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#35174 by Jillian Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:54 pm
Our sister site, 419Eater.com, has a new tool to help us see where scammers are located:

419Eater.com, the largest scambaiting website in the world with just over thirty four thousand members, has announced the release of a tool to chart the locations of scammers. This is the newest addition to their seven year old campaign to bring scam awareness to the masses.

The new informational service is called Scam Tracker. While still in its infancy, "Scam Tracker" allows members of the public a pictorial view of where internet scams are originating.

Scam Tracker uses Google Maps, giving the viewer a global picture of where scammers are operating. Viewers have the ability to zoom in and get more detailed information on various types of scams, including the Scammer's name and INTERNET IP address information.

A team of 419Eater members carefully review and continually update the information, which is collected from a variety of resources, including from actual victims of the scams.

In order to view the scam tracker simply go to http://www.419eater.com and click on the Scam Tracker logo.

Have you sent a payment to a scammer with Western Union and now realize it's a scam? If the payment has not been picked up, you can cancel it immediately! 1-800-448-1492

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#54401 by Thomas Berg Fri May 27, 2011 3:07 am
Is there a way to provide you the info of new scammers to be fed to the tool?

-no legitimate business receives payments only via Western Union
-to cancel a WU transfer call 1-800-448-1492
-details of a bank account have to match the details of the business
-one cannot apply for visa via email

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