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#217406 by TerranceBoyce Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:28 am


A senior police officer has warned that his force does not have the ‘capacity’ to protect people from online fraud amidst an ever escalating threat from cyber criminals and hackers.

As he makes the point that people should take more responsibility for their own security/protection, he either isn't aware or ignores the fact that the risk can be such that it is unavoidable, through laxity and lapses in other systems, such as banking.

If my details are made available through exploits in the database of a retailer or a bank itself, then it is not my responsibility and I can do nothing to prevent it. At the same that organisations are proving more vulnerable to having their customer databases penetrated, institutions are becoming more lax in the procedures to verify the identity of customers, creating a perfect situation for fraudsters to exploit.

There is no such crime as 'identity theft'. In law my identity cannot be stolen, but it can be used in fraud and, unless I do it, it's not my loss.

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