If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#392651 by UNKNOWNPP Thu Aug 01, 2019 9:40 am
Hello today i was scammed and i will shortly tell you my story.
So on 23.07.2019 i was texted that a guy wants to buy my laptop. This guy says that he is buying the laptop for his "LOVELY" daughter. He wanted to give me 1250 euro for the laptop, meanwhile the laptop is around 250 euro for sale, I was like OK i would be happy to get these money. After this he said that he will pay me via his Bank (Bank to Bank). I was fine with it and I gave my bank info and stuff. Later on his bank "Colony" (which is his OWN account and he controls this "bank") texted me with legit text that the sum of 1250 euro are waiting me and bla bla bla. He told me to leave the laptop in the nearest post office in the city and so I did. This bank was only wasting my time for 4 days straight, they weren't responding me on time, (if i text them today they will respond me tomorrow). And you get it, he just wanted to waste my time to have more control over the laptop!!! After 4 more days of lying, this guy created a PayPal fake account, which was texted me that they are going to complete the transcation if i pay them 150 euro. I refused to pay them and I told him that if i dont get my money on time I'm getting my laptop back. He was so WORRIED and started texting me around 4-5 messages for 10 minutes, I was like WOW. After this he said that he will call PayPal headquarters and they will text me and instantly release the money for me. Later on they texted me (keep in mind that this PayPal account is HIS account) and they(he) said that they have SYSTEM UPDATE. So it will take additional 24-48 hours to "INSTANTLY" complete the transaction. After that the laptop was already in Barcelona, Spain and this guy probably took the laptop. He kept telling me that he currently works for the Air-Forces in San Antonio, USA and he is sending the laptop for his daughter's birthday.

He kept promising, swearing in his life that i will recieve my money.
I am just in shook.
So here is the info about him and everything you want to know about him -

His e-mail: [email protected]
His "PayPal" e-mail: [email protected] (Under the g-mail name: [email protected]®)
His "Colony bank" e-mail: [email protected] (Under the g-mail name:
Colony OnlineBank)

And the info he gave me that i needed to tell the courier:

Name: Miquel Raga
Address: corsega 89 3-3
City: Barcelona
Zip code: 08029
Country: Spain
Number: +34933180591

I want to note that his English was awful and he was talking very unconnected and out of sense...
Please don't fall for his stupid lies, every e-mail or document he sends you MUST BE FAKE...

Thank you have a nice day!
Please report this guy on the right place.

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