If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#401861 by Ada Walsh Mon Dec 23, 2019 11:06 am
AKA: Ralph Fortuny
Has your Facebook business page been taken over?

If you run a Facebook page with quite a few subscribers, be prepared to get targeted by the "Rafael Fortuny - Facebook Page Hijack Scam"

This is the way it works.

As an admin, you will receive a message similar to the following

"Hello Admin !!!!!

Are you interested in posting articles on your page through instant Facebook articles? You will be paid $120 USD per item and every day.
Sir, are you interested?"


If you click on the profile of user who sent you the message you will see that they probably work for "Buzzfeed" or some famous company like that. (Buzzfeed has nothing to do with this)


When you answer them they basically tell you that in order for you to get paid by them that you have to fill in an application that they send you.

This is where this scam get quite clever

They send you a business manager request of a business to take over your page. They change the name to make it look like an application is wanting access to your page - this is NOT TRUE - if you give the application access to your page, anyone who has access to that page will have full admin access to your page. BEST OF LUCK getting your page back.

This is what it looks like when you get the invite


Be SUPER careful f this scam - If some stranger comes along messaging you telling you they want to give you $150.00 per message they post on your page - it is probably a scam - ban them from your page and move on. Complaining to Facebook does nothing. If you fill in the access ink they will take over your page and turn it into anything they want. There is nothing you can do about it.

Here is some information that might help you get back your page:

Go to your adds manager and contact a Facebook representative via chat (Forget calling Facebook - they do not do voice support) - Explain what has happened to them, Facebook will probably open an email dialogue with you where you can email back and forth with the ad team.

Be prepared to prove you own the page if it is a business page you will need to email Facebook a certified copy of the business license if it is a website page you will have to email them proof of domain ownership (original invoice for the domain) Believe me Facebook does not make it easy but you can get back your page if you can prove you own it.

How to test if it is the Rafael Fortuny - Facebook Page Hijack Scam - when you get the link from the lowlife scammer scum of the earth - put the link into the facebook messenger and whalla - the writer of the application will come up


Do some digging for Ralph Fortuny - you will find loads of people complaining on his page how he scammed them, also you will find that Rafael Fortuny owns invitar.com he lives in Miami - if you lookup his Linkedin page you will see he is a Facebook Application developer


HOW TO GET BACK YOUR PAGE (Updated September 2020)

Facebook is less than helpful, well at least even trying to get help from Facebook is close to zero. The best place I found to get help from them is here


Click on Get Started


Click on ADS


Next look at the bottom of the page and click - Chat with a representative


That is the only way I found to actually talk to someone at Facebook. Once I did that - it took two weeks and I got my page back.

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