If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#296458 by Marja Sat May 28, 2016 7:10 am
Last week I was contacted by a Waheed Maher via FB. Multiple red flags went up and when I ran the picture trough google images, boy oh boy!!! Poor mr. Murphy...

FB page; Waheedmaher Abdelhey Assia and a nickname Cameron Max Alex
Skype: vnvn123, pictured is mr Murphey and the name Waheed Maher
Mailadress: [email protected]
Mailadress daughter(!): [email protected]

Huge red flag was also that I received a mail form his 15 year old daughter, with pictures of a girl that is also used multiple times by scammers.

English language skills are really bad! both written and verbal.

I think he found me through posts an reactions on the FB page Woman Who Live On Rocks, because he has this page in his likes. I am not on any dating site.

His story; a US marine chief engineer going to retire next month and wants to live on my Island, can I show him around? His dad is from Kuwait, mom from USA he is born and raised in Jacksonville FL. Then it starts with his wife died in a car crash 3 years ago, two kids on boarding school in Brazil. I skyped with him 2 times and was done with it. He is pretty stupid, stories do not add up, lets keep it this way!

#296461 by Marja Sat May 28, 2016 7:51 am
Ok, his first mail:

Dear God gift,

I know I can't give you the whole world, but I can promise you I will always love you. My heart is yours, and even though I know I’ll make mistakes, I will never break your heart. I’ll be right beside you as we chase our dreams together, and you will never have to wonder if I still care. I think about you all day long and when I'm not near you my mind is consumed with thoughts of being close to you. When you’re here chatting with me I feel like everything in the world is right, and I know I don't have to ask God for anything because as long I have you in my life I have everything I could ever want. All I want to do is spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you have made me.


And then his ''daughters'' mails. This was the biggest red flag, no 15 year old girl would ever do that! I received the second this morning;

the first;

Hello Miss Marja,

Nice to meet you Miss Marja because that's the name my Dad told me and Patrick, my dad told me a lot about you and i am very excited to meet with you and get to know you more. My name is Christiana and i have a brother too, Thanks, and i hope we can become great friends and love to meet with you someday.. i am 15years old and my brother is 13years old

Yours lovely daughter

the second from an hour ago...

Hello Miss Marja,

I am fine Miss Marja and my brother too,How are you and really happy to hear from you again and my brother too.Thanks, i live in Brazil where me and my brother school and stay for now until dad comes back. I miss him so much and i love him too. Me and my kid brother hope to see you someday because we have heard so much about you from our dad and caring you are and i serious think dad likes you and so do i miss or can i called you GodMother like a daughter to a mother but if you don't like i will understand Miss Marja. I am happy when i see your email to me and my kid brother.... kisses to you. This are the pictures of my brother and me. I just hope you love them and also i hope you send to me your lovely daughter picture as she is older than us like an elder sister to us now.. we like to see our elder sister picture so that we know her very well.You are nice, as me and Patrick thinks so, I want to inform you about my school traveling for excursion to West African because i see you as a mother to us now and i like you to know about us mom. Will write more to you when in West African.

Yours lovely daughter

With this picture, I ran it through google images, these are the hits:

https://www.google.com/search?tbs=sbi:A ... ding&hl=nl

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