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#399474 by JaneDoe23123 Thu Oct 31, 2019 10:51 am
Email: [email protected]

We found an apartment on ImmoWeb that looked too good to be true, and it was. She said she was a nurse that had moved to Greece and that we could visit the apartment after a deposit of 2 months of rent. The money would be reimbursed if we were not interested in the apartment after the visit. It would all be done through AirBnB.

At first, I gave her the benefit of the doubt because I didn't have any experience with scams like these. I told her we didn't feel comfortable paying for an apartment before even visiting it. She said "that's how I work" and basically refused to do it any other way. So we told her it felt like a scam and that we were not interested and all she said was: ok, sorry.

"Hello ,

Thank you for responding so quick with all of that information, it all sounds great.
We can do this transaction through biggest estate agency from world , Airbnb ( https://www.airbnb.com/plus ) . In this way, you will meet with the agent in less than 48 hours to inspect the apartment and you will be able to view the apartment without any obligations to rent it. To avoid any misunderstanding I will be gladly to explain you step by step how the viewing procedure works:
To reserve the apartment I need to send some details :
. When would you like to move in(exact date) :
. Period of the contract:
. Adults
. Children:
. Name:
. Address:
. City:
. Zip code:
. Country:
. Valid Cell phone number to agent Airbnb contact you :
. A copy of your ID,passport or driving license by email ( scan or photo) and a picture of you for inspection and to prepare all necessary papers for you to become a future tenant.
Once I get your details, I will contact Airbnb with them to start the procedures and I will give you the link with my listing on their website. There you can book my apartment.
After you will complete the Booking , you will meet with the agent in less than 48 hours to inspect the apartment.
If you will be satisfied with the apartment, you can move there in the same day. All you have to do is to sign the rental contract and Airbnb will release the payment to me. I'm quite confident you will like the apartment, but if not, you still have the option to cancel, and get your deposit back from the agent, immediately.
Also, in case you're tied up in another contract and cannot move in immediately, we can arrange the viewing now, and reserve the apartment for you.
Let me know if everything is clear ?
Thank you

"no , i am away
i use airbnb for rent my apartment .
i need your full name and address .
i will send the airbnb link , you will make the booking and payment for minimum 2 months ( 1 month deposit + 1 month to stay ), and send money to the agent .
after that in 48 hours you will meet with the agent .
if you like my apartment you sign the contract ,the contract will be for a long time 1-9 years , you choose the period .
if you don't like , the agent will give all money back in the same day .
tell me , your decision .

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