If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#307663 by cmarment Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:22 pm
I strongly suspect I am in the middle of a scam in progress. It's actually quite amusing because Ive come across a few in my time and this one was a little different I guess but I think I've got him.

I see there is a similar scam being reported where the scammer is asking for someone else (me in this case) to submit an annual leave request on his behalf. In this one currently playing out, apparently the leave memo has not come out yet but it will in November and at which point he will get the leave form and give me his details so that I can submit the request. He's even querying whether he can trust me with his personal details! I am definitely not a scammer myself. Way too honest for that! Anyway, I found him on a dating website OKCupid and after only a few days of chatting on there and in the last day or so on Google Hangouts, he's professing his love for me and now going to tell his platoon of his love for me (a good chuckle Im sure theyll have).

He's also talking about coming out here to Australia to buy a house with me early next year. He's not asked for any money yet but I feel like it will happen one day very soon. He wrote me a poem while I was offline which according to him was an original work. I Googled a couple of lines of the poem and sure enough it came back with When Love Begins. I called him on it and said he was a liar and a scammer but he then told me he was offended and quite firmly stood up for himself so I forgave him (and he forgave me lol). It was enough though to ring warning bells in my head so I played along to see how it would play out. It's still going on and he says all the right things in telling me how sweet I am and how he will be strong for me etc.

I've even sent him an email to get a response so I could track his IP address from the email header but interestingly it didn't come back with any suspect ie not Nigeria I'm going to do a double check though just to confirm.
The name he is using is Seth Taylor 38 from Manhattan, New York, USA
Been in the USMC for 7 years and getting out later this year
Was married for 14 years and divorced for 8 months, no kids
Currently stationed in Bagram Base, Afghanistan
Has said if he doesn't get leave over Christmas he will be deployed to Syria

Hope this helps someone out there.


#307697 by vonpaso xlura Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:59 am
Please post the emails he sent and his email address and any other identifying information (a scammer's character's name is not identifying information, as different scammers can play the same character). Then cut off all communication and don't tell him why. Do not tell him that you caught him in a lie. Just cut off all communication as if you were dead.

If he is using Gmail or some other email domains, his location does not appear in the headers. Also, not all scammers are in Nigeria. African scammers can be from anywhere from Senegal to Cameroon and sometimes elsewhere, and they can be in other countries. There are also scammers from other parts of the world.

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#307713 by cmarment Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:16 am
Thank you

His email address is [email protected] and n his location just came up as USA. His grammar in chat sessions was generally ok but it was more the way he "spoke" that was just off

Most chats have been on OKCupid or via Google Hangout

When I asked to set up/call via Google Hangout he said it was disabled. I also asked for pics but no real time pics were provided. There was only one email but I've played along with him now as he's professed his love for me only after a couple of days. He indicated earlier today that he was going to find out if the leave form is available for me to complete but as you've suggested, I will no longer communicate with him


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