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#424805 by Inspector Gadget Sun Apr 11, 2021 5:07 pm
On Friday 9th April, according to a press release issued by the Metropolitan Police a couple, Emmanuel Scotts and his wife, Behnaz Khoram-Scotts were in court for sentencing.
Against Emmanuel Scotts there was a charge of bank fraud, to the tune of nearly £88,000 obtained by the setting up of 5 bank accounts using false details and identification.
Described by the judge as a career fraudster, who had no known source of legitimate income for some number of years and having previously been convicted of fraud, possession of the instruments of fraud, on 4 previous occasions. He had also committed fraud in Sweden and Switzerland. His sentence was 4 years prison time.
2 tweets from the court :
Prosecutor : She bought a total of 63 pairs of designer shoes with the proceeds of the fraud
Judge : competition for Mrs Marcos!
Prosecutor : Moving on to the criminal property, the items they purchased with the proceeds of the fraud, they include 3 pairs of designer mens shoes
Judge : this part of the case reminds me of the generation game

Against Behnaz Khoram-Scotts there were 2 charges, possession of instruments to commit fraud and possession of the proceeds of fraud, for these the sentence was 20 months suspended for 2 years

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