If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#298979 by msabai Fri Jun 24, 2016 11:37 am
So I'm posting this because I've yet again come across another scammer while looking for a place to stay in Geneva .
There is a pattern where both want money before i view the place to "reserve" the apartment. :roll:
And even though i find these places on legit sites they always want to keep in contact through email. and there account details aren't even under their names!!

BE WARNED OF ************************
Ms. Sandy Ali Martinez from ROOMLALA
Who will ask you to send money to canada the apartment looks great and the asking price is too good to be true!


"Hello, I have well received your email for the rental of the apartment, located in Geneva, our apartment is team and well spacious so we want the rent you for your housing need. I have several dwelling belongs to me and my wife so our concern is to receive monthly rent of 620€ and you must take care of the apartment. I you reminder that housing is not a roommate then you must rent it in full then you accommodate that you want. We live in 5 hours of housing in our House then to avoid any unnecessary movement you need to prepare the documents that you will present the day of the visit a few days before, for this rental. Here are the documents to be provided for rental:
-One Piece of ID or passport
-Two latest payslips (if you are self-employed, otherwise it is not necessary if you do not have one).
-You must make a payment of one month's rent for the deposit which is 620€ (you can pay several months in advance, but for the already established lease contract, we require in advance one month deposit)
We need this information: full name, current address, telephone Contact for you reach regarding the availability for the visit, send us by email to confirm the R.D.V according to your availability, if you have the documents requested.
We rent the apartment according to the length that suits you then you must have the documents requested and inform us then a R.D.V will be fixed for the visit of the apartment because with our legal service we want to be sure before confirm you the R.D.V is why documents are required in advance.
I don't want so not my apartment to be poorly maintained while you will be accomodated so I put it into rental then if you want to rent it is available.
I have appointments with dishonest tenants that have made me moved without being able to keep the commitment to rent my apartment then all documents should be ready before the visit and some had no money or downright others did not come to the appointment therefore requiring that money for one month's rent for the bail must be prepared in advance. I do not tell you that you're like old concerned but understand that I do not want to relive some frustration. I have been very clear and you must be present the day of the visit with a witness of your choice and with the documents for rental.

Waiting for read you
Cordially Ms. Sandy Priscilia Martinez "

" Hello, you need to make payment for one month's rent € 620 per WESTERN UNION on behalf of our banker currently to the Canada to follow our real estate.
NAME: Landry
First name: François
City: Quebec
Postal code: J0T1A0
ADDRESS: 12 Rue Guy
Undercover mode: WESTERN UNION
Amount: €620

Please note the references of our banker to make the transfer to reserve housing to make us wait for do not rent it to another person. Please email me the WESTERN UNION receipt and documents requested for verification with my advisers before the visit that will be set according to your availability.

Waiting for read you
Cordially Ms. Sandy Ali Martinez "

Any person eager for you to pay or has some long excuse of why you might not e able to view the house is MOST DEFINITELY Scamming you.

hope this helps!

#299009 by vonpaso xlura Fri Jun 24, 2016 3:30 pm
The email was machine-translated from French that wasn't spelled quite right. This is consistent with the scammer being a Francophone Canadian. No landlord or banker would tell you to send money by Western Union; it's a scam.

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