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#293843 by Fredledruide Thu May 05, 2016 12:24 pm
she tred to contact me in french by a french dating site with this first e mail

: Peu de choses sur moi
Bonjour cher, Comment allez-vous aujourd'hui cher et comment est le travail là-bas, je suis tellement désolé pour cette réponse tardive .. i était un peu faible, donc je ne pourrais pas vous envoyer une réponse sur le temps .. s'il vous plaît garder aimablement avec moi et j'espère que mon le silence ne vous a pas poussé à aller rencontrer une autre femme .. Je suis vraiment bien comme je l'ai dit plus tôt, mon nom est Freya Pasanea mais beaucoup de gens me appeler Lindsay ..Je voudrais pouvoir tout de vous connaître dans un sourire d'une heure .. je suis une race mixte des Etats-Unis et en France et je vis à Monaco, France ... Eh bien, je voudrais vous parler un peu de moi-même, je travaille dans la section de la mode et ce que je fais la plupart du temps est de consulter et de négocier des accords commerciaux pour petites entreprises de créateurs ici en europe, en Australie et America..I'm actuellement à Londres pour une entreprise soumettre, mais je serai de retour à la maison soon..I ne sais pas si vous vous souciez de me rencontrer en personne. Je peux venir là-bas pour you..i suis une femme très douce qui arrive juste à être solitaire, i besoin d'amour et un homme très attentionné .. Je suis très facile femme vais, cœur chaud qui déteste le mensonge, et surtout, une dame craignant Dieu qui est à la recherche pour le même homme à passer le reste de ma vie avec. Un homme qui sait aimer et traiter une femme, un homme avec une bonne conversation, l'intelligence, un homme qui est intelligent et surtout, un homme qui craint Dieu et peut faire confiance. je cherche un nouvel amour, relation (Mr Right) je ne sais pas si sa vous? Mais le genre d'homme cherche doit être très bien responsable, honnête, attentionné, agréable et ouvert d'esprit. Votre race, l'ethnicité et l'apparence physique en général ne sont pas un problème. Mon intérêt est dans une bonne personnalité et le sens de l'humour car je besoin de quelqu'un pour lever mon spirits..Age n'est pas rien pour moi, tout ce que les questions d'amour, de soins et de transparence. Je pense que nous devons apprendre les uns des autres de plus en plus avant que nous puissions faire quoi que ce soit. ... Je vous aime à l'e-mail moi pour me dire plus sur vous-même, ce que vous faites pour vivre, ce que vous voulez dans une femme, si vous êtes célibataire, marié ou divorcé, si vous avez des enfants ou non, ce qui faites-vous pour le plaisir dans votre temps libre, comment vous traitez votre femme, votre expérience afin de répondre bien une dame sur l'Internet, et ainsi de suite .... je l'espère, je suis en mesure de vous dire encore sur moi-même, et je vous en dira plus après avoir reçu votre e-mail ........ Je vous ai déjà envoyé quelques photos, j'espère avoir aussi la vôtre que je lis de vous, de savoir si nous sommes ok pour l'autre.
Meilleures salutations.
ma langue française est un peu pauvre alors laissez-moi savoir si vous parlez anglais ..

then it was the average conversation until she send that:

hello darling, i am not doing good and i have not eaten today as i don't want to owe the hotel much money.. how was your day and what exactly did you do today.. i would want you to know all about me so feel free to ask me anything you like..

I work in the fashion section and what i do mostly is to consult and negotiate business deals for small designer companies here in Europe. I am very easy going woman, warm heart who hates lies . I have never been married and i do not have any children and yes i want some ! How about you??

i like a man who is ready to support me and stand with me in troubled times .. a man who wants to spend the rest of his life with me and find my happiness always.. i do not like a man who lies or cheat on me with another woman..

Basically, i am here in London for a business meeting then i got hold of some tools and equipment i need in Monaco and i need money to get some papers for approval.. the custom agency have banned the shipment of the equipment and materials so i need some money to lift the ban.. Right now the only thing i can think of when i am not working is to talk to you and also read a book.. i just try to engage myself in some activities.. i want to read from you soonest

Love always,


that mail was to make me feel sad for her and guilty .

and when I told her iwas going on a trip she certainly thought it was time to ask for money before it will be too late and i got this:


Good day Dear,

How are you today.. I am sorry i have not been able to write to you since. I just came back home from the clinic to receive first aid treatment, I was attacked by armed men on my way to make payments of some stuffs i got down here this morning.. When they attacked, i was injured. The criminals took my bag containing vital documents and my MasterCard. They also attacked the driver that was driving the car that I rented here for my daily transportation. I reported the case to the Police headquarters immediately, and I also called my bank to block the stolen credit card. I asked them to issue a new MasterCard and send it here for me, but they said it would take about 21 working days before it could be processed and sent down to London. Fred, I had to drop my passport and my wrist watch with the clinic security as a collateral that I will come back to pay them for my treatment before 72 hours. My dear, please help me! there is no one I can ask for quick assistance but you, i wish you could see the the pains i am going through here.. Honey, the treatment & medical bill is 800 punds and thats about 1000 euro. I promise to give you back your money as soon as I am well and back home.Please the last thing i need is to worry myself much because of my health, i already have a very high blood pressure.. please help me with any amount you can assist with.. i am not saying its a must you send me the whole 1000u euro but i would be glad to at least receive something from you. I am in so much pains here.. write me as soon as you get this message.

Your dear,

Everytime i asked for a meeting on skype there was a problem so i never saw her but in pics tthat i'm sure are not from her.
her email is: [email protected]
here is 2 pics she sent for her scam https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0?view=fimg&th=15458be3f470a502&attid=0.1&disp=thd&attbid=ANGjdJ8WAlZMJgag-cLjxaefAjQWBgb8zblFC_SSaJGQeWcoVY9X4V3XrWrGrfVM9A-cBiBnc_B_jdhNxDptUxvvGQdrhqtJ-lGTRAAGUfhsCwZBKif7q13NYu-GUBE&sz=w226-h166&zw

#293846 by Bryon Williams Thu May 05, 2016 12:48 pm
First quote in French machine translated.

Little about me
Hello dear, How are you today and how expensive is the work there, I'm so sorry for the late reply .. i was a bit low, so I could not send you a reply on time .. please kindly bear with me and I hope that my silence has not caused you to go meet another woman .. I am really as I said earlier, my name is Freya Pasanea but many people call me Lindsay ..I would like to know all of you with a smile an hour .. I am a mixed breed from the United States and France and I live in Monaco, France ... well, I would you talk a little about myself, I work in the fashion section and what I do mostly is to consult and negotiate trade agreements for small designer companies here in Europe, Australia and America .. I'm currently in London for a business subject, but I will be back at home soon..I do not know if you care to meet me in person. I can come there to you..i am a very sweet woman who just happens to be lonely, i need love and a very caring man .. I am very easy going woman, warm heart who hates lies and above all, a woman who feared God is looking for the same man to spend the rest of my life with. A man who knows how to love and treat a woman, a man with good conversation, intelligence, a man who is intelligent and above all, a man who fears God and can be trusted. I want a new love, relationship (Mr Right) I do not know if its you? But the kind of man tries to be very responsible, honest, caring, nice and open-minded. Your race, ethnicity and physical appearance in general is not a problem. My interest is in a good personality and sense of humor because I need someone to lift my spirits..Age is not nothing to me, all that matters of love, care and transparency . I think we need to learn from each other more before we can do anything. ... I love you to e-mail me to tell me more about yourself, what you do for a living, what you want in a woman, if you are single, married or divorced, if you have children or not, what do you do for fun in your free time, how you treat your wife, your experience to meet a lady well on the Internet, and so on .... I hope I am able to tell you more about myself, and I will tell you more after receiving your email ........ I have already sent you some photos, I hope I have yours I also read you, whether we are ok for the other.
Best regards.
my French is a little poor so let me know if you speak English ..

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#294132 by vonpaso xlura Sun May 08, 2016 5:27 pm
je suis tellement désolé

That is not a woman who wrote it, he doesn't even know French, and he has never been in France, Monaco, or London. He is African.

«Freya» n'est pas une femme, mais un homme africain qui ne parle pas français et n'a jamais été en France ni à Londres ou Monaco.

... ni los estafadores heredarán el reino de Dios. 1 Cor. 6:10

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