Scams offering fake Au Pair positions
#219604 by gendo123 Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:24 pm
I already signed there said contract and i sent some photos of mine. I am afraid if they will used it for scamming another persons. Please help me.

These are some of their emails conversation:

Dear Au pair

Calvary Greetings!

Am delighted to write to you that my family seeks for the services of
an Au pair from any country and we found you wealthy and sound to live and work for our family here in UK.

I currently have an energetic child who is 4 years old, we are looking
for a nanny from Any Country that can speak English and is willing to
stay and work for us.we found you as one who meets our requirements,
having read your profile and we are offering you a
position in my family hoping you would accept.

Should you accept the offer,we will like you to send to us your
updated resume/CV and also a picture of you.

Please communicate your interest to us through your reply so
that we can discuss your travel arrangements.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Mr. Gerald Wilson
For the family


Contained in the attachment are the steps you and your employer have to take in order to legalize your Contract here in the UK.
We have confirm also your signed copy of the contract letter, With regards to this issue; your employer has confirmed the originality of your contract and have provided his own part of the requirements.

The HOME OFFICE confirmed to me that your employer has provided the fees stipulated in the attachment for the certificate of sponsorship, procurement, registration of your application and your flight ticket, we will book your flight and send you the ticket together with other documents as soon as we have received the required documents needed from you for verification.

Find the attached to this mail; the mandated requirements are needed from you by the UK Border Agency for the procurement of your application. Your application form and your signed contract letter are under inspection and stamping.

To that effect, I request that you should provide us with the scan copy of the necessary requirements listed so as to enable me proceed further and meet up with given time.

Kindly co-operate with us so as to enable us serve you better.

Thanks and Best Regards.

Barrister Almond Gabriel

Dear Renogen

We feel happy to inform you that your services are being confirmed as the Au pair in Mr.Gerald Wilson residence with effect from the day your flight will land in london. This is with reference to the performance review of the job interview questions which was answered correctly and the signing of the contract letter. when you were on probation with the family.

The terms and conditions given in the appointment letter remain unchanged. Your salary revision will be done as specified earlier. If there are any changes in the leave policies, you will be informed about it in a separate letter in the future.

The family barrister will looked into your contract letter and the necessary procedures for your traveling arrangement and get back to you as soon as possible.the family barrister was contacted to take care of this procession due to his diligent performance and handling of traveling procedures at the Uk home offcie well.

We wish you all the best! I hope you will fulfill your goals and family's goals with the same sincerity and trust shown in the few weeks of chatting with you.Please do adhere to the family barrister instructions and keep me posted with all your dealings with him.

I hope you sent a signed copy also to my family barrister as well.

Yours truly,

Mr.Gerald Wilson
for the family.

Hello Gen,
I am sad reading your mail this morning because i have already
arranged my self on submitting the necessary payments for the
processing of your papers but hearing this now i will feel bad and
also feel for you because i do understand perfectly. i have because of
this called and pleaded with the solicitor in charge of aupair
placement if there is any way she can help us. luckily she has agreed
to help us if you can be able to show a proof of 400 pounds as your
BTA that she will stand by you during the verification process . am
really happy with this news and advise that you proceed with your
application immediately. write us as soon as possible thanks and have
a great day.

Hello Gen,

Hope you are doing great today? Am glad you answered my questions
correctly that shows you can take proper care of my daughter. i will
like us to have a skype conversation to help know you more and you
also know and see us on camera. add me vickydadloveu meet us today by
4pm London time.

Meanwhile note that the UK Home Office will instruct you on how to
proceed with your BTA. according to them the host family will make all
processing payments including employee flight ticket to London. And i
am willing to submit that as soon as possible.

Here is the contract letter i promised to send please read carefully
sign and send to the UK Home Office to enable the approval of your
aupair placement.

You have to print the letter sign then send to the home office email
address [email protected]

Best Regards

Dear Renogen

How are you doing? I hope you are faring well.
Am pleased to hear from you that you are interested
in my offer as to work for my family as the Au pair
for my son mark and i must appreciate your prompt
response.Nice resume/CV and it was very impressive and
interesting and i hope and pray that you will make a better
aupair for my son mark.I also like your picture and you look
very pretty and nice. and please do send me more pictures of you.

About your traveling arrangement and your documents such
as your work permit,placement and flight ticket including
your visa if necessary,will be taking care of by family
barrister who works with the UK home office(Uk border agency).
He will help in processing and acquiring of your traveling
documents to UK(London).

we only seek a nanny, If you accept to take a position with us, you
would be paid 1850GBP monthly, with 100GBP every week as your pocket
money.I guess you'd say this is much,we are doing anything that would
motivate you putting your best in working for my family.

Your main duty is to do take care of Mark, who is just 4years old, prepare him for school,
get him to observe his siesta, help him do his home works and clean him up as well as make
him happy by playing with him.
Light housekeeping related to childcare such as mark's laundry & keeping mark's rooms tidy.
Preparing and cleaning up after mark's meals
Bathing and dressing mark
Packing lunches, helping with homework and taking mark to school
Taking your mark on outings to parks, playgroups and other activities
Traveling with you on family vacations and providing care for mark

Should you accept the offer,we will like you to get back to us as soonest.meanwhile i have some
job interview questions for you to answers and i hope you will give me your best answers soonest.

Hope to hear from you ASAP.
Warmest Regards.

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