If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#380170 by Roatangirl Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:16 am
So, I’m relatively new to the online dating scene too but here are my experiences so far…
I have had contact with a Mark36363636 says that he was in the Army (don’t remember his job) & currently stationed in CO. Sweet words, etc. & soon asked for a iTunes, Amazon or Steam card to get an internet connection to continue to talk to me. He also had the brilliant idea of using Western Union. I told him I didn’t have the resources to send him anything; no more contact.
Next, was a Paul Hariss (very handsome but looked too young based on his profile) from Hawaii also in the Army. Kept in good contact but conversations were somewhat abrupt. Professed his love & then asked for an iTunes card to continue internet service for communication; he also had the brilliant idea of using Western Union. When I told him I didn’t have the resources to send him anything; he got a bit nasty. I simply told him “This conversation is over unless he can be more reasonable.” No more contact.
Next, was Ben MaCcarthur Tackett (Italian) says he owns a ranch in FL and a restaurant from GA & has a daughter in boarding school. Supposedly, traveled to Edinburg to oversee a project for his sponsor; not clear how the project & his U.S. businesses are connected… He professed his love for me & then asked me to be his “next of kin” for his company (no company name). He wanted to have my bank/credit card info in order to transfer funds into to pay his employees. I informed him that I had foreign accts. that wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of activity (which is true) & then told him that credit cards don’t work that way. He was fairly persistent but eventually stopped contacting me.
Next, is Alex Francis owns a construction company in San Diego & has a grown son in TX. He hasn’t asked for anything but his Facebook Messenger gave a stranger message & we’ve since then moved to Google Hangouts. When I went back to use a picture to do a reverse image search, his whole FB profile disappeared. As I was talking to him a couple of days ago, I asked him what time it was & he gave me the wrong time based on PST compared to where I’m located. He seems to have a varied schedule & doesn’t say much but checks in daily. When I asked him to do a video chat, he said that his camera on his computer wasn’t working. I made some suggestions and he simply stated he didn’t have time for something like that. It was his name that I put into the search of a blog to try to find out some information but I’m not sure it’s the same person. There are some ‘red flags’ but I’m not convinced yet either way.
Next, is Eric (Spanish) says he lives in Anderson, Alaska & says he is a legal practioner/a lawyer. Says he lost his dad (as a child) & mom is from FL. He forgot my name & asked me several times what I did for a job (which are both on my dating profile); he also has a TX based phone # (chatting on WhatsApp). He disappeared during the middle of a conversation & has gone days w/out contact. There are some ‘red flags’ but I’m not convinced yet either way.
Next, in Kelly Michael (American). He’s a widower; his wife died 12 yrs. Ago. He says he’s from San Jose, CA & says that he is “a district senior registered pharmacist and the dispensing coodinator working with the United States government (& later said) United Nations Subsidiary (USAID) in the Solomon Islands on a cruise ship (According to the picture he sent is Royal Caribbean’s “Allure of the Seas” which was just in my home port at the end of Dec.). He supposedly is retiring in the next couple of days & needs to pay to obtain his exit card to leave the ship & doesn’t have the cash; only has a check. He hasn’t told me the amount but wants me to send the money directly to the headquarters in Washington DC but hasn’t given me any further details.
Next, is Watkins Vega (American). He says he’s from New York but never answered where exactly and stationed at Fort Drum. He says he’s a US Navy ‘major sergeant’ deployed in Kabul, Afghanistan at Camp Victory and has made multiple attempts to call me from Google Hangouts. He states he’s looking for a serious relationship with “some one ready to have crying to my daughter hear ok” (as you can see there’s a lot of broken English) and a mother to his 7 yr. old daughter. He has declared his undying love for me, wants me to marry him and change my life! Most importantly, he wants me to block myself from the dating site. He’s sent several pictures which are FULL of visible tattoos but he doesn’t look the age he’s claimed (late 40’s). First, he asked for an iTunes card to use for an internet connection; he’s also asked how much money I make, what I drive, my family member’s names (mom, son, etc.), my sexual practices and, finally, wants me to fill out papers(& payment) for him to be able to go on leave. He sent me a document that puts our nation’s capital in the state of Washington (like the U.S. government would pay for a color background) and is way too simple for a government document. He has asked several times what the airport code and its address here but has said that he doesn’t know the details of where I am located (Bay Islands, Honduras, etc.). Finally, he’s being VERY insistent about me sending him pictures of myself.

Lastly, was Michael Corbin (this is the one who I regret losing). He said he was from Memphis (I love the southern boys!), widowed & only had his sister/2 sons as family. Another Army man, says that he is stationed in Nigeria on a peace-keeping mission. He sent plenty of pictures & even sent a video (however, it cut out before it was finished) and was a REALLY sweet talker. When it was time to buy airline tickets to come home on leave for the holidays (is this even a thing in the military?), he said he didn’t have enough money for the flights to come see me (flights are expensive during this time of year). It’s a complicated trip to where I live & I offered to help him w/the flights once he got here but that I didn’t have the resources to buy the tickets for him ahead of time. He sent me itineraries (w/prices) of his attempts but wasn’t following my suggestions (I’m a certified travel agent) and was getting increasingly agitated (which hurt my feelings) with me. He stated he was just going to give up & go home to Memphis. He gave me an address/phone number & said if I was ever in the area to look him up. Finally, I asked him to video chat so we could try to solve this problem, he then accused me of “setting a trap” & cut off all communication. There were some ‘red flags’ but I’m not convinced he was a fraud but that may be because I didn’t want to believe it (and the southern accent I keep hearing!).
My specific situation comes w/a couple of “red flags” too. I live out of the country on an island. I have limited resources (if you’ve never lived on an island, you may not understand or think are true) and I have to have a lot of help from my family in the states to do relatively simple things (i.e. banking, travel, mail, etc.). I’ve chosen this lifestyle… it has its benefits but also its drawbacks (one is not too many single men my age). I may have to seek unusual ways to occupy myself but I’m smart & I’ve lost nothing but my time. Keep the love REAL & keep trying. Good luck ladies & gentlemen!

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