If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#6438 by Amelie Mon Dec 22, 2008 7:45 am
What happened to me? I just lost 500 €, which I would have needed to pay my rent.
I opened a profile on MySpace and got four friend requests. I answered all of them and asked for adding as a friend. The first one I kicked, he seemed strange to me. The second one gave no answer, the third and the fourth added me. Their e-mails were nearly the same: saw your profile, very interesting, let's chat, here's my e-mail adress. But it was only Joe who stayed in contact with me. His story: widower since 15 years, a daughter Katie, 22 years old, mechanical engineer, living in Land O'Lakes/FL in a house which coasts 450.000 $, nine rooms. WOW! He is working for his own, has now worked for several years for his project, something with ethanol and he's in Nigeria actually for obtain pumps and other parts there. And when he will be back in the States he will have so much money, he doesn't need to work again. That were my informations, when the last e-mail came (look down). He said, he was not really happy and I insisted to tell me. Things didn't go like previewed, he has not enough money, he needs 10.000 $. I told him, I have nothing. In the meantime we already talked on YIM. He seemed angry, only spoke some words, the chats became shorter. Next day he needed only 5.000 $. I told him again, I have nothing. I asked if anyone else couldn't help him. No, there is none. Next day he said, a friend will give him a bank loan, but there are the bank charges, 3000 € (now Euros before Dollars). So, even if there were a lot of strange moments and all this, I sent him the 500 € even if I didn't know what that can help. He said, oh it's a sign, that you want to help me. Two days later he was sick also and had no money for the doctor. Yesterday morning this story was finished. I just started to talk to the other one, who had asked me for friend add, he never talked to me before and I started telling him, what has happened, only 2-3 sentences. I saw Joe coming online, the other one: BRB --- phone call ---- some seconds later he signed out without a word. I clicked on Joe and saw the text "Good morning baby, How are you doing Gaby ....." I told him, I'm not Gaby, he said, I know, I only made a mistake. I said nothing at all and left. I informed MySpace and they already deleted his account. I think it's a typical Love Scam, after all what I've read this night about on 419. Now I hide all my personal informations (he has my mobile number, my adress). I listed you some of the e-mails, I've saved all but it maybe to long here. There are different IPs (he always said he were in a hotel and used his own lap-top) and some other remarks. But the best of all, this morning I checked the other persons (I copied all informations about and saved them already :-)) and on one's profile I found exactly the text, this Joe has sent me in two e-mails. Incredible! So, I got his mobile number which is "+234/802/4299522, it seems that's a stolen mobile, the number was located in Ca-bot/Verm+ont and is out of function, the adress in Florida is 37#29 Duk#e F#irth Street, 34638 La#nd O'La#kes (there's no Jo#e Ada#m somewhere there, in the house another couple is living). Joe has also an account on Facebook, I cancelled my account there immediately. I know he's active. I have copied also the photos he uses, but I don't know how to post them. And what about the names and profile informations I have about the other two. What should I do?

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Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 20:08:10 -0800 (PST)
From: Joe Adam <[email protected]>
Hello pretty xxxx,
How are you doing this morning.... I just wake up now... And its 4am here in west africa where i am now... I am getting ready for a meeting this morning... I hope you had a wonderful day today.. & think we really do have so many things in common.... I think we both really cares about the people around us awwwww very interesting to me... I think we are both looking for the same thing in a relationship.... Good....
What i am looking for in a woman:
I dont have a real "type" that I am looking cause there would be no words to describe how beautiful she is, or how special she is, or my love for her. To put these things into words would be to define them,To quantify them, which means to limit them. There would be a beginning and an end.There is no definition fitting, nor any limit, nor beginning or end to her beauty, or to how special she is, or my love for her when we eventually get to meet ..A caring woman that is willing to settle down with me for a serious relationship,I will know it when I meet her .looking forward to the future.That being at peace with yourself is the first component needed to be a good partner. Loyalty and commitment to the person you have chosen to build a life with must be top priority . Being creative and attentive to the ongoing process of maintaing love and passion is vitally important so that the love does not grow stale.I am looking for someone who shares some of my same qualities and interests and likes to hang out and have fun, whether we are at home or out. When you find that special person, you should be able to have fun no matter where you are! I am looking for someone who wants a boyfriend that can also be their best friend.
(text i found in the profile of the other one)
Things i like to do when i am free....
I also enjoy taking cruises with my daughter, going for shopping, hanging out at the park or museum. I also enjoy taking long walks at the beach but its usually always lonely when you don't have someone to share that time with someone to hold hands with & dig our feet into the sand, to Listen to t10U
& you tell me what you like to do for fun....
About your town well i believe with people like you around the area things will surely change for the better soon...
Really i won't lie you i use to thing that all the great women in this world are all gone but here i am telling you now that you're a real great woman... I will say keep doing the things you're doing okay....
Lol about my pics. Well that is my daughter in the pic, About me putting on glasses i like to put it on once in a while... I really can't wait to chat with you soon... I know that is the only way to get to know each other better...
You said something about wasting of time? Do you think you have any reason to Regret corresponding further with me? Well i don't think i have any reason to regret this..
I think i really love all that i have get to know about you so far... And i know there is still allot more to know about each other.... I think we have almost the same time with you over there in germany...But i think over there in the state the time is not the same....
Tell me when are you alway online maybe i can make a way to come online just for you... Because getting to know more about you is all that i think now :)
So tell me me what do you really think about me so far so good? Do you think i am that type of man for you? Well i know that i am a good man with a good heart as well... I believe i can give you all the love that you have alway dream of... But i believe with time we will have to know about that.....
I don't want to stop the writing of this email but i think i have to stop now :-*
I won't lie you its was a really nice one reading from you this morning.... I start my day with the reading of your mail that is very wonderful... That means allot to me my dear...
Tell me how was your night? I hope you had a wonderful one.... Tell me your plans for the day...
I look forward to get to know you more better soon....
Take care for now...
Kisses :-*:-*:-*:-* & hugs >:D<>:D<>:D<>:D< from me to you....
Joe :)

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Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 21:59:37 -0800 (PST)
From: Joe Adam <[email protected]>
Hello pretty xxxx,
Here are am once again writing you this mail.. Woaw you really have allot of feelings to share with the one you will be calling your man in the future.... I am very sorry for i made you cry with my email... I am really sorry for that... I didn't mean to make you cry over that.... But i believe you are not just crying because you want to cry but that is tear of joy i believe...
It's was really nice chatting with you last night... I know i made you feel sad when i told you that i was leaving to do some paper work for my project... At the same time i thank you for the understanding that you have... That was one of the things i am searching for in a woman.... I believe a relationship that there is understanding.... I will say nothing can stop that retionship from lasting long...
Like you know by now that having this in common with you means allot to me i don't know about yourself.... But with what you wrote down here i think its means allot to you too... That is very good to hear from you...
Well like you know i am not really in a rush to make up a relationship now... But i think i am very ready for anything that will come out of this one... You know i am very new to all this online stuff... I never believe there are things like this online... I never believe i could meet anyone that will want to win my heart this fast before... But here i am leaving the sleep i was meant to sleep replying your lovely email...:D
You asked me what i love doing when i am not working ... Hnnnmmmm This i am very hard question from you to me my dear... Like you know this my project as keep me from doing this i love to do... But at the same time i really don't think about it that much... Because no woman to share all the good & bad time with.... I also enjoy taking cruises with my daughter, going for shopping, hanging out at the park or museum. I also enjoy taking long walks at the beach but its usually always lonely when you don't have someone to share that time with someone to hold hands with & dig our feet into the sand, to Listen to t10U (he already said in the last e-mail)
I can't remember ever having a boring day in my life. If this is what you seek then please keep reading. I am extremely sensual, romantic and I have a big heart. I use to be quite insatiable, but now have learned that there is more to life than SEX. When you have a balance of what life has to offer, then you can achieve BLISS. This is where I reside and would like to share it with someone who deserves this level of comfort and pleasure. Do you desire this as well? I am widow and have been that way for sometime now.I am secure, stable and independent, yet still youthful, creative and exciting. I love to play and have FUN. Life is too short to complain about it. It's for living and learning, enjoying and exploring, experiencing and evolving. Did I get your attention yet?? I live, work and play HARD. I seek discretion, trust and maturity. So if you are safe, sane, sober and secure, then we have a great start. Especially if you love to TRAVEL, seek adventures and desire great companionship. I am not a moody psycho that's going to turn exorcist on you either. I am quite safe, sane and sober myself. I am very discreet, refined and not embarrassing. I do not do drugs or drunks and am disease free. I prefer to live a healthy lifestyle. Are you still with me??? I am not plastic, nor perfect.I have many goals, one of them is to help make this planet a better place to live. The older I get, the more set in my ways I become. That is why I seek this special kind of relationship. I am happy, content and not lonely on my own, yet I seek companionship as well. OK, enough about me. Now it's time for you!! (text from the other profile)
And about you saying that you really don't think you are wasting your time i am very happy you can think like that... Its really good to see that this world still have people like you...Remember i told you the other that people like you are not much in this world anymore ... I really do like your faith in life... I believe we still have allot to share about one and other... I don't see this as a wasteing of time ... Because i know what i want in relationship... And since i see that you have almost all the things i have always be dreaming of now i real i think i have to stay here with you... I know you are still sleeping by now... I will like you to tell me what you dreamt of last night...
I never believe i could do this... I never believe i could be writing a woman all this type of long mail... But here i am doing it... And i know i am happy doing it ... Thanks for the time you are already sharing with you... Telling me things you don't go around telling people but you are telling me all here... Thanks once again...:)
Its good to hear that you don't like people that lie.... But at the same time do you think i have any reason to lie to you? I think doing this like that is very bad.....
Tell me what are your experiences online..?
That is good that you have told your daughter about me so far... I will tell my daughter about you too when she call me alright....
I don't think i can be able to come online after writing you all this in my email.....
I will be very busy today because i will be getting things i need for the poject...
Its good to hear that your a patient person that is good to hear from you...I believe i need that in a relationship too... Because i am a very petient person too..
I really thank you for the time you have given...
I am happy i can make you laugh ...Like you said in your email that you have really miss laugh i am happy i could put smile on your pretty face...Its make me :"> .......
It's was really nice to read from you again... I am happy that i am done with the reply thing.....
Would you like to meet me in person... You have share allot with me in this few days...Its seems i have known you for yrs....woaw this is really good ....
I look forward to chat with you soon... I will be online by 8 am okay...
Untill then take good care of your self for me okay... I hope you had a wonderful night rest...

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Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 09:56:59 -0800 (PST)
From: Joe Adam <[email protected]>
Hey sexy,
I am online now and i guess you're not there at the moment... Woaw its really nice reading from you again.... Well like you know i had a busy day today.... Like i told you this afternoon that i have gotten the things that i will be needing for my project... & i am still going to get the remain one on Monday....I really love your smiles its was wonderful.... I will tell you to keep smiling because you really look great with it, Anyways i will be back later okay... I hope you had a wonderful Friday evening....
I will have to get some rest now!!!

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Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 16:08:05 -0800 (PST)
From: Joe Adam <[email protected]>
Hey sexy, I know you must be in bed now.... I couldn't sleep so i thought i should send you an email....
I miss you so much I don't even know where to start this mail from. I looked at some of your pictures yesterday and I realized I loved your pictures so much I couldn't wait to hold you in my arms and make you feel the love I have for you. I know this might sound a little crazy but I want to be 90 years old and still make out with you like a little schoolboy.
I feel like I want to cook a meal with you .......... (I cut a part, always the same) from me.
The day that I realized that I loved you, it felt like my bad dream had ceased, like my life became complete. Sitting here and thinking about the times we've spent together, I still wonder if I'm dreaming this magical life with you. Being in love with you brings joy into my life again, when I thought I couldn't feel this way about anyone anymore. You came into my life and made everything so much easier and better. You know pride sometimes gets in the way of us expressing our emotions but with you I've decided to let go. I'm just thankful that you're in my life. The road for us is still long and wide, but remember I will always be by your side to support you no matter what. Every single day that passes, I thank God for you. I love you more than you could ever imagine. Evie, I want to be with you for all time. Together we can do anything.
Our love is what keeps a smile on my face, knowing that you are there. I love you!....I know that neither one of us had in mind that we would meet someone on the Internet and fall in love but it has happened. And for that, I have no regrets. In fact, it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my entire life. .......... What words can describe the sweetest, most beautiful part of my life? You are my certainty, my comfort and hope, without you I would be lost. I want to treat you like you deserve, like a queen, like a goddess. Each day I hope I can give just a little of what bliss you give me.
Loving you Always and Forever,I Love You xxxxx I Love You I Love You I Love You

Received: from [] by web59902.mail.ac4.yahoo.com via HTTP; Mon, 15 Dec 2008 07:08:32 PST
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Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 07:08:32 -0800 (PST)
From: Joe Adam <[email protected]>
Reply-To: [email protected]
Subject: I am not really happy baby!!!
Good Afternoon my sunshine...... I just got back from the security company now.... I have gotten the remain things i will be need for my project.....Well i am very tried now and i am not happy at all now... But i still have to reply your email now because your my dear.... & i miss you alot....
Hope you had a wonderful and peaceful night with lots of good thoughts i want you to know it takes a strong woman to accomplish everything that you have in your life, I am proud of you that you stick to your goals, you have improved your life so much from what it was before and I am so happy that you respect my beliefs as I respect yours. You say that i will be happy when we see... well, you have already done that, just by being you and showing me true feelings and being so open with your feelings. You are what I dreamed of when I was a little boy, someone with integrity, honesty, love, affection, beauty, and with such a charming personality. I never thought I would find you, but here you are.You have overcome many obstacles within your life which have made you the wonderful person you are today. You should be very proud that you have persevered all your experiences and with it you have lived, acknowledged, and learned and you have never intentionally done on to others as it has been done unto you for you know what it feels like and you have the strength to rise above it all. You are attractive, generous, honest, humorous, intelligent, kind, lovable, loving, passionate and a wonderful mother. The person who will obtain the key within your heart in the future will be blessed to have the love in which you are cable of giving to someone. May God Bless you and always give you the strength for you to continue to grow and love. I was so happy to read your mail..... & thanks for giving me the key to your heart.... I just want you to know that i will take care of it forever... & i will do all i can to make sure our relationship last forever......

I want to share with you want i have been dreaming about my imaginations when we are together....

(that's the last e-mail, I cut the rest because there were some very intimate things he told)

#6443 by Ralph Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:23 pm
Hi Amelie,

I am sorry to hear what has happened to you, scammers are very good at what they do, scamming is their job and they get lots of practice..Thank you for sharing your story and the details of the scammer, by posting the details publicly it will give other potential victims the opportunity to find this information before being scammed.

In order to post pictures you will need to use a photo hosting site, one such site is www.photobucket.com go there and register using a name you have never used before and upload the photos to the site from you computer, (you need to save them to your computer first) once uploaded run you mouse over the picture and copy the image tag (you only need to click to do it) a message will come up telling you it has been copies, once done come back and post, pasting the photo into your post.

Any details or information you can give will increase the chance of a prospective victim from losing money as you have.

Unfortunately your money is lost and will not be returned, you need to accept that to avoid further loss, scammers will often try the same person again using a new name in an effort to steal more of your money, one way they may do this is with a recovery scam, we have a section on it here but simply it is a scam where they tell you they can return your money but later have fees that need to be paid before your money can be returned.

Read up around our forums and learn the warning signs of scams, there are many signs that can be picked up, the most glaring one to those who know is anybody asking you to send them money, regardless of the reason :wink:

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask
#6449 by Amelie Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:50 am
Dear Ralph,
thank you for your e-mail. I'm very happy, to have found this site by the 4#19ers.
I've further informations about Joe. His profile on FB isn't existing anymore. But I found him on ourdatingplace. com. Hi figures under the name joe_dams48. There he's 45 yrs. old, widower again, black (!) hair and blue eyes, looking for his other half.
The other two lads I found on MySpace are:
David, 49 , Florida, single, the text in his profile (part of one of the e-mails I received) "So where do I start from, I'm a very optimistic person naturally, I like to smile and have a good time. I try my best not to hurt anyone but if you push me to the wall, you know what they ++++say about how much one can swallow and Tolerate. I like good music and I can be considered a scholar in a lot of ways. So thank you for your time, interest and patience. I have written an extensive profile to +++++++save us time. After viewing my photos and reading all of my profile you will know if you should contact me further and how to do it properly to get my response. I hope you understand and appreciate my thoughtfulness to not waste our time together. After all...we are humans trying to find chemistry. With that said, I would like to start off saying that I am a CLAS++++SY MAN, I am ONLY looking for true serious relationships...A lasting open partnership with a mutual beneficial ADULT arrangement that's stable, reliable and above all HO+++NEST. I ....."
The next one: Daniel, 42, Ba++ton Rou++ge, sagittarius, financial consultant. Profile text: + This site is my alter ego.I use it to inform people + of high quality,under the radar music.I have a knack at it I guess.Feel free to bullshit with me +++ if you want +++. e-mail-adress dannobo nd [email protected] yahoo.com.
And another one, I saw his photo yesterday on roma nces cam .. Benny, New York - but here I have no further informations, that's the one I kicked.
I will post the photos of all of them later this afternoon. Hope this infos are helpful.
Got another question: How can I make a link to the ea ters for they can bait? Because they told me so, but no name and other infos can be published there (I haven't left any names or so there! I respected all tips in view of these sites. So I will also for uploading the photos. Thx a lot.
#6450 by Ralph Tue Dec 23, 2008 9:21 am
HI Amelie,

While viewing this page, click on the address bar at the top of the screen which will highlight the web address, click control "C" to copy, then go back to the thread and post a quick note and then paste the link into your post.

Just to make it a little easier for somebody else to find him, the address is here [email protected]

Thank you for posting Amelie, lets hope we can ruin his jobs :wink:
#6452 by cagedbird714 Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:32 am
Yes Amelie,

This is a typical love scam. I have encountered them on myspace, eharmony and match.com as well. Myspace is really good about getting rid of the scum and the one I encountered on eharmony got caught by their technical support group and was bounced. I got an email saying that he is no longer on the site because he violated their policy, blah, blah, blah. Match.com (well this is two years ago) has a swarm of these scammers. Now the problem with match.com is that they give you an introductory trial period of 3-5 days and all you have to do is give them an email address. Now these scammers are smart because once they contact somebody they will put in their greeting their email address right away because they know that they will not be able to use that profile again after 3 days. The funniest thing that ever happened to me is that a dude contacted me on match.com first and I had him bounced because he was literally stalking me. I only talked with him on Yahoo IM and he was texting me all the time. I got tired of him real quick and removed him from my friend list. However, a year later the same dude (well not the same dude, the same picture) try to contact me on myspace. I laughed at him so hard and told him how busted he was because that picture was the same picture of someone who was trying to talk to me on match.com, and yes I got him bounced from myspace also.

I am sorry you lost your money but keep in mind that you could have lost a whole lot more had you continue to dialogue with him.
#6492 by Amelie Fri Dec 26, 2008 8:46 am
#6523 by Amelie Sun Dec 28, 2008 6:25 pm
Today I received an e-mail from the one who scammed me. IP again from Nigeria.

Received: from [] by web59916.mail.ac4.yahoo.com via HTTP; Sun, 28 Dec 2008 12:47:51 PST
X-Mailer: YahooMailWebService/
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 12:47:51 -0800 (PST)
From: Joe Adam <[email protected]>
Reply-To: [email protected]om
Subject: Read it!!!

The text in the e-mail may be from a book or so. I never have seen such a b*ulls.... before! He tries to get me again. I will ignore his mail because he got private informations about me. In the beginning of the mail he named my first and last name *lol*.

Here even an essence of his mail, for laughing :-)
My Dear xxxx xxxx,
My precious one,Beanie I recall the chilling silent black darkness that surrounded me every moment when you were not around. It has been less then three weeks we started talking, your second decision that was to change your world. It certainly changed mine. since you said you are not going to help me in my times of need i have stood mummy-like in the center of a spiral of questions that bounced back off the stars to return unanswered, just the same questions ringing ever louder in my ears. It is a strange sensation.The way those questions take the rainbow ..... No simple task. Only now that I am beginning to see goodness in the eyes reflected in my mirror do I see how deep my guilt and self-hatred has run. Suffice to say that I have not been kind to myself. I have tried to escape in foolish ways. I have avoided my own work and allowed my talents to stagnate. But the arms of God have held me gently, so I have escaped any serious harm, and through it all I have grown. So please say good-bye. Not to the kaleidoscope of colors, or the memories or the love that will cross forever, but good-bye to the pain and the prison of self-loathing that was my previous life toward our relationship.
Your truly & everlasting love
#6525 by Jillian Sun Dec 28, 2008 7:01 pm
That text was stolen from here: http://www.mental-health-matters.com/ar ... ?artID=443

It is a letter that someone wrote to a loved one they lost to suicide. :evil: More proof of how vile these scammers are.

Have you sent a payment to a scammer with Western Union and now realize it's a scam? If the payment has not been picked up, you can cancel it immediately! 1-800-448-1492

Follow ScamWarners on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ScamWarners
#6539 by FFS Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:47 am
I feel so sorry for you Amelie.. It does sound like the same guy that's been trying to scam me.. and now that he can't get anywhere with me he's trying you once more.. don't fall for him again hun.. he's sooo not worth it.. *hugs*
#6551 by Holly Brown Mon Dec 29, 2008 1:31 pm

Thank you for posting that. One more thing for people to find when they search for information.

In addition to the link Jillian found, I found this one: It's a blog on MySpace.

Scammers are very good at finding stuff on the internet that looks good and sounds impressive, especially in romance scams, and passing it off as their own. Many times if you find a unique-sounding phrase and put it inside quotes in a Google search, you can find where he "borrowed" it from. (The copy-and-paste also explains why his English usage varies from email to email - when it's bad it's his own writing. ;))

[email protected] if you want to ask me more questions.
#6568 by Ralph Mon Dec 29, 2008 7:30 pm

Welcome to Scamwarners and thanks for posting.

@Holly, nice searching and great advice :wink:

The change in writing ability is a thing that many people notice but unfortunately many of those people ignore.
#7666 by Dan Jones Tue Feb 24, 2009 9:07 pm
Thank you for adding that. It really does work, so you may have just saved someone thousands of dollars and a broken heart.
#212597 by AlanJones Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:55 pm
I received much of the same bullcrap, only this time, the moron is calling himself "Anthony Williams". He came to my MySpace profile with a message about my 'gorgeous pics'. I responded and told him I was married and a gun owner. Guess what? He kept coming back. He also insisted on doing the Yahoo IM. Well, I did warn him that as an active duty military member and web page maintainer for my unit, I'm very familiar with internet security. I figured I'd keep him going whilst researching all I could about him. I discovered along the way he would copy and paste things in his e-mails, repeat his e-mails on his chats, and yes, beg for money. I'm stationed in Germany. He told me he was "brock", while prior to that, he said he gave "750 USD to the motherless baby home" in West Africa. When I told him he could've given a lot less and maybe not been broke, he responded with how he had some idea of how I was brought up (?) and he was 'trusting God'. I told him to keep trusting God as he wasn't getting anything from me. When he asked again for a smaller amount of money, I told him to never again ask me for money--or I would get mean. Anyway, here are some IM chats:
Anthony William: wish you a happy new year
Anthony William: and a joyful xmax just as the angel of the lord bring to you good tidings
Anthony William: this morning so shall be the rest of you days on earth..AMEN..
Anthony William: still here for you as said and done...
[VICTIM]: Sorry, man. It was getting late, so I had to pack up, get a shower, and get to bed. I also had to work today (Ugh!). We had a "supper" together that I had to go to, and of course--another computer issue. Bummer. Anyway, I didn't get off till 6pm my time (4pm yours). I hope you are having a Merry Christmas!
Anthony William: hi baby how you doing today and i hope you enjoyed your dnner?
[VICTIM]: Hey, I'm fine, how about you? We had the same thin for Supper as we had for Dinner. Buzz to you, too! Haha
[VICTIM]: I meant thing, not thin. Man, I've got to watch my typing.
Anthony William: i sent you an ecard did you get it
Anthony William: i would love you to check your box for it
[VICTIM]: To my Yahoo e-mail?
Anthony William: well i had a lovely day and to crown it all i found you as been said and done
Anthony William: yes
Anthony William: to your yahoo box
[VICTIM]: If you sent it there from the card's site, it may have gone to my spam folder, and I deleted the spam messages without looking. I didn't see one in my actual inbox. Sorry about that. Thanks for sending it. You don't need to go through the trouble of resending it.
[VICTIM]: I'm glad you had a good day. Did you have to work? I did. Well, I had to be at work. Didn't do much, though.
Anthony William: well did little work today
Anthony William: supervision mainly
[VICTIM]: Okay. I don't supervise anyone here. I do in Germany, though.
Anthony William: You know something?
[VICTIM]: Know what?
Anthony William: I catch feelings talking tony
Anthony William: talking to you
Anthony William: You feel the same?
Anthony William: anything?
[VICTIM]: What are you talkinng about?
Anthony William: For I do but cant explain why...tell me what you have done to my heart
Anthony William: I catch feelings when I am talking to you baby
Anthony William: thats what I am talking about
Anthony William: Are you there?
Anthony William: did I say something I was not supposed to say?
[VICTIM]: I have no idea. Really, I'm not a heart specialist.
Anthony William: Well If i would explain boldly
Anthony William: that might cost me a slap
Anthony William: so I ment
Anthony William: I meant I am liking you by the minute
Anthony William: You know whee
Anthony William: where I want us to be?
Anthony William: where fallen hearts exist ...something like this
[VICTIM]: Haha. I was just giving you a hard time about the heart specialist thing.
Anthony William: You like it?
[VICTIM]: It's cute.
Anthony William: Hmmmmm...how long would you want it for?
Anthony William: I wish it for life
Anthony William: what about you?
[VICTIM]: What exactly are you saying, or is that something I really don't want to know?
Anthony William: well I am shy saying it whole mouthedly
Anthony William: but if yu
Anthony William: you must know then I am falling for you
Anthony William: thats what it means
[VICTIM]: Oh, boy. You probably shouldn't have told me that. You've got to be careful. After all, you only know me from what you see online. You've never actually met me in person. Besides, I'm married.
Anthony William: So who made the rules/
Anthony William: TRUE LOVE has no bounds
Anthony William: thinking?
[VICTIM]: God did. I heard that kissing sound. You're a nut!
Anthony William: nuts?
Anthony William: I am only being real
Anthony William: thats me
[VICTIM]: I know. That's all right. I'm flattered.
Anthony William: flattered /
Anthony William: thats not supposed to be
Anthony William: I am expressingmyself from the buttom of my heart
Anthony William: I am not in a rsuh though
Anthony William: but I am optimistic
Anthony William: my heart never plays trick on me
Anthony William: I know that for sure
[VICTIM]: Sorry. Didn't mean to misunderstand or offend, there. You aren't in a rush, huh? Well, that's good hear.
Anthony William: but I have to make you understand we have something to share as time goes on
Anthony William: so when I do the things I doand say to you
[VICTIM]: You say you're optimistic. That's usually a good thing. As to your heart never playing tricks, well, I hope you're right as there's always a first time for everything. I'd hate to see you end up disappointed.
Anthony William: my only disappoint can only come from you
[VICTIM]: Okay, so what do you mean about having something to share as time goes on? I hope I don't disappoint you, so understand if I do, it's not intentional.
Anthony William: thats about that dont want to talk about it now so that would distrupt the happy moment we are at the moment
[VICTIM]: Okay.
Anthony William: as to what my day has been there was xmas carol arrainged by the hotel management today
Anthony William: and that as what had made my dau aside talking to you now
Anthony William: day
Anthony William: and having the same feeling
Anthony William: and i hope you had a lovelu one too
Anthony William: although it hurt me you did not get to see the card
Anthony William: bcoz i had to wake up early to send it
Anthony William: haven fantasize how you would feel about it
Anthony William: but never mind i am not hurt any longer since i have gotten to talk to you now..
[VICTIM]: Christmas Caroling? That's really neat. I always enjoyed doing that. I didn't enjoy the snow, though. You said you were shy. That explains the searching through MySpace for a friend. I'm sorry I didn't see it, either (the card). I would've loved to have seen it. I got in a hurry this evening to check my mails, and there's usually nothing but junk in my yahoo spam. Say, if you decide to send me anything like that, send it to my Hotmail. I always check the spam in the Hotmail since it isn't so huge.
[VICTIM]: You said in one of your e-mails on my Lycos that both your parents are deceased, but you talk of your Mama. Is she a stepmother or are you adopted?
Anthony William: so my day has been splendid
Anthony William: ypu must have been talking to someone else i am sorry
Anthony William: you
Anthony William: my mom isnt dead
Anthony William:
[VICTIM]: Okay. Must've been a typo in your e-mail. I still have it. That's good to hear she isn't dead, Anthony William: certainly but for now you the bomb..
[VICTIM]: Haha! You shameless flatterer! You probably say that to a lot of women.
Anthony William: NO...
Anthony William: NO..
Anthony William: Only you and my late wife
Anthony William: well is was as gorgeous as you are loved wearing perfumes like christain dior...
Anthony William: i hope you get the mail i sent you i have explain my self there
Anthony William: and have been hopintg you have heard from myn client and also hoping you come out with something good
Anthony William: hoping
[VICTIM]: 1,000 Euros? That's about $1,500, roughly with the exchange. Are you saying you won't be heading to Germany if you don't have enough Euros? Who is your client? I hope if he/she sent something, it didn't go to my junk mail folders.
Anthony William:
Anthony William: no that is not what i mean
Anthony William: i shall defintly get to germany..but at the moment i am out of cash and i need some litle funds in which my client (those that i work for on contract bases) thought i told you in one of my introductary mails any way they have issued me a chech but it has it is being processed at the bank say and it takes some working days before ie get matured so i am asking you to assist me with the amount pending when i get my ballaced
Anthony William: so how much can you help me with....sweetie i am really brock i thought you read my mail
Anthony William: it hurt me so much you dont get to see my mails and may be you must have lost the mails sent to you by my clinet
Anthony William: sweetie are you theret
[VICTIM]: What????!!!!????!!!?!?!?! You want me to front you 1,000 Euros? Do you realize if I were to do such a thing, my husband would be asking questions, and rightfully so. That's about $1,500 or thereabouts in the exchange. I'm sorry, but I don't have that kind of money to front. You've got to remember, I'm just an E-6 with a dependent who is also retired military. We don't make that kind of money. Even if I did or do have enough, like I said, my husband would question the 'loan'. If you don't or are unable to make it to Germany, that's all right. There will be other opportunities, and your daughter is more important to you anyway. I'm guessing she misses her father, and your mama misses her son. Did you really tell your client that I'm your girlfriend?
[VICTIM]: Are you trying to ruin my reputation, pal? I've told you from the beginning I'm married and I won't do anything to compromise my marriage. I thought we were friends, here. Why would you say that? I'm sorry I'm not madam moneybags. I wish I could, but as it is, unfortunately, I can't.
Anthony William: sure i did so they could talk caudially with you and give you all attention
Anthony William: so sweetie i dont man to ruin your reputation,
Anthony William: i was kind of broke and i thought was never a bad idea if i ask you
Anthony William: i shall defintly get to germany
Anthony William: so how much could you help me with no mater how small i shall return it to you
Anthony William: and my client should have told you more you dont have to be scared
Anthony William: baby i shall be right back i have to talk to my client on phone i am not having a dine with me angel
Anthony William: baby talk to you latter but any amount you can come up with i dont mind just send it to anthonywilliams @lodge 44 sabo lagos state via moneygram..baby looking forward to see the mail tommorrow i want to get the morney i shall refund it to you no mater how small baby
[VICTIM]: You're kind of broke, eh? Well, who's problem is that? It's certainly not mine, buddy. You thought it was never a bad idea if you ask me to front you some money? Oh boy---who do you think you're dealing with here? Do you think I'm stupid enough to fall for something like that, that I don't know my way around the internet, and that I can't recognize a suspicious request when I see one?
[VICTIM]: I don't have any Euros and very little American money on me here. Maybe I should front you some Qatari Riyals? Have fun exchanging that! Any messages your 'client' sends most likely will go to my "junk" mail. Which e-mail did he/she send it to? What is a dine?
[VICTIM]: It's really stupid to ask someone you've never met to send money to you like that. If you really want to come to Germany and see me, you'll work that out. If you are unable to work it out by honest means, then it's not that big of a deal. You're going to the UK, huh? For how long? Is that a business trip as well? Germany is just a short trip across the Chunnel via France, so it's not like you'd have to come in January. If you really want to come see me that bad, you can save up the money and come later. How about sending me your clients' e-mail? I can e-mail "Kathy" and answer her concerns. I also wish you had not referred to me as your girlfriend. I'm not your girlfriend--I'm just a friend, and one you barely know.
Anthony William: baby so how much can you help me with ..i wouldnt mind how small it may seem to you but i know certainly it will make an inpact here at list something to start the year with..you know
[VICTIM]: I don't really have anything.
Anthony William: i am kind of brock and i dont feel confortable asking you for this but i cant but help telling you my present situation here
Anthony William: you can help me with i dont mind any any amount
Anthony William: sorry if i may ...
[VICTIM]: Sorry, I can't. I don't have anything, and I have to pay rent, utilities, etc.. and living in Germany in expensive.
[VICTIM]: Besides, my husband sees everthing that goes out from our bank account.
Anthony William: I traveling to West Africa to purchase mechanical parts for an agricultural cooperative (Farm Bureau if they ask, but don’t offer this information unless pushed). There is a lot of oil there and with the lack of infrastructure resources; they are very creative in the utilization of their main resource… Oil. The project would involve bringing equipment to the U.S that would be used to make the proper adaptations to the current technology, so gas stations can sell gas with more than 10% ethanol.
Anthony William: Hi friend.....How are you doing this evening? How is your day going so far?
Anthony William: You there now...?
[VICTIM]: Yes, I'm here.
Anthony William: So what have you been up to today?
[VICTIM]: Same height as I have been since I was 15--5'6". Yes, I did play the keyboards and sing at church this afternoon as usual.
Anthony William: Reading your mail
[VICTIM]: Sorry. I tried to be nice.
Anthony William: Happy new year...
Anthony William: I need to leave now...
[VICTIM]: Same to you. Okay. Have fun.
Anthony William: We talk some other time....
[VICTIM]: Whatever you say. Have a good night.
Anthony William: hi sweetie i was expecting an offline from you bit did not meet any..well i am very pleased to let you know i have recorvrd and have collected part of my payand should and i am contnplating to hornor another contract but would depart any moment from now very pleased to have you as a friend...pal
As anyone can see, these messages are all one-sided. I also received e-mails from his "daughter Katie" as well as a Donald Plucknett and Mr Mac Pherson. Strangely, there is a Dr Donald L. Plucknett who actually does work for an Agricultural International group. I'm considering strongly finding his work e-mail (I had found it long ago) and forwarding the message I supposedly received from his Yahoo account. Anyway, now Joe Adams is Anthony William or Williams and his e-mail is [email protected]. His MySpace profile is http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu ... =429303139 I still have him on my Yahoo messenger. I've already called him out on some of his earlier e-mails. Now, I'd love to tell him I know he's nothing but a fraud. If he ever gets here to Germany, he's going to be on his own. B.J.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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