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#339051 by Shelly Draven Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:32 am
Same Dude or Dude just like him, found on E Harmony under name "Terry Ikard".
My names are Terry Gene Ikard 51years old. I was born in London England. Physically, I am 5''8 or 172cm, brown eyes and my feet sizes are..43/44. As you know or must have read in my online profile description, I am a businessman and My physique means a lot to me.. so I try as much as I can to stay physically fit, healthy and in shape. I usually get round to cycling and jogging every Saturday, walkout every morning and night and attending fitness classes.

Current story:
About my Family back ground, My mother was an American with Irish heritage but I never met her for a split second of my life. My Father was British. By reason of this I have got dual citizenship of American and British nationalities, I never got to know my mum as much as I would love to. According to what my Father told me she wasn't looking for a kid when they began having an affair and got married. 9 months after I was born, she left us and went off with some wealthier guy at the time and have a relationship with a man that could provide her with a more indulgent lifestyle. She had numerous affairs whilst with my father, and finally left to be with a man, who she later married and had another child, as she got fascinated by Glitz and Glamour.

On a positive, Dad did an awesome job and the best he could, I relocated with my dad at a tender age to London, England.. I Had all my education there and got a degree in business administration at UNIVERSITY OF EAST LONDON, Presently I am in the process of starting off a doctorate degree in Public Relations/ Marketing at the UNI here. I love the sunshine, lifestyle and opportunities that this country has to offer

I took a bold decision to come back here due to firstly the envisaged downturn in the economy in the UK due to what I speculated will be the effect of the BREXIT and also due to a lot of happenings that I chose to put behind me in England and move on hopefully during the process of living here I will find a lady who will be my friend, guide and soul mate and better half if things pan out well between us... The one and only person who I will have something positive to share with.

Well I never really like being the only child and had always wished my dad would taken advice from people who tried to convince him to remarry and gotten me siblings but he refused as he said it was in my best interest to avoid the risk of being maltreated by a step mother. I think taking on another mans children (especially a son) was a lot to ask of any new partner for him and he also, was of the mindset that he wanted what was best for me. If that meant him sacrificing his own happiness, then so be it. He dated a few ladies off and on until he passed on last year I was devastated that he had to leave me he was a very special man to me, has taught me so much, and inspires me constantly....I lost my father to complications arising from re-constructive surgery. However, after seeing me grow up and leave home to start my family, I really wish he had pursued it further so I could have seen him happy with another woman. I think he was just too hurt by mum and scared to go down that path again which I now can relate to. It was then it dawned on me that I needed to think of settling down soon with the one who will bring happiness into my life again.

I have been Widowed the past 6yrs after loosing my wife to Cervical Cancer that was not diagnosed early enough for treatment. Since then I haven't dated seriously. I met one other lady who was a new neighbor in Alabama but obviously she wanted totally different things as she was practically a social bird who loved the night life. So I thought why not try online and hopefully see if I would meet someone who believes in starting off as friends and then we can see if we can strike a balance. I hope to read from you soon.

Stay Blessed

What completely have away:
There are so many interesting things about me, i am really fun to be with, and am hoping a special person like you would compliment me.

I'm aware lots of guys would actually tell you they are loving. kind, honest, blah blah and when you meet them they are completely opposite lol, well babe am not a cliche, i can't tell you how good i am or how loving i am i have to show it, and that's what am all out to do.

I was always suspicious but once he started repeating these two things every couple days I looked them up, and found this post!

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