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#335550 by FranBrazil Tue Aug 01, 2017 8:04 am
Classic scam. Old lady from Istambul and with cancer says that want to donate millions of euros for someone that can manage her money doing social projects for children:

MYKYTA MYKALIO <[email protected]> seg, 31 de jul de 2017 às 18:01
Para: FranBrazil
Hello dear,
Thank you for providing me your email address, I very much appreciate it and promise you that you will not regret
this day as long as your heart is pure and sincere.
I am a widower, My husband died many years back. I have lived my life with all these pain hoping that someday
things will turn out to be better all to no avail.
I have lived a life of affluence but I am yet to find true happiness because I was not able to achieve the things that I
loved most. I have decided that helping the kids is my priority because of my present condition of health.
Like I told you earlier, I have severe case of cancer and the doctor says I will not be able to survive looking at the
extent of damage it has done to my body system. It was not discovered on time because of carelessness or rather
how it was meant to be.
The diagnosis shows that I have Esophageal Cancer which has resulted to the growth of tumor in the lining of my
esophagus. I am presently at the Hospital.
The doctor says it has grown through the walls of my esophagus although I done really understand all these medical
terms. He says it has spread to all the organs of my body through my blood system. I have lost weight. You need to
see how slim I have become.
There are times I Vomit blood when I cough. It is really painful living my life like this and I have decided to let go at
anytime I am called by the creator.
I and My husband was able to saved up about $1.2 million in our account before his death. I have no need for this
money anymore as I have been diagnosed with Cancer and I have less time to live.
I have made up my mind to give up everything so that the poor kids of the world will benefit from the funds which I
have saved up all my life. I grew up an orphan and I know what It was to get here, saying it was tough is an
understatement after all the abuse I underwent as a young girl. There is no need to feel pity for me now. All I need is
your support to make a difference in the lives of suffering children of the world.
Lets concentrate and make the world a place for the kids.
I came on online because the doctor told me that I can make friends there. 
I don't want to entrust this great challenge with my friends who I do not trust so its better I give it to you who I believe
will not betray me. I still beg of you to try your possible best to make this project come to reality.
I want you to take charge of all these estate for me looking at your credibility and age.
I don't know why I should trust you but the truth is that my heart is made up that you can handle this project. I believe
that you are God sent. I want you to be in charge.
Get back to me immediately if you are willing to take up this challenge. 
Waiting to read your message. I have limited internet access in the hospital. So I am still stuck to the laptop to read
your message.
Best regards,
Mrs Mykyta

Last email putting me in touch with "her" attorney.

MYKYTA MYKALIO <[email protected]> seg, 31 de jul de 2017 às 20:40
Para: FranBrazil

I must say here that I'm very happy that you are willing to take up this great challenge. I wish God will strengthen me to
witness your works. Well I prayed last night for God's guidance on the decision I make now because It will determine
the future for the suffering kids and for me if at all there is. The doctor says that I will be moved to the Intensive care
unit soon.
Just make me a promise that you will use the funds judiciously and for the charity projects which are highly beneficial
to the suffering kids in your country. You are free to fund any program or organization which takes care of children.
I truly believe at this point that we have really gotten acquainted to each other and I have no reason to keep the details
of the funds away from you.
With the help of the attorney, you will be the legally nominated beneficiary of my estate which gives only you an
unlimited access to my funds.
Bear in mind, without the official and legal processing of the transfer of fund to you by the attorney, the bank will not
recognize you. So you really have to work with the attorney who has been very caring to me since I have known him.The doctor says I will be going in for a correctional surgery soon. 
I hope my soul will never regret this bold step I have taken to make a difference in the lives of the poor masses who
look up on to us for a change in their standard of living.
Below is the attorney's contact details, He is waiting for your contact. Send him an e-mail introducing yourself
although I have already spoken to him about you. He will guide you through the process-
Name- Remiz Leto
RS Law Firm
Phone: +905393186743
Email: [email protected]
My further communication with you will be limited because I have been scheduled for a surgery so soon I will be
moved into the Intensive Care Unit. Please pray for me. 
All the best,

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