If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#293258 by Janez Thu Apr 28, 2016 8:47 pm
My daughter got a call from them yesterday. She called me last night and told me they said she has a outstanding check and she needed to pay $400 to clear it.The check is from 1998. She said she told them she did not feel comfortable giving her credit card number over the phone. They told her they would report it to her credit report. After talking with her I realized it was a scam. I then told her if they call again to have them call me. I told some co-workers today and a few of them said they had received similar calls. FYI, just because they have a local number does not mean that is the location they are calling from. Anyone can go online and get a phone number for any location they want.

Sorry I do not have the name they are using.

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