,so that we can have a
chat over this issue as I advise you on what to do for your payment.

Warning: Do not forward this information to my boss or any one for
security reason as sharing or duplicating of this message to any one
may lead to them influencing a total blockage to your payment, so you
must keep this information secret till you receive your payment from
Standard Charted bank of Nigeria.

Yours in Christ,
Dr. Stanley Ikem.

You cannot win a lottery you haven't entered

Please DO NOT tell a scammer you found their details posted here

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